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Top 5 Royal Slot Games to Choose

Top 5 Royal Slot Games to Choose

There are outstanding features of royalty slot games that make them irresistible to passionate players who desire maximum fun. First of all, the interface is always very colourful, to depict the richness of royal dynasties. Secondly, it has to have good music feel to complement the impressive graphics. Finally, everyone can expect that in a high setting the reward system should be more than attractive since the kingdoms are usually the peak of the wealth of the land.

Panther Queen Slot Game

Panther Queen slot

The Panther Queen uk slot game sets on an enchanted jungle at great admiration of passionate adventurers. With five reels, three rows and many multiplier levels for great bonuses, the game stands as one of the best products to be featured online on Rose Slots. The general concept is that of an adventurer in the jungle that is ruled by a mysterious woman with the control of all the wild animals there. The game is not lacking in its traditional symbols of j, K, Q, A, and ten while the special symbols include the bright red flower, the panther, a monkey, and a puffin.

Panther Queen slot game

Queen of Riches Slot Game

Queen of Riches slot

The story of the Queen of Riches Slot game is incomplete without the Egyptian theme. This game answers fundamental questions of the video slot game based on the ancient Egyptian royalty. The game set is on six reels and seven rows, in addition to which there are 117649 different fantastic possible ways to hit it big. The Return to Player rating is 96.9% which is an impressive value for players. The essential features that make this game stand out include the full reel wild symbols and reel clones. This particular game is a product of the Gig Time Gaming entertainment firm.

Queen of Riches slot game

Queen of Gold Slot Game

Queen of Gold slot game

The ancient Egyptian kingdom is also well known for the beauty of the famous Queen Cleopatra. Every player as a result then has a chance to accrue a wealth of the Egyptian kingdom from this online video slot. Queen of Gold online slot is a unique one with highly impressive turnouts and bonuses. The play set consists of 5 reels, three rows and 25 fixed playable paylines with the highest paying symbols being the Queen herself. Other paying special symbols include the Egyptian gods such as Horus, Anubis, and Bastet with the Tutankhamun and the Egyptian Pyramid. There are also bonus features such as free spins, scatter symbols, bonus rounds, and wild symbols. The RTP rating for this game stands at an impressive value of 96.5%

queen of gold uk slot

Snow Queen Riches Slot Game

Snow Queen Riches Slot Game

Snow Queen Riches online video slot game is where the real fun lies, in the midst of the Snow Queen that gives a good value for money. This slot game is also highly adventurous with its transparent reel set on a snowy background that depicts a winter season. This outlook represents an excellent graphic design, that is accompanied by the right soundtracks that are compatible with the royalty games. Snow Queen Riches slot has five reels, and 25 playable paylines with multiples such as 2x, 3x and 4x in addition to the scatter symbols. There are also traditional symbols such as Jack, Queen, King, Queen and 10 in this game as well as an RTP rating of 96.5%.

Snow Queen Riches Slot Game

Kingdom of The Sun: Golden Age Slot Game

Kingdom of The Sun slot

For several centuries, the wealth of Egypt has attracted several people in the world. And one of the primary reasons for that is the priceless treasure buried in the Egyptian lands for many centuries. The game set is on a typical Egyptian scenery which includes the pyramids in the far distance, the fertile soils or agriculture, and the precious golden ornaments. Kingdom Of The Sun: Golden Age slot game has five reels, three rows, and 15 playable paylines while these features add to the magic of the game. The special symbols include the Falcon, Sphinx Pharaoh, the pretty Cleopatra, and the cobra. The appropriate music is the Aztec sound keeps the spirit of the player high during the play and is therefore highly recommended.

Kingdom of The Sun uk slot