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Txs Holdem Pro

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One of the oldest games in the history of mankind is the game of poker. People have enjoyed playing it for very many centuries. Many people are still drawn to it some even addicted. Many psychologists say that playing the game of, poker helps reduce stress and also reduces depression episodes in many depression patients.
Rose slots knows this and it brings you one of the best poker games in the history of the game. TXS Holdem Pro is one of the most captivating and mind engaging poker games. Try this game that you can also play as either an online or mobile game for amazing entertainment.

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Txs Holdem Pro OnlineTheme

Once you load this game you are welcomed with a very enticing and visually appealing table layout. Even though it is the usual green felt table and your cards are still at the top right corner of the table, it has this appeal that makes you want to play more and more.
You can turn the sounds on and off for a more focused game and did I mention that the soundtrack perfectly suits the game.

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Txs Holdem Pro Online Game Features

The goal of this game is to have the best 5 cards hand that you can using the two hole cards that you have, and three of the five community cards on the table.
At the top center of the table you will see a set of chips and looking to the left you will see the minimum and the maximum wager. Underneath the wagers there are three circles and the words, call (flop), bet (turn) and bet (river). Moving down you find the word “ante” circled.


You can customise your wagers from the bottom of the screen because there are a variety of different chips which are on offer at the bottom right of the screen. The bet stakes vary from £1, £5 to £10. The chip with an x on it cancels any bet that had been placed before.
Bets are placed by clicking the circled word that reads ante. TXS Holder Pro favours everyone from the starters with a minimum bet of £1 to the high fliers with a maximum bet of £40.

Txs Holdem Pro Online Symbols

Dealer button is a circle with the letter D inside it. Only one player gets to be a dealer. Every player gets to be a dealer at some point and to post blinds. There are also forced bets that players can make before are dealt which are called blinds. There are also pre flops and flops, the game then proceeds to the turn stage, then the river stage and finally the showdown stage.

This only takes place on a single table. Once everyone is ready and is sitting at the table then the tournament begins. There is a shootout tournament which is built in a pyramid format and it contains three different rounds.

Txs Holdem Pro Online Developer

Txs Holdem Pro is developed by dragonplay a multi-platform development house which specializes in social and mobile gambling games. Other games by dragonplay include live Holdem pro, 777 slots and wild bingo among many others.