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Jurassic Juniors Jackpot is a 5-reels, 25 paylines Online Slot Game by Eyecon. Jurassic Juniors Jackpot has Free Spins, Scatter symbols, Gamble, Jackpot features with an RTP of 90%.

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Jurassic Juniors Jackpot Online Slot UK

For the most part Jurassic juniors is a story that’s all about saving baby dinosaurs. With the progressive jackpot feature however there are some exciting new gameplay that rewards players for saving some of the highest value dinosaurs in the online slots. Hatching eggs, saving dinosaurs that are still in their diapers and enjoying some of the wonderful colors of this gameboard can really keep you in the game and excited. The vibrant colors for the dinosaurs as well as the beautiful wood background are a cute style of the theme but also one that can be extremely lucrative if you are willing to play for an extensive session.

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Jurassic juniors Jackpot Developer - Eyecon

The developer for Jurassic juniors Jackpot is Eyecon. They're known as being a specialist provider of a number of different online slots and they been in business for over 20 years. Eyecon develops slot machine games not only for online sources but also for off-line casinos as well. One of their first slot machines with the Temple of Isis which continues to be a very popular slot machine to this day. The developer has plenty of other titles apart from Jurassic juniors Jackpot but this stands as one of its most popular progressive titles that are available today. The original Temple of Isis and a few of the other Eyecon games do play very similarly to this game. Check out Howling Fun Online Slot and Irish Luck UK Slot as well if you are interested in similar style gameplay. It’s tough to find a progressive version of a slot that works like these ones but the gameplay is somewhat similar in these other titles. Check Rose Slots for more games.

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The big features of this game mostly have to do at the idea of matching together some of the baby dinosaurs as well as helping their mother to find all of her babies for the future. You can really do service in this slot machine by helping this mother find her babies. She is definitely willing to provide some incredible bonus features and rewards for players that do an excellent job at matching together the eggs and the dinosaur babies over time.

Jurassic juniors Jackpot Slot Features

Jurassic Juniors Jackpot Bonus Feature

There are several bonus rounds within Jurassic juniors Jackpot with a progressive jackpot that can increase every single time that the reels spin. This can really improve your chances of getting an absolutely massive jackpot at any time. Through the wilds feature inside the game, there’s also the chance that a neighboring symbol can substitute for a dinosaur egg to lead to an increased chance for winnings and the potential of double your regular payout. The free bonus game also occurs when there are three or more eggs symbols on the same reality which can award 15 free spins through the slot machine. If you are a fan of Eyecon slots and you want to see what the dinosaur theme might be like, this ancient themed slot machine is cute and extremely effective at offering some insane rewards if you happen to hit the progressive jackpot.

Jurassic Juniors Jackpot 2021

Jurassic Juniors Jackpot by Eyecon is a dinosaur themed slot with a fun, cartoon twist. Unlike other prehistoric themed slots available to play here at roseslots.com, this game injects some childlike fun into the theme through lovable cartoon dinosaur characters. This slot is one of the more quirky and fun dinosaur themed slots at this online slots casino, which is typical of Eyecon developers to make. Regular players of Eyecon slots will know exactly what this slot is all about - high payouts, a strong variance and plentiful bonus features. 

Jurassic Juniors Jackpot comes after the introduction of Jurassic Juniors, a dinosaur themed slot which has been played for over four years now. As one of Eyecon’s most popular slots, it is only natural for Eyecon to introduce a Jackpot version of this slot. This is technically a sequel slot to the original, which was developed by Eyecon as a result of the high popularity of this dinosaur themed slot. Think of this version as exactly the same, yet with higher value payouts and slight tweaks made to the variance. Eyecon regularly add jackpot versions to their popular slots, which are designed for those who prefer a more challenging slot with extra special rewards.

In comparison to the previous version, Jurassic Juniors Jackpot (2021) has brought bigger and better rewards. You can win a whopping 9,500x your stake in this jackpot slot, as a result of the added Jackpot Feature. In the original version, payouts this high are not available which makes this UK slot much more appealing to those looking for high value wins. This online slot also allows higher stakes up to £50 per spin, which can combine with the high value jackpot multipliers to create some serious payouts. All of this high value is down to the introduction of a progressive jackpot feature, which makes this version of Jurassic Juniors stand out from the original. Progressive jackpots can be a rare find at this online slots casino, so it adds a real attraction and appeal to this online slot. If you enjoyed the previous version of Jurassic Juniors, this slot is certainly for you. 

There does come with one slight restriction in Jurassic Juniors Jackpot, which may defer players from choosing this slot over the original slot. This down-side is found in the variance, which has been lowered slightly to accommodate the higher payouts. This is a common move used by developers to keep things fair, which makes slots slightly more challenging in terms of winning. This development style is common in Eyecon slots, as they bring jackpot features into many of their popular online slots. Some of the best Jackpot slots by Eyecon include Shopping Spree Jackpot and Kitty Payout Jackpot. Any hit Eyecon slot comes with a Jackpot version, to give players looking for a higher value challenge something to play with. For beginner friendly slots with high jackpots and a fair variance, take a look at other Eyecon slots here at Rose Slots Casino.