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The Best High RTP UK Slots with Generous Prizes

The Best High RTP UK Slots with Generous Prizes

There are some online slots that boast of an RTP that reaches very close to 99%, and you could be one of those players who always hunt for a high RTP slot machine. Let us be honest, a high RTP slot game carries prizes but they are not as big as what you would find in a relatively low RTP game, at least in most of the cases. But surprisingly, if you search deeper, there are a few online slot machines that bring you both – a high RTP, and huge prizes. Let us talk about some UK slot machines of that kind.  But remember always that the RTP is calculated on long term performance; not on an individual spin or any short term play. That’s one reason why a considerable number of regular players love to play high RTP slot machines on our platform. Following are some of the best high RTP slot machines which carry excellent prizes, impressive features, and entertaining graphics. Let us check them out.

Blood Suckers - NetEnt

Blood Suckers Slot

Well, these Blood Suckers Online Slot could be the only ones of its kind that people love. These spine chilling souls come with a mind blowing RTP of 98% hidden behind their scary selves. But it’s not only the RTP that they bring in, but some great features too. There are prizes of up to 7500 coins to be won, and the Vampire Bride may shower you with free spins if she really loves you. Coming with NetEnt reputation, the 5 reels and 25 paylines of this online slot game could change your life if it is your lucky day. It’s not always about huge prizes and a jackpot that would catch your attention as there are many other prizes awarded through every symbol in the game, in addition to the awesome bonus features. Gothic artwork and dark yet charming colours add to the entertainment of this slot game while the features would definitely add to the winnings you would take home after a scary adventure across the zombie world.

Jackpot 6000 – NetEnt

Did you ever think that the nostalgic 3 reel slot machine could make a difference and compete against the modern multi-reel digital slot machines? The Jackpot 6000 UK Online Slot does exactly that, and with a massive RTP of 98.86% which raises it above many other 5 reel online slot machines, it is a game every slot player would dream to play. To give you the feeling of the good old mechanical slot machine, this game has the design of a casino parlour. You can sit and spin the reels without too much worries about complicated features and subtle changes that confuse the player. Instead, choose a simple coin size and spin the reels as much as you like, and collect whatever the winnings you make. Knowing that the bets range from a mere £1 to £10 tells you how simple this game is. And don’t forget that as the name suggests, the jackpot is main attraction of this online slot machine.

Jackpot 6000 Slot

Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix – Bracrest

Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix Slot

Without a doubt one of the most popular online slot series, the Rainbow Riches always offer you great features. Here in the Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix UK Slot you will be rewarded with one of the highest available returns to be found anywhere online. What is even better is that you are presented with 5 bonus features to choose from, and the RTP of 96% - 98% will be effective depending on the features you have chosen. With a betting range between 20p and £500, a multiplier of up to 500x would mean a great opportunity to win big. Add up to 30 free spins to the mix, and we are talking about the ever-elusive pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, with loads of ways to win it. This 5 reel 20 payline game may look like any other online slot machine but in reality it offers you much more than meets the eye. And that’s a promise that comes with the Barcrest reputation.

Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix Slot

Steam Tower – NetEnt

Steam Tower Slot

NetEnt are known for their exclusively entertaining and rewarding online slots. Steam Tower Online Slot Game is a great example of highly rewarding yet simple slot machines for those who love to play a high RTP game and win big. Usually an RTP of 97% would mean average prizes but in the Steam Tower slot machine you can win up to a massive prize of 300,000 coins. Steam engines belong to that vintage era we all have heard only at the school, and that is exactly where you are taken in this 5 reel 15 payline online slots game. The vintage graphics and symbols however, carry some impressive features such as Wilds, Stacked Wilds, and Free Spins to assist you in finding some valuable treasure that far exceeds your expectations. This game has a Jackpot of 2000 coins in addition to the regular prizes, and you may play this game on any of your favourite Operating Systems such as iOS, Android, and Windows, to name a few. Whatever the device or the OS maybe, the promise of a high RTP and generous prizes are equally true.

Guns N Roses – NetEnt

Guns n Roses Slot

NetEnt brings you much more than just entertainment through this generous slot machine that rewards you to the tune of 97% of RTP.  It maybe the graphics and music that attracted to this online slot machine, but it will be the impressive prizes that would tempt you to play yet another spin. The Guns N Roses Online Casinomachine has a layout of 5 reels and 3 rows of beautifully crafted symbols, and 25 generous paylines. As the show plays on, you will land the Crowd Please Bonus which comes with fabulous rewards you could take home. Or it could be the Legend Spins that would make you richer and happier. Your love for the band will grow even more as you play this game on your favourite device be it runs on Windows, iOS, or Android, whenever you need an escape from the day’s worries.

Guns n Roses