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Where Is The Best Place To Sit At The Blackjack Table?

Where Is The Best Place To Sit At The Blackjack Table?

Countless gamblers worldwide are drawn to the game of Blackjack due to its strategic depth and chance-based gameplay. Among the many discussions revolving around this popular casino game, the relevance of seating positions often sparks lively debates. 

This article delves into whether your choice of seat at the Blackjack table can indeed influence the game's outcome and if a so-called 'best' seat exists. 

Does Where You Sit At A Blackjack Table Matter?

From a numerical perspective, your seat at the Blackjack table neither provides an inherent advantage nor influences the house edge. However, certain seats may align more with specific strategies or player preferences. 

Let's explore the various positions at the Blackjack table and their potential impact on your gameplay. 

First Base

Located to the dealer's left on the table, the first base is the initial betting seat. The player occupying this position is the first to receive cards and initiate each hand. This seat might appeal to some players who believe it offers a degree of control over the game's progression. However, the responsibility of being the first to act can be daunting for novice players. 

Third Base

On the opposite end of the table, we find the third base, also known as the Anchor seat. Positioned on the right side of the dealer, the player in this seat is the last to receive cards and make decisions. This position may be favoured by seasoned players due to the additional time it provides to strategise and make informed decisions since you can see all of the cards played this round so far. 


The shortstop position, located in the middle of the table, is often chosen by beginners. This seat offers a balanced view of the table and allows players to learn by observing other players in action without the pressure associated with the first and third base positions. 

Is Playing Blackjack On A Full Table Better?

The choice between playing at a full table or with fewer players largely depends on personal preferences and playing style. A full table allows more time for strategic decision-making based on the cards dealt to each player, but can also feel like greater pressure for beginners. 

Conversely, a table with fewer players might bring less pressure for new players and can lead to more rounds due to there being fewer hands to play each round. However, this can also mean more money lost due to the faster pace and more bets placed. 

So, it is down to personal preference. 

Where Is The Best Place To Sit For Card Counters?

While card counting is a frowned-upon practice and incredibly challenging to accomplish, those who engage in it often prefer the third base position. This seat offers a comprehensive view of the table, enabling counters to see all of the cards played in the preceding hands before they play theirs, which could allow them to keep track of dealt cards more effectively. 

Seating Positions In Online Blackjack

In contrast to physical casinos, online Blackjack doesn't offer the same advantages in terms of vantage points. However, the liberty of choosing your preferred position still persists. If practising for a land-based Blackjack game, alternating seats could help familiarise yourself with different perspectives - as long as the game allows you to choose a seat position. 

In the majority of online Blackjack games, they are played solo against a Random Number Generator (RNG). So, there is only one seat, and the impact of different seats is entirely non-existent. However, if playing a live Blackjack game online, then this is more akin to playing in a brick-and-mortar casino. Therefore, the different seat positions are available as players take turns going from the dealer's left to the right. 

Blackjack is a game of chance with an element of strategy, but the seating position is not a priority and doesn't have a noteworthy statistical effect. In any case, the most important thing is to make sure you gamble responsibly and only bet money you are comfortable losing.