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Atlantic City Blackjack is a virtual blackjack game by Switch Studios. This online casino offers a theoretical RTP of 99.65%. To play Atlantic City Blackjack, become a Online Slots member today and also enjoy our amazing range of UK slots!

Atlantic City Blackjack slot UK

Atlantic City Blackjack Online Slot UK

Our name might be, but we’re more than just an online slots website. We have the best collection of online slots you’ll find anywhere on the internet - and the best set of incentives, too - but we also have a great collection of other casino classics. We have roulette games here for anyone who wants to take a spin of the wheel, but we also have every popular card game you’d find being played on the tables of a physical casino. Here, we have Atlantic City Blackjack.

Atlantic City Blackjack Developer - Switch Studios

Switch Studios makes very good card and table games. That's why we have so many of their creations at Rose Slots. They created our most popular American Roulette Online Casino and European Roulette games and are also responsible for some of the most highly regarded poker games. They don't make UK slots - there are plenty of other companies who do that - so they specialise in this area of casino entertainment and handle it very well. 
While they might not make online slots, they do have an online slots connection. That connection comes in the shape of Microgaming. The two companies work in tandem to bring games to the market, which means that Microgaming has a hand in cards and table games as well as its enormous online slots presence!

Play Atlantic City Blackjack Mobile Slot

Let's deal with a little background information first. For those who aren't familiar with American geography, Atlantic City is in New Jersey, USA.  The variant of blackjack that comes from there is very similar to your standard game of "21" or Pontoon, but is regarded as being more favourable to players. The house edge is a little lower than it would be in other versions of blackjack, and also includes the "late surrender" rule. Through this rule, players can cut their losses by folding their hands early in return for half their stake. The other rule that makes Atlantic City blackjack unique is that the dealer has to stand on a soft 17, so doesn’t become a threat to you so long as you’re holding good cards. These are minor changes in the grand scheme of things, but they’re both considered player-friendly, and so they’re both good reasons why this version of blackjack is worth your time if you’re a fan of the card game.

Atlantic City Blackjack Slot Features

Switch Studios has made this digital version of Atlantic City Blackjack as authentic as possible. That means no bonus features, clever tricks, and magic powers that you wouldn't have if you were sitting at a card table inside a casino. It's just you, your cards, the dealer, and the luck of the draw. The graphics are simple but effective, and the gameplay is smooth. Aside from the lack of someone bringing you sandwiches and asking if you want drinks, this feels close to the experience of playing the game in person.