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Top 5 Ninja Themed Online Slots

Top 5 Ninja Themed Online Slots

Monkey Prince Online Slots – IGT

Learn how to split a banana with your bare hands in IGT’s Monkey Prince online slot, as your primate sensei master trains you in the way to chop and kick out many chances to win real money. The background to the reels shows a rocky forested mountain where you have discovered a dojo training house with your monkey waits next to the reels ready to pounce. Higher pay symbols are of a golden dragon and a lion, a bluish jeweled ring, an earring, a golden ring, a greenish and golden trinket, a Wild logo, a trio of Japanese theatre masks, and a Scattered reddish door. The visuals blend perfectly with the tune that plays, and this becomes particularly immersive when the Monkey Prince himself jumps onto the reels to attack off winning formations. The monkey bars swing across the 5 reels, 4 rows, 60 payways, up to a 96.16% return to player, a terrific mobile slot gameplay, and a wager span between 60p and £1,800. The mask symbols can fill a meter that will then prompt the monkey to charge the reels to kick out featured wins such as transforming Wilds, stacked Wilds, and a large grid Wild. 3 or more Scatters activates the Bonus that allows a choice of Free Spins with Wild combo. This ranges up to 50 Spins with 4 randomized Wild featurettes or otherwise a max 15 Spins with a Wild featurette that is of higher payout. The total potential win is an exciting x1,000 multiplier.

Dangerous Beauty Online Slots - High 5 Games

Dangerous Beauty Online Slots

The gorgeous ninja women in High 5 Games’ Dangerous Beauty Online Slots literally have looks that kill, yet they can slice up numerous exciting rewards. Behind the reels appears a small town in feudal Japan that is only lit up by moonlight, making an ideal place for stealth assassins. High to mid valued symbols include the trio of ninja girls, each distinguishable by their hair style and color as well as 2 large predator cats that could be their sidekicks. A dragon acts as the Scatter symbol and there is also a Scatter. Run nimble footed across 5 reels, 4 wager-rows, 40 payways, a max 25 AutoPlays, a theoretical RTP of 94.9%, and a betting range from 40p to £400. There is a random Super Stacked featurette whereby an entire reel of matched symbol creates an exciting prize. At least 3 Scatters triggers the Bonus round of 7 Spins with this reel stack for more payout formations, and this can be re-triggered with 3 additional Scatters.

Dangerous Beauty Online Slots

Ninja Ways Online Slots - Red Tiger

Ninja Ways Online Slots

There are more than a do’zen’ ways for exciting rewards with each spin of Red Tiger’s Ninja Ways UK Slot. The backdrop depicts a night scene in a vibrant city in Japan, where pagoda-style buildings and homes glow with warm nights and ninjas lurk in the darkness ready to strike. The higher pay symbols are of the logo, fighting-blades, spikes, num-chuks, a blond Ninja Wild, and a Bonus symbol. Show off your secret ninja skills over the 6 reels, 4 rows, 4,096 payways, an estimated return to player of 96.03%, up to 100 AutoSpins, a terrific ‘stealth mode’ mobile gameplay, and Ninja Ways online slot also has a modest wager span between 20p and £10. ‘Ninja Doors’ is a feature than occurs randomly whereby a mystery door creates a giant symbol for a win, ‘Ninja Wild’ causes the Ninja to jump on the reels to award Wilds, and ‘Ninja Ways’ as in the slot’s name also causes the Ninja to strike out identical symbol wins from the reels. The Bonus round is activated with a minimum of 5 Free Symbols for up to 25 Spins and your Ninja friend become livelier on the reels to slash and kick out thrilling winning formations.

Ninja Ways Online Slots

5 Ninjas Online Slots – Eyecon

Five fingers closed make a fist, a symbol of Eyecon’s 5 Ninjas Online Casino which punches out amazing opportunities for incredible payouts. With beautiful comical, cartoon graphics the background appears as if you have stumbled upon a Ninja dojo in the middle of the jungle surrounded by bamboo and greenery. The symbols consist of samurai-swords, fighting-blades, 2 knives, ninjas coloured red, purple, brown, and silver, as well as a bomb Wild and a Bonus Scatter. There are 5 reels, 3 rows, 25 payways, an estimated theoretical RTP of 95.20%, a nice compatibility as a mobile slot, and a wager span from 5p to £12.50. A random bonus can be awarded that gives a choice of 3 for a chance to win a x100 multiplier. Above each reel is an element symbol (5 in total) that when all lit up will trigger the ‘Secret Ninja multi-round’. This lets you select from 5 doors to win up to x200. 3 or more Scatters launch the Bonus of 10 Free Spins, where defeating 10 attacker will reward another 10 Spins. The bomb can explode on reels 2 and 4, giving more payout opportunities. And every win comes with a double-or-nothing gamble feature that could boost your recent winnings and turn you into a ninja master.

5 Ninjas Online Slots

Golden Monkey Online Slots – Yggdrasil

Nestled in the mountains of Asia is the home and training arena of a serious chimp in Yggdrasil’s Golden Monkey UK Casino, where there are many opportunities for generous awards without any monkeying around. The background shows distinct Asian style homes and buildings in the distance, while red lamps hang from the reels themselves. The symbols are of a dragon cup, a bowl of coins, an old parchment, a nicely designed shield, a vial of a mixture, a bejeweled crown, the Monkey sensei as the Wild, a Bonus symbol, and a Treasure box. The monkey bars swing across 5 reels, 3 rows, 25 payways, a terrific mobile slot gameplay, up to 1,000 nonstop spin, a return to player of 96.1%, and a wager span between 25p and £125. At any random point, your primate master can appear on the reels to show his martial arts skills while kicking out special Wild wins such as sticky; and count down Wilds. The treasure box on reel 5 can unlock an exciting 1,000 coin win. At least 3 Scatters or the treasure box will trigger the Bonus as well as up to 5,000 coins. The Golden Monkey slot Bonus grants choice that combines Free Spins (up to 10) with special Wild features.

Golden Monkey Online Slots


All these Top 5 Ninja Themed Online Slots can be chopped out at Counting down, there are: Monkey Prince, Dangerous Beauty, Ninja Ways, 5 Ninjas, and Golden Money.