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Boss The Lotto is a Online casino by Gamevy. Boss The Lotto has an RTP of 94.5%.

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Boss The Lotto Online Casino UK

Boss the Lotto online slots casino is a unique twist on the classic game. Rather than spin the reels, you select numbered balls 1 to 49 in a lottery style. This casino game takes courage as you have a choice to quit and payout or continue and win more. This nail-biting excitement is reflected in the game’s title whereby there’s a tug of war between the Lotto bossing you, to settle with your winning, or you ‘bossing’ the lotto and taking the chance to win more real money.

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Boss The Lotto Developer - Gamevy

Casino game developer Gamevy created Boss the Lotto online. Fans of online casino UK will appreciate that Gamevy supports a locally talented team as their office is centrally based in London. With other Casino game such as ‘Diamond Deal Online Casino’, ‘BlackJack’ and ‘Epic Gems UK Slot’ they live up to their claim to design specifically “to appeal to a broad demographic of lottery or bingo players.” Their innovative creations are immersive, visually appealing, and engaging. Stay tuned to for other titles released by Gamevy. Further, their games are available in free demo play so you can try each out before the chance to win real money.

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The thrill of Boss the Lotto online casino game is that there is no idea whether the ball is literally in the game’s court or yours. The gameplay is straightforward, and it is not even necessary to scroll any game instructions. From the welcome screen, the player must make a bet and the higher the amount, the higher the jackpot that appears underneath the betting box. This Jackpot ranges from 2,500 to 100,000. Also on this screen, we are told that there are 43 good balls and 6 bad ones to avoid. A selected ball spins, sinks, and then is either replaced with a rotating green pound sign (good ball) or a black ball (bad ball), at which case the game ends.

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As you advance, the ‘balls left to swipe’ counts-down until you can view the next ball win amount. A successful selection then gives you the option to cash out or otherwise continue playing. This is where you test your nerves and check your blood pressure as playing this game is somewhat akin to an adrenaline thrill. If your intuition is sharp enough to uncover all 43 good balls, the jackpot is £5,000,000. Because the more successful balls correlate to a greater chance of bad ones, this casino game’s RTP is estimated at 91%. Betting for Boss the Lotto ranges from £1 to £40, however this bet remains for the entire game and cannot be changed. Boss the Lotto online casino game is fully compatible on mobile along with on template or desktop.

Boss the Lotto Online Casino Features

Boss the Lotto online casino game is visually set-up like a game set and, in fact, resembles the TV show Deal or No Deal. Each ball is neatly lined-up in 6 rows alternating from 8 and 9 balls on each, with the total lotto numbers to select from 1 to 49. From red to baby blue, the balls are in variety of mellow and pleasing shades of colour. The only tension on the game screen, likely intentional, is a flashing light from left to right prompting you to select a numbered ball that will hopefully bring you closer to the jackpot.

Boss The Lotto Bonus Feature

The background music is perfectly suited for the gameshow quality of Boss the Lotto online. The constant ticking and overlaid rhythm increase both focus and tension. This is interestingly immersive as you subconsciously feel like there is a pressure from an invisible audience to select the next ball. The cheerful sound effect on a successful selection, combined with the rotating green pound sign, spurs you on while the shrinking sound of a losing black ball selection just makes you want to try again. This feeling is further heightened by the reminder from the box that there are only 1 or 2 balls until the next level and win.

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