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The Top 5 Playson Slots

The Top 5 Playson Slots

Rose Slots is a place for everybody who loves online slots. We've taken great pride in putting together a collection of slots from brilliant providers, and ensuring that every theme, genre, and type of player is accounted for. That means that while there's a huge number of ultra-modern, feature-heavy video slots at Rose Slots, there's also a fine collection of online slots which use the classic and traditional theme. A strong case could be made that no provider is better at making slots using that theme than Playson. Playson's story began in 2012 when they opened their very first office in their home territory of Malta. By focusing so heavily on the traditional end of the market they were able to carve out a niche for themselves and expand rapidly. By the start of 2019, they'd opened offices in every major gaming territory in the world, and employed more than 800 people. They've come a long way in a comparatively short space of time, and they're still growing. Listed below are five of their best creations:- these are the Playson online slots that we believe have helped them the most with that rapid climb to prominence.

Fruits and Jokers: 100 Lines

Just from Fruits and Jokers: 100 Lines Online Slot alone you can see that when we say Playson operate at the ‘traditional’ end of the market, we really mean it. Visuals for online slots games - or slots games in general - don’t come much more basic than fruits and playing card symbols. They’re the same symbols you’ll find on the reels of an old one-armed bandit machine, gathering dust in the corner of a bar. Playson is smart enough to know that straight-up one-armed bandit simulators won't find a mass audience, and so they usually find a way to tweak their classic slots to give them a slightly more modern feel. In Fruits and Jokers, the tweak is that there are 100 ways to win available, backed up by 96.46% RTP. The layout is also a little larger than you'd expect to find in a classic slot, offering four rows instead of just three. It doesn't have any bonus features whatsoever, but players don't generally come to Playson slots looking for them.

Fruits and Jokers: 100 Lines Slot

Imperial Fruits: 5 Lines

Imperial Fruits: 5 Lines Slot

Playson tends to help players out by telling them how many ways there are to win in the title of their online slots. They did it with Fruits and Jokers 100 lines, and they've done it again with Imperial Fruits: 5 Lines UK Slot! This is another fruit- themed online slots game that keeps things simple when it comes to presentation, but has a generous RTP of 96.71%. Like Fruits and Jokers, Imperial Fruits doesn’t come with anything that could be described as a bonus feature or a side game, but it does have a tiny piece of 21st-century flair to keep things interesting. That comes in the shape of an expanding wild symbol, represented by a bell, which fills its whole reel every time it lands. When it does so, it should bring you some 'fruity' wins.

Imperial Fruits: 5 Lines Slot

Mighty Africa

While we've talked a lot about Playson's fondness for the traditional market, it would be wrong of us to suggest that they don't do anything else. They have occasionally been known to test the water with other themes and ideas, and Mighty Africa Online Casino is a good example of them doing precisely that. It's an animals-and-nature themed online slots game with 4096 paying lines and an RTP of 95.10% If we're brutally honest, this isn't as good-looking as some of the other animal/safari-themed online slots you'll find at, but Playson has never been well-known for their graphics. What they do excel at is functionality, and they demonstrate it here within the bonus features. Up to fifty free spins are available if you can land enough scatter symbols to trigger them, and while free spins are active, so are Mighty Africa's unique 'split wild' symbols. These wild symbols can be counted as one, two, or even three separate wilds when they land, making it possible to create a winning combination from just one symbol, and expanding the number of ways to win to 31,104 for the duration of the round.

Legend of Cleopatra

Legend of Cleopatra UK Casino is an online slots game so complex that it almost feels like Playson designed it just to flex their muscles and show the world what they’re capable of when they break from the norm. The Egyptian-themed slot has 100 paylines and 95.05% RTP, and has the distinction of being the most unconventional of all the Egyptian-themed slots here at Rose Slots! The large layout has six reels, but a variable number of rows. There are only two on the first reel, but that increases to six on reels five and six. This strange layout plays into the slot's bonus features. During free spins, the layout is flipped horizontally, giving you six rows on the first reel and only two on the final reel and therefore making it easier to come across wins. There's also a 'Double Wild' feature whereby every time you stack a reel full of wilds - even if it's one of the reels with only two rows - another reel is selected at random is also stacked with wilds. It's odd, it's quirky, and it's hard to follow - but it's fun to play.

Legend of Cleopatra Slot

Burning Wins

Burning Wins Slot

Almost every provider has an online slots game or series that they're best known for, and for Playson, that slot is Burning Wins Casino Game. They've since released several sequels, including Super Burning Wins, Mega Burning Wins, and Wild Burning Wins, but the original Burning Wins is what put them on the map, and it therefore gets top billing from us. This online slots game couldn't be any more basic. The layout is small, with three rows and three reels. There are only five paying lines and only eight symbols. All of those symbols, from the fruit to the bell and bars, have been familiar sights on the reels of slots games for decades. There aren't even any bonus features! Why is it, then, that players find themselves drawn to Burning Wins time after time? Is it the generous 96.21% RTP, or is it just that it somehow manages to be more than the sum of its parts? Try it, and find out for yourself! Playson will probably always focus on traditional slots because that's what players love them for, and because they do it better than almost anybody else. They still have the capacity to surprise us on occasion, though, and with the Burning Wins series, they've created some of the most popular old-school online slots in the whole library. If you're a player who prefers it when providers keep things simple and let you focus on spinning the reels, we confidently predict you'll be a big fan of Playson's creations.

Burning Wins Slot