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Top 10 Pariplay Slots
Rio Fever online slot

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Rio Fever

Dance in the world- amous carnival in Rio Fever online slot UK, where there are a ‘Brazilian’ ways for major rewards on offer. Samba across the 5 reels, 4 rows, 40 paylines, a 94.5% RTP, a 1,500x jackpot, and a Wild ‘ginga’ wheel with up to 10 Spins and sticky Wilds.

Chitty Bang online slot

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Chitty Bang

Experience a classic fruit slot gameplay with a modern upgrade in Chitty Bang online slot UK, as there are juicy and generous payouts to be won. There are 5 reels, a unique 3 row over 3 reels and 6 rows on the remaining 2, 972 payways, and a Bonus of up to 40 Spins and a giant symbol spin.

Fish And Chips online slot

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Fish & Chips

Players are very likely to get literally ‘hooked’ to the gameplay of Fish & Chips online slot UK, as there are major rewards swimming around. Float over the 5 reels, 3 fish ‘roes’ (rows), 25 paylines a 95% RTP, an electric eel jackpot of 5,000x, and a Big Treasure mini game Bonus.

Asteroids online slot

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Based on the vintage Atari video game, Asteroids online slot UK lets players ‘space’ out by blasting away giant meteor prizes. Fly in zero gravity over the 5 reels, 3-4-5-4-2 rows, 720 payways, a 97% RTP, and a Bonus of a max 30 Spins with expanding Wilds and x10 multipliers.

World Cup Keno online slot

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World Cup Keno

Kick off in World Cup Keno, as there are many exciting chances for incredible awards with each drive to the goalie net. The board is set like any game of Keno with 80 numbered spaces which grant payouts upon matches, with an 80% RTP. There are winnings up to 100x which can create a jackpot of £10,000.

Cops And Robbers online slot

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Cops And Robbers

Join the good guys or bad in Cops and Robbers online slot UK, where many exciting rewards have gone missing from the bank for you to find. The sirens blare over the 5 reels, 3 rows, 20 payways, 96.47% RTP, and Bonuses up to 100 Free Spins, multipliers, and coin wins.

Arctic Madness online slot

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Arctic Madness

Thaw out exciting reward opportunities in Arctic Madness online slot UK, where there are cool prizes to be won. Skate across the ice block of 3 reels, 3 rows, 5 paylines, an estimated 95.02% RTP, and a Bonus of number of Free Spins with a certain multiplier value per win.

BloodShot online slot

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Based on the classic comic book, Bloodshot online slot UK lets players fight villains for a superhero worthy number of rewards on offer. The explosions occur across the 5 reels, 4 rows, 40 payways, a 94.6% RTP, and a Bonus round of 7 Free Spins with up to a 2,500 jackpot.

Zodiac Fortune online slot

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Zodiac Fortune

Discover the many win opportunities in the stars in Zodiac Fortune online slot UK, where there are favorable horoscopes each spin. The gameplay is set up as a scratch and win with 9 horoscopes surrounding a circular cosmic orb where 3 matches win, a 94.9% RTP, and an amazing Jackpot prize of £100,000.

The Magical Forest online slot

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The Magical Forest

Wood Nymphs, pixies, trolls, and witches magically create exciting payout opportunities in The Magical Forest online slot. The trees branch out over the 5 reels, 3 rows, 25 paylines, a 95% RTP, and a pick and win Bonus round among cocoons for multiplier prizes and a jackpot of 5,000 coins.  

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Pariplay Slots At

Founded in 2010, in less than a decade Pariplay Gaming has proven itself as one of the top online slots designers and developers in the Industry. This has been achieved by regularly releasing slot titles that showcase amazing graphics and creative animated sequences, a gameplay that is easy to pick up and immersive, and features and bonus rounds that are very rewarding for players. They have grown through the years to house offices in different parts of the world and cater to international clients and players. A major focus of the company is B2B or Business to Business, and in creating strong connections to collaborate with other gaming providers. While PariPlay already has an innovative and talented team of designers, this combination via partnerships takes their style of gaming to the next level. Every month Pariplay releases new content, and slot titles that are innovative in design and unique in themes and features.  

The other positive quality of PariPlay is that they cover all their based. An example of this is the 5 different platforms that they operate on iGaming, Mobile On Premise, Video Lottery Terminal, Social & iLottery, so that players are able to discover different types of gaming as well as a variety of slot themes. In regard to themes, there is a slot to suit every type of player personality and preference, no matter how unique. For the lover of vintage video games, an Atari branded Asteroids or Black Widow online slot is available to player, while avid comic book readers will appreciate Bloodshot online. Cops & Robbers slot, Fish & Chips, and Arctic Madness online, all tap into the cute and comical cartoon quality of slots that are very popular with players. This wide range of slots means that Pariplay players can always discover fresh and exciting content and enjoy a large library to choose from based on mood or specific preference.

In terms of features, most Pariplay slots either offer Bonus rounds with Free Spins, multipliers, coin wins, or otherwise massive jackpot prizes such as in Zodiac Fortune slot which has a top prize of an incredible £100,000. Gameplay is always easy to understand and PariPlay has adapted to put mobile first when developing online slots. This means that their titles are fully compatible and beautifully designed for all devices and browsers – whether on safari or chrome or on mobile, tablet, or desktop. This “simple and easy integration” is what has attracted many players, clients, and other companies, to use PariPlay. In fact, Pariplay Gaming has a host of reputable awards to its name. Among these is the 2018 Prestigious Mobile Gaming Software award for creating slot titles with a seamless gaming experience and accessibility. In the write up for the award, it even noted PariPlay’s sophisticated Geo locator software for connecting players to their gaming titles regardless of location. Pariplay is continually this trend toward upping the bar of the Industry in releasing slot titles that all players love and surely get excited about.