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The Top 5 Eyecon Slots

The Top 5 Eyecon Slots

With such a gigantic collection of online slots at Rose Slots, we've had the chance and the pleasure to sample the best work of some of the greatest online slots providers in the world. One by one, we're taking a more detailed look at them and their creations with our blog posts, and today it's the turn of Australian developer Eyecon. The most surprising thing to find out about Eyecon is that they didn't originally set their business up to make online slots at all. They were a video game development company, and enjoyed some success during the early days of the internet with a survival horror game called 'Gore.' It wasn't until 2003 that they switched to making online slots, and they've never looked back. Thanks to the success of flagship slots like Fluffy Favourites, their creations are now so popular that if you add up every spin paid for on an Eyecon slots game somewhere in the world, it works out at 11,500 per minute, every single day. That's over sixteen and a half million every 24 hours! The company is a huge deal, and these are the slots that earned them their reputation.

Shaman Spirit

Shaman Spirit Slot

Shaman Spirit Online Slot is actually a sequel to a slightly earlier Eyecon game called ‘Shaman’s Dream,’ and although there isn’t much to choose between the two of them, we’re going with Shaman Spirit as the superior slot. Both of them draw heavily on Native American mysticism and the backdrop of the North American canyons to set the tone, and both of them are fairly gentle slots with a traditional feel and only one major bonus feature, but the graphical upgrade from Shaman’s Dream to Shaman Spirit gives it the edge on our eyes. It’s an online slots game with 25 paylines, and 95.4% RTP. The only bonus feature on offer in Shaman Spirit is free spins, but it’s a generous take on the old online slots favorite. You get a whole fifteen free spins just for landing three scatter symbols, and the value of any winning combination you find during those fifteen free spins is trebled. That’s more spins than you’ll get on average, and also a better reward for winning during the round than you’ll find elsewhere.

Shaman Spirit Slot

White Wizard Deluxe

White Wizard Deluxe Slot

There was a time when having an interest in magic was a niche thing, reserved only for the type of people who like to play World of Warcraft. The past two decades have changed that considerably. 'Fool Us' with Penn and Teller is one of the most popular television shows currently being broadcast, and if you don't know about the success of JK Rowling's 'Harry Potter' series of books and films, you must have been living under a rock for a while. Magic and wizards are cool, and that means the White Wizard Deluxe UK Slot, which comes with 100 paylines and an RTP of 95.%, is also cool by default. Like all of Eyecon's character-themed slots, this is an attractive slot to look at and manages to be cute at the same time. The wizard at the center of the plot is as cute as he is helpful; he's the slot's wild symbol, and will triple the value of any win he becomes involved in. He also expands, and so he fills the entire reel he appears on every time he lands. When you also factor in that there's a strong free spins feature in White Wizard Deluxe with up to 25 free spins on offer, and you have a very strong online slots game.

White Wizard Deluxe Slot

99 Time

99 Time Slot

Eyecon is never shy of a quirky or unusual theme, and there may be no slot that demonstrates that more aptly than the ice cream-themed 99 Time Online Casino. You don't have to have a sweet tooth to find this online slots game fun to play, but it probably helps! Our favorite aspect is probably the 'prize picker' bonus feature, in which you built an ice cream from the many varieties of flavor and toppings on offer. Each flavor and topping hides a multiplier, and so once you've built your dream ice cream, the value of those multipliers is added up and then applied against your stake. As you're probably accustomed to by now, Eyecon has been exceptionally generous with the free spins feature of this slot, trebling the value of all winning lines that occur while the round is ongoing. You can also double the value of any winning line during the base game if one of the ice cream van wild symbols have been used to create it. 99 Time has 25 paying lines, an RTP of 95.3%, and is a tasty online slots game in more ways than one!

Vlad’s Castle

If ice creams and wizards are too cute or too silly for you and you don't feel any particular affinity for the mysticism of Shaman Spirit, then perhaps you'll be more drawn to Vlad's Castle with its vampire theme. This online slots game belongs firmly to the horror genre, and is a Dracula slot in everything but name! With 25 paylines and an RTP of 95.3%, it's similar to many other Eyecon slots in terms of rewards, but it has an atmosphere and style that marks it out as unique. The creepiest aspect of Vlad’s Castle UK Casino is also the most rewarding, and that’s the prize picker ‘Portrait Bonus’ feature. Trigger it by landing three of the ‘Vlad’s Castle’ scatter symbols, and then choose portraits from the gallery of Vlad’s family. All of them will turn into hideous vampires when you select them, but they also hide multipliers of up to 100x your stake, so don’t look away from the screen! As per usual, winnings carry triple value during free spins, and the wild symbol doubles the value of any winning line it features in.

Vlad’s Castle Slot

Fluffy Favourites

We could have chosen any of the Fluffy Favourites Casino Game to feature in the top slot for Eyecon, but we'll always have a special place in our hearts for the original, and so we've given it the nod. This is the cute, cuddly toy-themed online slots game that began the legend, and it's still played by thousands of players every day despite being well over a decade old. Fluffy Favourites has 25 paylines, 95.3% RTP, and more adorableness than anybody can handle. If you've read this far, then it won't surprise you to hear that all winning lines in the free spins feature are worth three times their value in the base game, but the real joy of Fluffy Favourites comes in the prize-picker bonus feature, which is called 'Toy Box.' The gang of stuffed toy characters is all placed inside a glass cabinet, and you have to pick them out using a big metal claw to find out what multiplier they're hiding. It's a game based on an old British end-of-the-pier favorite, and it's lost none of the charms you'll remember from your childhood. This is an online slots game that will win your heart and never let go. Eyecon has a template when it comes to making online slots, and they rarely deviate from it. They never make things too complicated, and they'll never use some of the more complex features you might find in other slots here at What you will find with all of them is a lot of character, a lot of cuteness, and some generous free spins features. What more could you want?