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European Blackjack is a virtual blackjack game by Switch Studios. This Online Slots offers a theoretical RTP of 99.6%. You can play European Blackjack right now by signing up with, where we also offer over 1000 of the best UK slots in the business!

European Blackjack slot UK

European Blackjack Online Casino UK

We love online slots at Rose Slots. The clue is in the name. Slots aren't the full extent of our interests, though. We aim to bring our customers the full virtual casino experience, and so we also offer a range of carefully selected casino products from the best providers in the world. We have roulette, we have poker games, we have solitaire, and we have blackjack. Not just one time of blackjack, mind you, but several kinds. No matter which version of the card game you enjoy the most, you'll find a way of playing it with us!

European Blackjack Developer - Switch Studios

Bringing this game to UK slots players was a collaborative effort between Microgaming and Switch Studios. Microgaming isn't really known for making casino products other than online slots, but then again, Switch Studios isn't known for making online slots. By joining forces, Switch Studios gets to reach Microgaming's audience with its table game creations. Microgaming gets a stake in the profits, and everybody's happy. 
Switch Studios make high-quality products, and we're proud to offer several of their creations. Our Classic Blackjack game was made by Switch, and so was Atlantic City Blackjack. If you prefer spinning wheels to playing cards, try their European Roulette and American Roulette Games instead.

Play European Blackjack Mobile Casino

This particular blackjack game, which Switch Studios offers, doesn't come with a live dealer. Instead, it's a laid-back blackjack simulator that uses the European interpretation of the rules. The graphics aren't picture-perfect, but they get the job done. Attention has been paid to tiny details, like the way the card table curves at the bottom of the screen and the realistic lettering on the blue baize of the table. You're not here for the graphics, though - you're here to play blackjack, and this game lets you get into it straight away. You won't have to wait for any introductory videos to finish or any lengthy animated sequences. Just pull up your virtual seat at the table and play. The aim of the game is, as always, to make it to 21 without going bust- but you knew that already! Let the cards do what they will, and cross your fingers that today’s the day you take the shirt off the dealer’s back.

European Blackjack Casino Features

This won’t take long. There are no bonus features in this game. When Switch Studios decided to make this blackjack simulator, they wanted to make it feel as close to playing the game in person as possible. If you can’t do something at a real card table, you won’t be able to do it here either. The only thing that makes this game different from a classic blackjack game is the set of rules that are used. Those rules say that the dealer has to stand on 17, there's no peek, you can split cards once to make two hands, and you don't get blackjack for a split Ace and a ten. Aside from that, it's the same game you've probably played a hundred times already!