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Top 6 Supernatural Themed Online Slot UK

Top 6 Supernatural Themed Online Slot UK

Mythic Maiden Online Slot – NetEnt

Mythic Maiden

Climb the stairs if you dare to the dusty, cobwebbed and abandoned haunted attic in Mythic Maiden Online Slot by NetEnt, as it is there that you will find amazing chances for major rewards. The symbols are of the creepy knick-knacks and artefacts such as shrunken skulls and a mummy hand. The Maiden materializes from the shadowy corner and floats across the 5 reels, 3 pay rows, 30 payways, an overall estimated theoretical Return to Player of 96.6%, up to 1,000 AutoSpins for continuous plays, and a bet span of up to £150. At least 3 Scatter symbols trigger the Bonus round of 30 Free Spins with the Mythic Maiden Online Slots herself coming onto the reels to generously grant 2 extra spins, x10 multiplier value prizes, or even a jackpot prize of a whopping 600,000 coins. With a Bonus of 30 Spins with multipliers of x10, players will likely not be as scared of the Maiden and may be summoning her again and again.

Vlad’s Castle Online Slot – Eyecon

Vlad’s Castle

The creaky wagon meanders its way through the dark and spooky forest path on the way to Vlad’s Castle UK Slot by Eyecon Gaming, where amazing prizes are lurking and waiting for players to literally sink their teeth in. The high to medium valued symbols are of a vampire bat, a beautiful woman, a skull casket, and Vlad himself as the Wild or Bonus symbol. While the mirror does not reflect the vampire behind you, it does reveal the 5 reels, 3 pay rows, 25 ways to win, an estimate for the Return to Player of around 95.3%, an AutoSpin feature of a max 100 nonstop Spins, and a betting range up to £12.50. The spooky piano chords may get your blood pounding, if not for the exciting chance to win a 5,000 coin prize and a Bonus of a max 35 Free Spins when at least 3 Vlad symbols appear. You will also enjoy x3 on every payout and there is also a Portrait pick and win special feature for a max of 100x multiplier win.

Vlad’s Castle

Dark Vortex Online Slot – Yggdrasil

Dark Vortex

Travel to the other dimension in Dark Vortex Online Casino by Yggdrasil, as strange looking goblins and ghouls pass through an open portal to offer players generous rewards on every spin of the reels. The symbols are of the unique monster type creatures of all shapes, sizes, and colours. The portal opens up over the 5reels, 3 wagering rows, 243 payways to win, an overall theoretical Return to Player of 96.5%, up to 1,000 AutoSpins for an uninterrupted gameplay, and a betting range up to £50. Only 2 of the Vortex scatter symbols are needed to trigger the Bonus of 3 Free Spins with any more Vortex symbols adding 2 extra Spins. There is also the opportunity to turn the reels into 5 fully expanded Wild Vortex reels for a Free Spins Bonus round. During this feature, players collect pinkish or bluish orbs for stretched Wild symbols or additional Spins. With these stacked Wild symbols, the number of paylines increase to 3,125 for even greater ways to form winning connections.

The Invisible Man Online Slot – NetEnt

The Invisible Man

From the iconic novel by HG Wells, The Invisible Man UK Casino by NetEnt will have player ‘seeing through’ the spinning reels to the many chances to win real money on every spin. The backdrop shifts from a Scientific lab in main game to the dark and snowy street for the Bonus round. The symbols consist of the characters from the novel – from the Invisible Griffin to his beautiful love interest to a policeman. Find the mysterious floating coat and hat passing over the 5 reels, 3 wagering rows, 20 payways, an overall theoretical Return to Player of 96.3%, a max 1,000 AutoSpins, and a bet span up to £100. Griffin can create a Walking Wild symbol feature on the reels fro greater rewards and when he meets the police officer, a Bonus feature of 10 Free Spins are triggered. 2 Wild symbol will then appear on every reel spin to form wins, and this can be retriggered with an extra 4 Free Spins. A meter can fill up for Police Spins with 3 Free Spins and random Wild symbols landing.

Lost Vegas Online Slot – Microgaming

Lost Vegas

You ain’t nothing but a zombie hound dog picking up incredible prizes on offer in Lost Vegas Online Casino Game by Microgaming, as Elvis has left the building in search for a banana brain peanut butter sandwich. The symbols are of the living and the living dead – that is comical, cartoonish characters that are both zombies and those with a pulse that are surviving the apocalypse. The brain trail goes over the 5 reels, 3 betting rows, 243 payliens, an overall theoretical Return to Player of 95.77%, and a bet span max of £45. The Bonus round creatively lets players choose a side, be it the zombies or the survivors, who both offer generous awards. This mode consists of a certain number of Free Spins, instant coin prizes, Wild symbol stacks that have a special Infect feature for greater win combinations, and the ultimate prize of a max 50 Free Spins. With so much booze and gambling, party goers are often known to lose their brains in Vegas but this takes it all to a whole other ‘literal’ level.

Halloween Online Slot – Triple Edge Studio’s


One of the most iconic thrillers of the 1970s, and still terrifying viewers today, is the slasher movie with the mask wearing psycho Michael Myers as reflected in Halloween UK Casino Game by Triple Edge Studios. The symbols are of all the characters from the story – from Laurie and Loomis to Michael Myers himself, and the background is of the infamous babysitting house where the night of terror begins. Myer’s silhouette lurks as a shadow over the 5 reels, 3 pay rows, 50 payways, a Return to Player of 96.2%, and a bet span up to £200. There is a special feature of Wandering Reels whereby 3 reels spin together for a large symbol prize. The Bonus round is of a Trick or Treat Wheel that can award x10 multipliers with 2 featurettes that allow players to pick and win up to x20 or enjoy 9 Free Spins with a character chosen as a large clock symbol.