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Do you feel torn between playing a game of bingo or another of games? It could be because you have no time for both or you simply love them in the same proportion.

Slingo online casino UK

Slingo Online Casino UK

You are not alone in this, in fact, you are among such a huge group of people that compelled someone to do something about it. Since so many people and especially women have so much to do in such limited time Rose Slots​ now has Slingo for its players other than online slots to maximize the thrills of both worlds. This game has become so popular of late that online casino players find themselves looking for it on any gaming site they visit.

For those who are familiar with the original bingo then they will be immersed in the gameplay within no time. The truth is, this game is better than the individual games from which it was created. Expect it to be quicker and much more fulfilling compared to slots – but we already expect that of Slingo online.

Slingo Developer - IWG

IWG are specialists in instant win casino games, they have huge collection of games that have become some of the most popular instant win casino online games. Rose Slots UK casino site as always brings the best available games for the ladies and this is no exception. You may Also try 7-UP Online Scratch Card and Rich For Life developed by IWG, or, similar game can try Diamond Deal Online Casino

Play Slingo Mobile Online Casino

Here is a grid, just like in Bingo! Sorry, there is more because the game aspect has still not been incorporated. See the spin button at the bottom of the screen? That is how your gaming fate will be determined. Open your eyes wide because symbols will be marked off the grid with every spin and you need to see why it is happening. With every spin, a set of symbols will appear and if they match any that are on the grid, they go. Make sure that the volume of your device is cranked up because the call ‘Slingo’ is sounded when you have struck a row of 5 squares in any direction – you will get a flash of adrenaline at the sound of this. There are many versions of the Slingo /bingo combination each with a distinct manner in which they want winning arrangements displayed.

Female casino players not only crave fun but landing on the big monies. This games is thought-provoking, makes one to think and make decisions as well as take risks. This is the life that most women must face to step up to the challenges of life in general. Luckily, Slingo is optimized for mobile, laptops and tablets so it can be carried everywhere. Although Slingo has undergone various modifications and versions over the years, the original release was in 1995. The game has exchanged hands and increased its fan base – 55 million globally and you can be part of the movement through Rose Slots.

Slingo Online Casino Features

Deal or no deal Slingo is one version of the Slingo you will not want to stop playing. In fact, just like it happens on the TV show, there are 26 red boxes for a player to pick from. The boxes that you do not pick fall back into grid formation and it is these that fall off when spinning. Up to the jackpot? It is possible to get if only you can achieve 4 ‘Slingos’ to unlock the bankers offer. Accept what is on offer and end the game or opt to gamble on the remaining boxes. The more ‘Slingos’ you get the higher the multiplier that will be applied to your winnings will be.

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