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Top 10 Genii Slots
Aladdins Loot online slot

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Aladdins Loot

Rub a magic lantern in Aladdins Loot online slot UK, where many chances to win real money skyrocket with the flying carpet. The palace is built on 5 reels, 3 rows, 25 payways, a 95.4% RTP, and a Bonus up to 20 Free Spins and a jackpot of 7,500 coins.

Age of Spartans online slot

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Age Of Spartans

Wear that muscle suit in Age of Spartans online slot UK, as there are major rewards to spear out from the reels. Battle over the 5 reels, 3 rows, 9 paylines, a 90.60% RTP, and a Bonus of up to 15 Free Spins with a jackpot of an incredible 30,000 coin win.

Sirens Serenade online slot

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Sirens’ Serenade

Row on a Viking dragon boat in Sirens’ Serenade online slot, as there are many waves as well as generous payout opportunities crashing on deck. The storm rages across the 5 reels, 3 rows, 25 payways, a 95.08% RTP, a 37,500 coin jackpot, and a Bonus of up to 18 Spins.

Age of Spartans Spin16 online slot

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Age Of Spartans Spin 16

Join the 300 fierce warriors in Age of Spartans Spin 16 online slot, where players can slash away exciting wins from the reels. The fight happens across the 5 reels, 3 rows, max of 30 payways in all directions, a 95.6% RTP, and a Bonus of 15 Free Spins with x3 multipliers and 10,000 coins to be won.

Beat Bots online slot

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Beat Bots

Do the robot dance literally in Beat Bots online slot UK as the gears are turning on incredible chances for major prizes. The heavy ‘metal’ beat is heard across the 5 reels, 3 rows, 40 paylines, 95% RTP, a 39,930 coin Jackpot, and a Bonus up to 16 Free Spins.

Big Game Spin 16 online slot

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Big Game

Go on a comical and cartoonish safari in Big Game online slot UK where there are as many prizes on offer as paw prints. The animals roam across the 5 reels, 3 rows, 30 payways, a 94.7% RTP, and a Bonus of Free Spins, multiplier features, and a 18,000 Wild lion jackpot.

Stones and Bones online slot

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Stones & Bones

Join the caveman clan in Stones & Bones online slot UK, where prehistoric awards appear on the cave wall. The wooly mammoth passes across the 5 reels, 3 rows, 30 paylines, a 96.1% RTP, and a Bonus of up to 12 Free Spins with pick a dino egg and win coins.

Wild Wizards online slot

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Wild Wizards

Practice your magical abilities in Wild Wizards online slot, and ‘spell’ out generous prizes one every spin. The wand enchants the 5 reels, 3 rows, 25 payways, a 96% RTP, and a Bonus up to 8 Free Spins with a max x500 multipliers per win with the wizard expanding as a Wild on the reels.

Lucky Leprechauns online slot

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Lucky Leprechaun

Discover giant pots of gold at the end of the rainbow in Lucky Leprechaun online slot, where the luck of the Irish is with players on every spin. The shamrock patch grows on the 5 reels, 3 rows, 20 payways, a 96.33% RTP, and Bonuses of up to 6 Free Spins with x2 multipliers and a max 500,000 coins.

Code 211 online slot

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Go for a police ride along in Code - 211 online slot UK, and you could handcuff yourself to amazing rewards that are on offer. The sirens flash across the 5 reels, 3 rows, 25 payways, a 93 % RTP, a 22,500 coin jackpot, and a Bonus of 10 Free Spins.

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Aladdins Loot online slot Age of Spartans online slot Sirens Serenade online slot Age of Spartans Spin16 online slot Beat Bots online slot Big Game Spin 16 online slot Stones and Bones online slot Wild Wizards online slot Lucky Leprechauns online slot Code 211 online slot Big Froot online slot Elementium Spin 16 online slot Legends of Greece online slot Gems n Jewels online slot Horn of Plenty Spin16 online slot Small Soldiers online slot Wild Berry online slot Legends of Olympia online slot Captain Shockwave online slot

 Genii Gaming Slots At

 Genii Gaming may not be as well known as the larger online slots developers like Microgaming, Eyecon, or Yggdrasil, but they have been producing innovative online slots for more than 15 years. They show no signs of slowing down and, their frequent collaborations and affiliations with other designer companies proves their commitment to growth in the future. One major factor in their success has been the attention to detail, especially visuals. The graphics and animations of their slot titles are marked by crisp, clean, and bright colours that almost instantly immerses players. Genii Gaming prides itself on the talented team of designers that take a creative and unique approach to building their slots. Specifically, Genii Gaming uses the term Opportunity Mindset – which refers to the freedom of their developers that are encouraged and rewarded for always thinking differently and thinking ahead. It is in this way, the balance between the art and science of creating games, that has set Genii Gaming apart from other companies.

Through the over 15 years, Genii Gaming has releases numerous online slots of all different themes and gaming styles. This has allowed their company to remain current with players and adapt to the ever increasing preferences of every year. With a variety of motley titles, there is a slot for every type of player. For example, Stones & Bones takes players back to prehistoric times to live in a cave whereas Sirens’ Serenade lets players steer a Viking dragon boat through stormy sea. Big Game goes on a safari adventure with cute, cartoon style animals while Age of Spartans is reminiscent of the ancient warrior film 300. With a consistent release of slot titles every month or every other month, Genii Gaming never gets stuck in the proverbial mud of the same types of games. What is also interesting in comparison to the slots of other companies is that Genii Gaming titles have a mid range balance theoretical Return to Player or RTP. This RTP is mostly averaged around 94% to 97%, meaning that players can both enjoy large win than happen less often as well as smaller prizes that happen with greater frequency.

Genii Gaming is also popular among players for their generous rewards offered via their creative special features in both the main game and the bonus rounds. What this often includes is a certain number of Free Spins, multiplier valued winnings, a pick and win for a coin prize, special Wild symbols (such as stacked, walking, locked), giant symbol blocks that take up 3x3 spaces on the reels, and of course huge jackpot prizes. For instance, In Lucky Leprechaun online slot this jackpot totals up to an amazing 500,000 coins. A final point about Genii Gaming is that they are focused on delivering the top notch technology on all platforms, browsers, and devices. Therefore, whether on smartphone, tablet, or desktop, players can enjoy full compatibility. It is almost as if players do not need a crystal ball to predict how Genii Gaming will grow into a ‘household’ name in the online slot industry. Exciting times are ahead.