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99 Time is a 5 reels, 25 paylines Online Slot Game by Eyecon. Each pick can award a prize of up to 100x the total wager and prizes awarded are added together.

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99 Time Online Slot UK

99 Time is a female casino game on Rose Slots, which can be played on mobile devices, tablets, and desktops. As a female slot enthusiast, you will definitely fall in love with this game, because after catching the cool gaming action, you will most likely be licking your lips. The great and amazing beach of Blackpool with its iconic tower, pier, and Ferris is really hard to miss as the background of the game. There are symbols associated with 99 Times online slots, which include the Ice Cream Maker, an Ice Cream Van, the famous 99, various flavours of colourful ice cream cones, ice cream cups, and popsicles.

99 Time Developer - Eyecon

Eyecon carefully developed this for slots lovers and most importantly Women slot players. Other  games developed by Eyecon includes 99 time jackpot Online Slot and Sugar Train UK Slot.

Play 99 Time Mobile Slot

This female online casino game is themed on the famous 99-ice cream, which was created in Scotland. While the reels are rolling, lovely background music can be heard. The beautiful background features pink reels, and different delicious symbols can be found on those reels, and these symbols will lure you into a sweet world, where huge winnings can be attained anytime. In 99 Time online slot, the Ice Cream Van is referred to as the Wild symbol. This Wild symbol can replace all other symbols and doubles the payouts of any winning paylines in which it appears. However, the Ice Cream Maker is referred to as the Bonus symbol. The Return to Player (RTP) falls on a favourable percentage of 95.30%.

99 Time Bonus Round 1

99 Time Slot Features

Scatter: The Wild symbol takes the form of the Ice Cream Van. Apart from the scatter, this symbol replaces any other symbols to make winning combinations. After a female player winning combination is formed, the pay-outs are doubled with the help of a wild symbol.

Ice Cream Maker Feature: When a player lands 3 or more Ice Cream Maker symbols, it, in turn, triggers the Ice Cream Maker Feature. During this feature, the female player can pick from the selection of cones, flakes, wafers, fruits, and sprinkles for every which launched the feature. Behind each pick lies a bonus prize of up to 100 times your total stake.

The Free Game Feature: When 3, 4, or 5 scattered symbols surface on the reels, a female player is awarded 15, 20, or 25 free games correspondingly. All winning combinations are boosted by a 3x multiplier with the pay-out trebled. This feature can be re-triggered up to 15 times, with a massive 400 free spins in total available.

Gamble Feature: While playing 99 Time online slot on Rose Slot, you can gamble your wins on the Gamble Bonus Feature. This feature could help you win double of your payouts. All you have to do is to predict and pick the symbol that will be revealed when the card flips over. Once you get it correct, you can continue playing until you’ve had 5 correct gambles. Or probably, you can be lucky to make your next win to the maximum gamble amount of £32,000, which will end the feature. However, if you don’t wish to continue the game, you can simply click on the “Take Win” button to end the gamble round.

99 Time Bonus Feature

99 Time Slot Review

Eyecon brings us this cute and unusual online slot, which is played on a 5x3 layout of reels and rows, with 25 fixed paying lines and RTP at 95.3%. The theme of the game is ice cream trucks on hot days in your childhood, and so it definitely belongs to the ‘fun’ genre. There are three bonus modes on offer, including the highly original ‘Ice Cream Maker’ feature. The day that Eyecon stops making perfectly cute online slot games, we may as well all give up and go home. They're taking us all the way back to our childhood with the theme of 99 Time! If you were lucky enough to have a happy childhood, or if you have children of your own, you may have fond memories of family outings to the seaside or the beach, where the weather was warm and wonderful, the sea rolled away in the distance, and when you got too hot you could run to an ice cream truck to get yourself something cold and sweet. If just by us describing it, you can now picture that memory clearly in your mind, that's exactly what Eyecon are trying to recreate with this game.

The backdrop of the game, behind the reels, is a beach captured at the peak of the summer sun. The sky is blue, the sand is golden, there's a funfair in the distance and a big wheel disappearing over the horizon. If you find yourself swearing you can smell fish and chips, or hear the distant call of seagulls while you're playing this game, don't worry. It happens to us too! The developer has gone to town with the theme, and they've done a great job. Ice cream trucks aren't as common these days as they used to be, so it's possible that we have readers under 30 who've never come across a 99 before. We feel bad for you! If you haven't, a 99 is an ice cream cone packed full of whipped cream, with a chocolate flake pushed into the ice cream. Sauce is optional! That's where the 99 in the game's title comes from, although just like any good ice cream retailer, other ice creams are available and there are many different types in this game.  

You'll find those ice creams on the reels. Not only are there different colours and combinations of ice cream, but there's also a choc ice and an ice cream sandwich for a little variety. Nothing exceeds the value of the 99 symbols though, and nothing ever should! Beyond the ice cream symbols is an ice cream van which serves as both a scatter and a wild; it replaces everything other than the other scatter to make winning lines, and when it does it doubles the value of the win. The second scatter symbol is a happy and smiley looking ice cream man, who’s holding out an ice cream for you to take out of his hands. He won’t just give you that, though; he’s also the key to the door when it comes to the 99 Time bonuses!  

99 Time Bonuses

Two of the bonus features in 99 Time are solid but unspectacular. One of them is like nothing we've ever seen before, and we love it!  Let’s get the first two out of the way first. Free Spins are available in 99 Time, and it's a generous free spins feature, too. You'll need three or more of the ice cream symbols to get the feature triggered, starting off with fifteen free spins if you found free ice cream vans, twenty if you found four, and twenty five if you found five. All winning lines during free spins mode are worth treble what they would be in regular play, which is going above and beyond what you get from most online slots. If you're able to find more ice cream vans as the spins progress, this round can trigger again up to a maximum of fifteen consecutive times.

99 Time Bonus Round 2

The other notable bonus feature within the game is one that Eyecon use a lot; a 50/50 gamble which lets you either double your most recent win or lose it altogether. The method here is simple; you're given two choices, one of which will bring you victory, and one of which will bring you defeat! If you're feeling exceptionally brave, and you've guessed correctly once, you can do it again up to a maximum of five times. Choose carefully though; if you win four times and then lose the next one, you lose everything you just won. After four consecutive doubles, that could potentially be quite a lot.

The bonus feature that really excites us, though, is Ice Cream Maker. In reality, this is just a prize picker round, where a series of choices leads you to a number of multipliers, but in execution, it's so much better than that. You get to make your own ice cream! You start with a cone, then choose an ice cream filling, and then a topping, flake or sauce to top things off. As multipliers are hidden behind the selections at random, you might as well go ahead and make yourself the most attractive ice cream you can create. Yes, we know it's childish to get excited about this, but 99 Time is supposed to be about childish fun, so we're allowed! Plus, somewhere within the round is a 100x multiplier, so it's potentially the richest ice cream you'll ever make.

About Eyecon

Eyecon will need no introduction to many of you, and that's because of their long-standing reputation as an excellent developer of online slots. We'd never be as bold or presumptions as to say who the best-known slot developer in the world is, but it would be foolish to not at least give Eyecon some consideration in respect of that question. They've been doing what they do, and doing it very well, for a very long time.

If you only know them as a slot game developer, it might surprise you to find out that they have a past life as a video game creator. That was the original intention of the company when it was set up in 1997, and the younger version of Eyecon had a cult hit with a game called ‘Gore’, which racked up several million downloads in the time when the internet was itself young. Most developers would have taken that as a sign to make more video games, but Eyecon took it as a sign that the world of gaming was making a move onto the internet, and that the world of gambling would probably follow. Sensing an opportunity, the converted into a slot game developer in 1999.

It took a few more years for a market for online slots to develop, but when it did, Eyecon were ready and waiting. They published their first slot in 2003; a slot game called ‘Temple of Isis', and it had such an enduring appeal that it's still around today. It's been renamed to ‘Temple of Iris', and can be played right here, with us, on Rose Slots! Focusing on slots that are fun and endearing rather than overly flashy, Eyecon's online slots usually stand the test of time. One in particular has done more than most for them.

It was 2006 when Eyecon published the Fluffy Favourites slot and secured themselves a place in history. The phenomenally successful title has spawned sequels and linked games, and holds a special place in the heart of many gamers around the world. An adorable cast of cuddly stuffed toys are the centrepiece of the slot, and players fell in love with it the first time they saw it. In the many years since the release of Fluffy Favourites, it's never shown any sign of a downturn in popularity.

In more recent times, Eyecon has been showing a willingness to up their production volumes. They used to take a comparatively slow approach to publishing new slot games; perhaps because they didn't really need to release anything new when their existing library is so popular. Their full selection of online slots currently stands in the mid-sixties, but it would be no surprise to see them reach seventy or even eighty within the next twelve months, given their new-found productivity. If they do add many more slots, it will only serve to boost the incredible number of plays-per-minute their online slots currently receive. That figure currently stands at 11,500.

Eyecon have a dedicated page for 99 Time on their own website, on which they say:-

“Make mine a 99! 99 Time Slots is a mouthwatering online slot game based on the popular ice cream commercial. The reels are filled with ice cream cones, sundaes and ice cream trucks, which are sure to have you licking your lips for more as you win big! There are FREE Spins, Scatters and Wilds, giving you loads of chances for some delicious wins! You don’t want to miss the ice cream truck, so play 99 Time Slots now!”

Curiously, they don’t mention the bonus round. We feel like it’s the most unique thing the game has to offer, although that might be down to personal taste (we have a sweet tooth!). 99 Time contains generous bonus rounds, entertaining quirks, and a powerful sense of nostalgia. What’s not to love?

Eyecon Games Similar To 99 Time

There isn't a vast field of ice cream-related online slot games out there. Some do exist, and we'll get to those shortly, but Eyecon have only used the topic once, and they're yet to go back to it. This is far from the first time that they've created a connection to our childhood memories in order to draw us to a game though; in fact, they've done that several times. Character drive slots are what Eyecon excel at as you're about to see.  

99 Time Jackpot: When a game is relaunched as a ‘jackpot' version of itself, it's always a sign that the original is doing well for its developer. The fact that this game exists suggests that a lot of people love 99 Time as much as we do. All a ‘jackpot' version of a slot game truly is is a minor adjustment to the original game's mechanic. In this case, the RTP is reduced down, and the game is connected to a huge progressive jackpot, which is shared right across Eyecon's series of games. The game pays out less often, but in return for accepting that, you might get a shot at a huge prize. That means if you love 99 Time, but you love going after massive wins, you might love 99 Time Jackpot.

Fluffy Favourites: When we said that Eyecon likes to create games that evoke nostalgia within players, this was the game we really had in mind. There's a whole family of games built around Fluffy Favourites, all of which are popular, but it was the original that got things started, and that's the game we're offering for comparison. Fluffy Favourites features an adorable gang of stuffed toy animals; the kind you probably slept with as a child; and the game is essentially a cuteness overload. Much like in 99 Time, there's also a clever and innovative bonus feature, in which you try to grab a stuffed toy from a glass case with a claw, just like you used to do in seaside arcades. RTP in Fluffy Favourites is 95.3%.

Fluffy Favourites Fairground: This third sequel to Fluffy Favourites might be the closest game to 99 Time out of any of Eyecon's games. It still features fluffy toys, and no ice creams whatsoever, but the fairground theme is more in keeping with the scenery we can see in the game we're reviewing. When you look at the background of 99 Time, you can just make out a fairground. Perhaps, inside the fairground, are the cast of Fluffy Favourites! The game itself is relatively similar to the original, but the bonus feature is swapped out for another innovative feature; this time based on ‘Hook A Duck'.

Online Slots Similar To 99 Time

We said that other ice cream themed online slots exist, and they do. None of them are as adorable as 99 Time is, and there aren’t many of them, but here are the details on the ones we found. Decadence: Ice cream features prominently in Decadence, which is a game from IGT, but it isn't the only sweet treat in the game. Actually, anything you can think of that's bad for your teeth turns up on the reels here. We bet dentists hate this game. The theme of the game is all about indulgence, with well-drawn graphics that will probably leave you craving chocolate, and a bonus round that requires you to complete a box of chocolates in a similar way that 99 Time asks you to build an ice cream. The only thing that isn't decadent about this game is the RTP, which is low at 93%.

Sunny Scoops: Lesser-known developer Thunderkick have come up with something truly original in Sunny Scoops; it functions like a slot game, but it doesn’t really look like a slot game! Technically speaking, the game takes place on a 3x3 layout, but they’re not truly rows or reels. Each ‘reel’ has an ice cream cone beneath it, and the rows are made up of dollops of ice cream. The game rewards you when blobs of ice cream of the same colour land on top of the cones! It wins full marks for originality, even if the lack of symbols probably makes the game dull after a while. The wheel of fortune and free spins modes might keep the boredom at bay though. RTP in this highly unusual game is 96%. The Munchies: This game, by Genesis, actually has a lot in common with Decadence. Although a lot of ice cream imagery is used in the game, it's just one of several sugary snacks that turn up on the reels, and we'd say the theme is more food in general than it is ice cream specifically. The Munchies is a little more basic than the other games we've looked at, with no significant bonuses apart from a free spins round. It has a precise 96.7679% RTP.

99 Time On Mobile

Eyecon is one of the better developers when it comes to making sure their online slots also function as mobile slots. That gives them a potential future edge on their competition; the mobile slot market gets larger with every passing year, and it's not beyond imagination that mobile players will outnumber computer-based players in the not-too-distant future. 99 Time works well as a mobile slot but is a touch below their usual level. We'll talk about the positives first; the slot loads quickly, and Eyecon's usual intelligent design means the software knows which way you're holding your phone. Hold it on its side, and the buttons and reels will make good use of the expanded space. Hold it vertically, and the slot will rearrange itself to suit. It does this without the buttons ever appearing in awkward positions, or the functionality being affected. What's a little disappointing is the ratio between reels, buttons and background. The latter two are a little too large, and the former is a bit too small. It's not a huge issue, and it doesn't have any bearing on how playable the game is, but it can lead to you squinting to see what's on the reels. It may be just our eyesight, and you might load this slot yourself and not notice any problem at all. If you do, then that’s great! 99 Time is a fun slot game, and if it entertains you on your computer, we’re sure it will entertain you on your mobile too.

99 Time In The News

Amazingly, there isn’t anything currently being reported about 99 Time in the industry press or elsewhere online. We suppose that with the game having come out in 2017, a little bit of time has now passed, and so the reviews and other attention it received when it was launched have died down. Even if that is the case, we’d expect it to have a higher profile than it does. We can think of several much less fun and entertaining games which have continued to receive coverage long after their own launches, and we don’t feel that 99 Time is getting the love and attention it deserves. If nobody else is going to speak up for it, we will; 99 Time is a great game even by Eyecon’s lofty standards, and is full of the same spirit of fun and frivolity that made Fluffy Favourites such a success.

Why You Should Stay On Rose Slots To Play 99 Time

We make no apologies for the level of enthusiasm we've shown for this slot; we're passionate about great slot games here at Rose Slots, and we think 99 Time is great. It has one bonus that's highly generous, and another that's highly original. It has an atmosphere that reminds us of being on a hot beach on a sunny day. It doubles your wins every time a wild gets involved. Seriously, what's not to love? Don't take our word for it though, try it out yourself. Join roseslots.com today and come and play games with us! Joining Rose Slots today gives you access to our incredible library of online slots, which currently stands at six hundred, and is still growing. We work hard to bring you the very best slot games, and we’ll reward you for playing them with us, too. Every roseslots.com player is eligible to win free spins from us every time they deposit £20 into their account, using our safe and secure PayPal payment method. As well as the free spins, there are also cashback incentives we give away every week. You play slots with us, and we give back to you. If you’re not already registered to play with us, signing up today could earn you as many as five hundred free spins, without you having to pay anything to us to register. What are you waiting for? Become a Rose Slots player now, and enjoy the very best in online slots!

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