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Super Cash Buster

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Ever played the game Cash buster? If you have, this game would definitely pique your interest. You haven’t? No problems, get ready for an amazing ride. 

Super Cash Buster online casino UK

Super Cash Buster Online Casino UK

Unlike most online slots games, super cash buster uses a dice. For those who don’t know, games are usually built around reels (having rows and columns) and spins. You do not need a deposit to play this game. To begin, you have to set your bet amount, and then click on play. For every session within this game, you get 8 rolls of the dice.

Super Cash Buster Developer - IWG

Super cash buster is produced by IWG, IWG (Instant Win Gaming) are experts in instant win scratch cards and lottery games. Capitalizing on their apt experience in online slots, they offer consultancy and design services to clients over the world. Super cash buster makers of the Cash buster. Super cash buster is more or less a postlude to cash buster. More games from IWG can try like Cash Buster Towers Scratch Card Game, Fast Buck Lucky Scratch Card Game, 25 Card Cash Online Casino and so on.

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After every roll of the dice, the dice shows you a color. Every block in the game area that has that color, together with every adjoining block with the same color is smashed out. Wipe out an entire roll of blocks to get an additional roll of the dice. You will see a prize table on your screen that keeps a record of your blocks smashed for every color and the corresponding prize that you get. It can be played on any internet enabled device and at any location. Simply head over to Rose Slots and get winning.

Super Cash Buster Online Casino Features

In this game, what you see is what you get. For every block that you smash, you get what is displayed on that box as a bonus. You see an extra dice roll? You smash and you get it. You see a prize money or a mini-game displayed on the box? Simply smash, and you get it. And once you fill up an entire row, you get the prize for that row as stated in the prize table.

There are two mini rounds in this game and you just have to head over to to play them. Super Cash Buster has a Return To Player rate of 88.25%, so every time you place a €100 bet, you get a proposed payout of €88.25. This is pretty great for a dice game.

The prize table has a row for each color available in the game area. The amount of blocks of each color you are able to smash out on each roll of the dice determines the number of games of colors filled in the prize table. Smash 2 yellow boxes, and you get to fill two games in the yellow row on the prize table. Smash 4 red boxes, and you will automatically fill 4 slots in the red row on the prize table. Easy-peasy, it doesn’t get much straightforward than this folks. Get started playing this game right now on Rose Slots.

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