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Casino Solitaire is a virtual solitaire game by Gamevy. It has a theoretical RTP of 96.8%. If you’d like to play Casino Solitaire, join us at Online Slots today and gain access to our library of hundreds of great UK slots by doing so!

Casino Solitaire casino UK

Casino Solitaire Online Casino UK 

Rose Slots is home to what we believe is the greatest collection of online slots on the internet. That's the focus of what we do, and we hope our members will agree that we're very good at it. However, we also aim to provide a full casino experience. That means including a few of the card and table games that you'd find at a real-world casino, like poker, blackjack, and roulette. It also means providing you with a game or two that you probably wouldn't find at a real-world casino, like a version of solitaire that you can win money from.

Casino Solitaire Developer - Gamevy

It's not often that you seen developers alternate between genres when it comes to casino games. Most of them either specialise in online slots or specialise in tabletop games. Gamevy is a company that sees no need to make any such distinction. Since opening its doors in London, England, a little over a decade ago, they've released over one hundred UK slots and plenty of other casino products to boot. If you like online slots as well as card games, give $100,000 Joker a try to find out what Gamevy can do with a classic slot and an enormous jackpot! 7UP Online Slot is also well thought of by our players.

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Whether you know this simple card game better as "Solitaire" or "Patience," you'll have played it at some point in your life. Those of us of a certain age have memories of sneakily playing it at work when it was included as standard with Microsoft Windows 95, 98, and XP. Most of us know how the rules work, so we won't explain them here. Instead, let's talk about presentation. There's no need for a game as simple as solitaire to be presented with cinematic graphics, but it's a good-looking creation played against a dark green baize with HD-sharp cards. You're probably wondering how you win money from the game. There are a few ways you could do that, but the easiest is simply by playing solitaire. You can choose from three tiers of betting - low, medium, or high - and in each case, your reward for each card you're able to place is roughly ten per cent of your bet. That means you need to place ten cards to break even, and anything beyond that is profit. If you know a thing or two about solitaire, you have to like those odds!

Casino Solitaire Casino Features

Gamevy built this game to be authentic. It would shatter the atmosphere if there were any online slots bonus features here, and so there aren’t any. There are a couple of neat betting options, though. Firstly, you could make the bold prediction that there won't be any moves possible from the moment the first cards are placed. This rarely happens in solitaire, but it does happen. If you want to place a wager on it as a side bet, your reward is x15 your stake. If you're wrong, you still play on with whatever stake you've placed on the game itself. The second side bet is that you'll begin the game with either only red or only black cards in play. This is spectacularly rare, but again, it can happen. To reflect the low chances of seeing this when the cards are laid face up, the return on this side bet is x200.