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The Best Fluffy Online Slots

The Best Fluffy Online Slots

If you’re looking to play the famous Fluffy Favourites online slots game by Eyecon, you’ve come to the right place. If you’ve never heard of Fluffy Favourites before, you’ve also come to the right place! Fluffy Favourites is one of the most successful online slots games ever created, and it’s spawned a whole family of sequels. Many of you are familiar with the original but may not know too much about the slots that came after it. This article is intended to introduce you to the whole range. Eyecon has always been good at making online slots with attractive themes, but they struck gold when they came up with Fluffy Favourites. We're sure there must have been some doubts within the company about whether a slot themed around the idea of stuffed toys coming to life would resonate with an adult audience of gamers, but if any such doubts existed, they've long since been silenced. Fluffy Favourites appeals to the inner child in all of us and has earned itself a special place in the hearts of thousands of players. We’re lucky enough to be able to offer you every single major game in the Fluffy Favourites online slots family here at Rose Slots, so let’s see what they have to offer one at a time.

Fluffy Favourites

This is the slot where it all started back in 2006. Even now, approaching fourteen years after its release, it remains the most popular slots game in the series, and one of the most-played slots on Rose Slots. There might be no such thing as the ‘perfect’ slots game, but we feel like this might be as close as anyone gets. It’s an adorable slice of gaming heaven with 25 paylines and 95.3% RTP. The cute and cuddly animals that appear on the reels of the slot aren't just there for decoration; they can win you prizes! The most fun way for that to happen is in the 'Grab A Fluffy' bonus feature. All the toys are locked into a glass cabinet, and all you need to do is grab them and pull them out with a claw to win prizes in the forms of multipliers applied against your stake. The free spins feature is also far more generous than you'll find in the average slots game, too - the value of all wins is tripled while free spins are active. It's generous, it's pretty, and it has bucketloads of charm. It's easy to see why the original Fluffy Favourites Online Slot is still so popular.

Fluffy Favourites Slot

Fluffy Too

The first Fluffy Favourites game was fluffy, and the sequel is fluffy, too! The name might be a dreadful play on words, but this slot is every bit as much fun to play as the original. Eyecon was faced with a choice when they decided to make a sequel to the first Fluffy Favourites slot; they could either change everything and risk losing fans of the first slot, or change almost nothing and be accused of playing safe. They might have played a little too safe with Fluffy Too, but there's enough about it that's unique to mark it out as a strong slots game in its own right. Like the original, Fluffy Too UK Slot offers 25 paylines, and the RTP of 95.3% is unchanged from the first slot, too. In fact, only two things are any different at all. The first is the location, which has changed from a festival with a big tent to a beach at the seaside. Based on the presence of a tower in the background, we'd say it's probably Blackpool beach. The second change is to the main bonus feature. Instead of trying to grab your fluffy friends out of a cabinet with a claw, you're playing a coin pushing came, trying to dislodge a large pile of coins from the bottom of a machine by putting them in at the top of it one at a time. It's a game that will be familiar to anyone who's spent time at a British seaside arcade, and it's just as much fun here as it is there!

Fluffy Favourites Fairground

For the third game in the 'Fluffy Favourites' series, Eyecon applied a heavy coating of new paint to their old game. The graphics are noticeably sharper and are three-dimensional as opposed to the 2D images of the past. There are still 25 paylines, but the RTP has been very slightly adjusted upwards, rising to 95.4%. Once again, it's the bonus features and the location which mark Fluffy Favourites Fairground Online Casino out as being noticeably different from its predecessors. We're now in a fairground (as you probably guessed from the name), with a beautiful rainbow arching through the sky that might just remind you of a certain children's television show from your youth. The main bonus feature (aside from a generous free spins round) is 'Hook a Fluffy,' which is based on the traditional 'hook a duck' fairground game. Use your hook to fish out a soaking-wet fluffy character from the water slide, and it will give you a multiplier which is immediately applied against your stake as a cash prize!

Fluffy In Space

Fluffy In Space Slot

The title tells you almost everything you need to know about this most recent addition to the Fluffy Favourites line, which launched in early 2019. The Fluffy gang must have been to astronaut training camp because they've left the safety of planet earth and headed out into orbit and beyond. The twinkling stars are all that exists as a background, but you won't mind that when you have all the cute fluffy animals to look at. The same old 25 paylines still exist, but the RTP has jumped up again to 96.3%. The bonus features have had a significant adjustment for this incarnation of the Fluffy franchise. The free spins round has been stripped of its multipliers, and so it feels a little vanilla, but the 'Fluffy In Space UK Casino' respin round makes up for it. Land three pink elephants to start the feature, and you'll receive three free spins, during which your only mission is to find more elephants. The round ends when you've either filled the reels with elephants, or you spin three times without seeing any more. At that point, each elephant you found will reveal its hidden multiplier, all of which will be combined and applied to your stake for a (hopefully) big win!

Fluffy In Space Slot

Fluffy Favourites Jackpot

Fluffy Favourites Jackpot Slot

Like many of the most popular online slots at Rose Slots, Fluffy Favourites also comes in 'jackpot' form. This version is based on the original Fluffy Favourites slots game, and as such, Fluffy Favourites Jackpot Casino Game is identical to it in almost every way. The number of paying lines is identical, the graphics are identical, and the bonus features are identical. The only difference between this and the ‘normal’ Fluffy Favourites is that at any time (and entirely at random), a jackpot feature might spontaneously trigger and offer you the chance to win thousands of pounds. In return for chasing a cash prize so large, the RTP drops to 89.9%. This is a version of Fluffy Favourites that’s designed for high rollers - so if that’s you, dive right in! If you’d never come across Fluffy Favourites before, we hope this article has served as a good introduction for you. If you have, we hope you found out a little more about this legendary serious of online slots. You now know all there is to know - so go ahead and play them! 

Fluffy Favourites Jackpot Slot