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These are the Top 5 Hot Gems slots available online

These are the Top 5 Hot Gems slots available online

The much loved precious stones come in as symbols in online video slots carrying equally precious prizes for anyone who loves them. Just like gems, the slot machines too come in different sizes and colours making it difficult for you to decide which one exactly suits you. And that is where our list of Top 5 Hot Gems Slots come in. We have analysed all popular gem slots, reviewed their features and rewards, and compiled our list for the benefit of anyone who loves the theme of gems. In ranking these gem slots we have also considered player comments and reviews too so that the ranking would be objective as much as possible.

Gems Gone Wild – Red Tiger Gaming

Gems Gone Wild slot

You can play Gems Gone Wild slot a whole day just to enjoy the sight of colourful gems spinning on reels bringing you luck. And for that you have a minimum stake of £0.20 but you can go up to a maximum stake of £60 if you wish so. A very simple game with a very simple prize scheme, the Gems Gone Wild has 20 paylines. Go Wild is a feature that would be activated randomly at any time awarding you big wins, and the Wild symbols can lock and award you a re-spin too.

Gems Gone Wild slot

Joker Gems – Elk Studios

Joker Gems slot

You will be looking for gems not on this earth but in the whole universe! A huge 5x5 game set among the stars, the Joker Gems slot comes with the Elk Studios betting strategies of Optimizer, Leveller, Booster, and Jumper. 3 Jackpots of £50000, £20000, and £10000 are there to grab if it is your lucky day. The Light Chaser might appear randomly creating a cluster of symbols resulting in a big win if the Joker wishes you luck. The minimum stake of £0.20 would let you enjoy the game but the maximum stake of £100 would bring you some sizable wins if you play wisely.

Joker Gems slot game

Gems n Jewels – Saucify

Gems n Jewels slot game

Gems n Jewels slot may not be the best one coming with flat symbols in basic designs but in its simplicity lies what many players love in a slot game. There are no complicated features, rather it has a Wild with a very generous prize structure of up to 6000 coins in addition to substituting the regular symbols, and a Scatter that awards you up to 30 Free Spins that can be re-triggered. While the minimum bet of £0.01 is ideal for the casual player who just wants to pass time, the maximum bet of £62.50 would fetch a reasonably big prize if that is your aim.

Gems n Jewels slot

Power Gems – Core Gaming

Power Gems slot

With 250,000 coins to win, Power Gems slots game boasts many impressive features despite its seemingly simple design. Delightful news for the high roller, the maximum bet of Power Gems is £500 although the casual player should not be discouraged as the minimum bet is your favourite £0.20. The 10 paylines and the RTP of 95.05% is well inside the comfort zone of high stake slot games. All you need is to play wisely and follow your strategy in order to win big. Power Gems also offers a Wild, Free Spins, and a Colossus Feature that would add to your chances of a great win. We have placed this at number 2 of your list of Top 5 Hot Gems Slots.

Power Gems slot game

Gem Rocks – Yggdrasil

Gem Rocks slot game

Gem Rocks online slot game comes with 6 reels and 4096 ways to win. And that is at a healthy RTP of 96.2%. It is as rare as a gem to find such big numbers but with Gem Rocks you have found it. After consecutive wins you would get a Monster Rock that would multiply your winnings in monster numbers. Symbols drop down in avalanche style in this beautifully crafted video slots game. Impressive graphics, good returns, and entertainment it brings were why we ranked this game number 1 in our list of Top 5 Hot Gems Slots.

Gem Rocks slot game