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Tennis is a UK Online Slot Game by Gamevy. This 5-reels, 3-rows game has an RTP of 92%.

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Tennis Online Casino UK

Presented by Roseslots, Tennis online slot game is a beautifully designed casino game with you as a professional tennis player. Betting selection is a step to start the game and win. The maximum number of coins that can be put into each payline is 10 then there is the excitement of participating in the tennis tournament and winning the highest prize. There are 5 boys or 5 girls in the game. The prize for the strongest opponent is 5,000 coins.

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Tennis Developer - Gamevy

Gamevy is an award-winning, licensed supplier and operator producing high quality selected range of real-money games located in the suburb of London. With other Casino game such as Diamond Deal Online Casino, BlackJack and European Roulette Online Casino they live up to their claim to design specifically to appeal to a broad demographic of lottery or bingo players. Their innovative creations are immersive, visually appealing, and engaging. Stay Rose Slots for other titles released by Gamevy.

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There are many reasons why you should play this game; You don’t have to learn how to play ATP caliber tennis in the ATP Tennis Stars. Simply set your bet and let the reels spin. Once you do this, you may have access to one of the tennis star’s fashion bonus features. Have you always thought that it would be cool to play sports games like online slots? Well, tennis stars let you do this. Three or more scatter symbols on the reel take you into the championship bonus. Select your service type and play the game on your computer. The more dominant your victory is, the more cards you accumulate, and the more you win. You don’t need anything special to come to the world of tennis stars. Just set your bet and rotate the reels enough. You can now expect bonus features and they will reward you for your allowance. You can also choose the court.

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Tennis Online Casino Features

There are two bonuses in this game for you. A very profitable bonus is Wild. In the tennis star game, this is a trophy cup. It shines gold and can help you by activating a free spin. When the cup appears in Volumes 2, 3 and 4, you will receive your reward, 15 free spins, and a useful 3x multiplier. In addition, with the number of A, your multiplier will be determined to be 5 times. Wild can also help you to win by creating a winning combination. There is an additional benefit to gambling. You must bet on a randomly drawn card and guess red or black, and when you correctly guess the color of the card, the reward will double. Your intuition can play a big role in gambling. With many tennis star tournaments, your wallet recharge option is really tempting. You can achieve this when playing a popular tennis game in this video slot. This bonus is called the champion bonus. To do this, you need at least 3 racket symbols. This symbol is a scatter plot. It has the power to cover all reels and provide you with up to 100 times the payout multiplier. With at least 3 rackets on the reel, it’s time to measure your strength against your opponent. When the championship bonus is activated, you will select the opponent. Choose from boys or girls and play. Last but not least, this slot also provides common gambling bonuses. Bet on a random draw of red or black to double your bonuses.

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Tennis 2021

You might think that developers take it easy when they create instant wins scratch games. Take Gamevy, for example. They’ve made dozens of online slots and seen great success come from them. It’s far harder to design and program an online slots feature than it is to make a far-simpler instant win scratch game, so it would be tempting to think that companies just pick a theme, use it to dress up a formulaic layout, and then release it. Nothing could be further from the truth.

It's the simplicity of instant win scratch games that makes them so hard to find success with. It's correct to say that the formula is simple - identical, in fact, in many cases - but because they're so simple, it's very difficult for any new instant win scratch to break through the noise. There are so many scratches already available that it's difficult to get noticed unless you're offering something that other people aren't, and that's almost impossible within the confines of the format. At their heart, instant win games are just about revealing symbols and picking up wins if you find a match. That's where so many of them fall down - but it's also where Gamevy's "Tennis Scratch" instant win game stands up so well.

Rather than asking you to pick away at the symbols and paying you for wins, "Tennis" models itself on the real-life sport in more ways than just the theme. The theme is incredibly well-realized, and the developer should be complimented for that, but the way the scratch plays out is incredibly clever. Each two-ball pairing on the 2*6 grid represents a "game" between you and your unseen opponent. Beat your opponent to win cash, or be beaten by them and win nothing at all. You might not be running around or hitting anything with a racket, but that's basically the way that tennis plays out in real life. It's the whole sport boiled down into one cleverly-engineered instant win game that slightly tinkers with the conventional 3*3 layout and turns it into something new.

There is, of course, something else that attracts players to instant win games, and that's the amount that might potentially be won from them. This is another tick in the box for "Tennis Scratch." Your maximum winnings are ultimately determined by the size of the stake you choose to play with, but at the very top end, you could win an amazing £200,000 if you're willing to play with the highest stake. Whether you do so is very much up to you - nobody should bet more than they can afford - but that's a huge possible reward for the high-rollers among you and a compelling reason to come back to this scratch over and over again to see if you can smash an Ace past your opponent.

Great instant win games do the easy things well and find a way to make themselves unique in comparison to everything around them. That's what makes "Tennis Scratch" such a success story for Gamevy, and that's why it's still online a full five years after it was first released. With graphics that still look crisp and sharp and a compelling interface, this tennis pro is very much still in its prime.