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Frank's Freak Spins is a 5-reels, 20 paylines Online Slot Game released in January 2018 by Core Gaming. Frank's Freak Spins has Free Spins, Jackpot, Multiplier, Scatter symbols, and Wild features with an RTP of 95.02%.

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Frank's Freak Spins Online Slot UK

Welcome to deepest darkest Transylvania where you will be given the chance to play alongside one of literature and pop culture’s greatest monsters. With a monstrous 20 pay lines and 5 gruesome reels in a traditional 5 by 3 formation, there may be impressive prizes to scare out of this online slots.

Frank's Freak Spins Developer - Core Gaming

Core Gaming has been leading the gambling games in HTML5 for years and entertained players around the globe ever since the company was founded. This popular slot game is one of their many sought after online video slots. As we all love Frankenstein’s monster so much, his popularity in pop culture has never really wanted, and this is much the case when attempting to find spookily themed online slot games. You could also check out other games produced by Core Gaming on Rose Slots such as The Sky’s The Limit UK Slot and Bar Star Online Slot.

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Frank's Freak Spins Bonus Round 1

The game will offer varying valued bets and a potential jackpot of up to 2500 times your stake. As well as a decent 20 pay lines within which to win, the game boasts a medium variance level and a reasonable RTP (return to player) rate of 95.02%. The game's gameplay would like you to achieve the usual objective of matching both high and low symbols in lines served between 3 and 5 identical symbols. Rose Slots are proud to present to you, the online slot game, ‘Franks freak spins’, by game developers Core gaming and released on 26th January 2018. This cutesy, beautifully animated, homage to Frankenstein’s monster will treat your eyes to a lovely horror comedy slot game, before its likely to use them in a reanimated corpse, (disclaimer, that is actually a joke).

Frank's Freak Spins UK Slot Features

As with any creepy castle, things are not all that the scene in this spooky online slot and so unsurprisingly there are a few surprises to be had with the games bonus features. The bandsaw wheel of Fortune is one of the biggest bonuses to unveil and this will open up once you have completely charged at Frank. Each time you spin one of the ‘electric switch’ wild symbols on reel number five, one of the lightbulbs will light up on the animation of Frank laying on his trolley which is situated on the right-hand side of your reels. Incidentally, if that wild symbol is actually to fall in the centre of the reel, you will also be granted an additional prize.

Frank's Freak Spins Bonus Feature

Once he is fully charged you will get a chance to play Franks wheel of misfortune and have the chance to gain a prize on each turn of the wheel. This monstrous bonus will continue to spin and award you prizes until you have enjoyed each of the 10 rounds available or have landed on the ‘collect’ symbol and have had to take your prize and run. The low-value symbols in ‘Franks freak spins’ are the usual playing card symbols of the number 10, J for Jack, Q for Queen, K for King and an A four ace. The high-value symbols also offer varying prizes and are all related to Franks world, as they are a set of ancient books, Franks neck bolts and Frank himself. Finally, there is also the ‘potions bonus’ which you can enter after achieving 3 or more of the bonus icon, which is a series of potions in conical flasks. Once you have triggered this bonus you can pick coloured potions off-the-shelf in order to build your bonus prize, with each potion represented in awards such as free spins or high multipliers.

Frank’s Freak Spins Review Summary

If we ever saw Frankenstein's monster, our first instinct would be to run away. Core Gaming obviously doesn't think like that because if they did, they would never have come up with the "Frank's Freak Spins" slot in January 2018. It's evident that many of you don't fear Frankenstein's hideous creation either, because we're here in 2021, more than three years on from the slot's launch, and it's still one of the top 20% slots in the whole extensive library!

It takes a special slot to grab a spot in our top 20% and stay there for more than a year. We have more than eight hundred online slots in our colossal collection of online slots greatness, and we on the Rose Slots team pride ourselves on finding new features for you to play every week of every year. It's been a while since "Frank's Freak Spins" was listed under our "Newest" tab on the "Slot Games" page, and yet you're still finding your way to it in big numbers anyway. Something is still drawing you to it. Is it the theme? Is it the fact it's so well animated? Is it the robust selection of bonus features? Perhaps so, but maybe it's also the case that the members club enjoys exclusive features!

While you'll find pretty much all of the most popular online slots in the world at RoseSlots, we go further in search of great slots than most other websites do. That means we're able to bring you hidden gems of the kind that you won't find elsewhere. "Frank's Freak Spins" is one of those hidden gems. Core Gaming is a fantastic online slots development company, but they don't yet have the profile of some of the bigger names in the industry, and so they don't always get the audience they deserve for their creations. A lot of online slots websites totally missed out on "Frank's Freak Spins." We made sure that our players didn't, and they've taken it to heart. It's not totally exclusive to, but you'd be hard-pressed to find it anywhere else. You'd find it even harder to find it at a site that offers you incentives, promotions, and perks of the caliber that Rose Slots does!

Releasing a slot with such a famous theme sometimes benefits an online slots developer because their slot is likely to get a little boost in popularity every time the subject matter shows up in the news. That's been the case recently in the UK< where a brand new live-action Frankenstein "house of horror" will open in the city of Bath in May 2021. Fittingly, the project involves a conversion of the house that Mary Shelley was living in when she wrote the original book! The story has been carried by most major British newspapers, and so perhaps that put the idea of Frankenstein in a few people's minds when they logged into after reading it. Publicity can get attention for a slot, but quality is what keeps it. “Frank’s Freak Spins” is a graphically fantastic slot packed with all the great bonus features we’ve described above, so quality is something it has plenty of. Given the current popularity of the horror genre, we can see it continuing to be monstrously successful for a long time yet.