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Fluffy Fairground is a 25 paylines slot made by Eyecon with a 95.39% RTP. This cute and cuddly themed game comes with a Free Spins bonus round and the innovative ‘Hook a Fluffy' - Big Top Tent feature.

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Fluffy Fairground UK Online Slot

Like the original, Fluffy Favourites Fairground is a 5 reel by 25 pay-line game that features a variety of furry animal toys on the reels. Anyone who’s familiar with the original Eyecon title Fluffy Favourites Online Slot will be pleasantly surprised to learn that there’s yet another addition to the franchise. Fluffy Favourites Fairground takes players into an alternate location, one that retains all of the glitz and glamour of the first, but at the same time offers updated graphics and even more reasons for you to experience the action and excitement all over again! Be sure to check out this slot, Rose Slots is a site home to a variety of online slots, including the original Fluffy Favourites, so keep them in mind when playing the sequel!

Fluffy Favourites Fairground Bonus Round 1

Fluffy Fairground Slot Review

A 5x3 online slot from Eyecon, offering 25 paylines and an RTP of 95.39%. This is a sequel to one of the best-loved slot games of all time, and belongs to the ‘cute’ genre, with a cast of stuffed toys that should take you back to your childhood. There are two bonus features, namely a free spins round and the innovative ‘Hook a Fluffy’. Way back in 2006, Eyecon Gaming created a legend in the shape of Fluffy Favourites; an adorable game that warmed all of our hearts, and became an icon in the online slot world. That left Eyecon with a decision to make; let the first game stand for itself and continue to make money from it, or make sequels and take the risk of spoiling the original creation? They went with the second option, and we’re glad they did. All the charm of the original Fluffy Favourites is here in Fluffy Fairground (sometimes called ‘Fluffy Favourites Fairground’); they’ve just brought the graphics into the modern age, and given us a fresh new bonus to go with them.

All the stuffed-toy characters who we fell in love with in the first game are back, and there’s no mistaking that we’ve returned to the same safe, warm and cuddly virtual world they all live in. The appeal and success of the Fluffy Favourites series are that it connects with the child inside us all, taking us back to a happier and simpler time, but at the same time it provides us with a chance to win money in the adult world. It’s like your childhood friends have come back to play with you, and they’ve brought cash with them. The fairground theme is strong in the game’s visuals. Many of us remember being taken to a fairground during the summers of our childhood, and Fluffy Fairground wants us all to remember that feeling. There’s a rainbow high in the sky, fairground rides away to the right-hand side of the backdrop, and a circus away to the left. Compared directly to the original Fluffy Favourites game, it’s like everything has had a fresh coat of paint and welcomed into the new age. These are crystal-clear and sharp 3D graphics that have been designed with HD screens in mind.  

Fluffy Favourites Fairground Bonus Round 2

When Eyecon makes games with a theme, they tend to stick close to that theme, and so they’ve done so here. That means not wasting space on the reels with symbols that don’t belong there. There are no playing cards or fruit to be found on the Fluffy Fairground reels; just our cuddly friends! Say hello to the fish, the panda, the lion, the duck, the rhino, the hippo, the dragon, the giraffe, the turtle and the gorilla. They all just want to say hello and play with you. Yes, even the gorilla! A common theme in all of the Fluffy Favourites games is the presence of a pink elephant, who serves as the wild symbol (as well as a second scatter), and it’s here doing the same job it always does. The elephant replaces any symbol other than the scatter to create winning combinations. The scatter itself is the big top from the circus, and provides access to the game’s main bonus feature. Let’s talk about those bonuses!

Bonus Features

Eyecon is a developer who are well known for their bonus features. In general, they either pack their games full of them, or strip them back to just one or two and make sure that they’re very solid. In the case of Fluffy Fairground, they’ve taken that more reserved approach. The first bonus feature offered by the game is FREE SPINS. Free spins are always a welcome sight in any slot game; everyone loves a chance to win something without having to pay for it! Three or more pink elephants will start the round for you. Three elephants get you fifteen spins, four gets you twenty and five gets you twenty-five. Easy to explain, easy to understand, and effective.

The bonus that really brings the game to life is HOOK A FLUFFY BONUS. Three or more of the big top scatter symbols will trigger this feature, which takes place on a new game screen, which is based on a game that some of us may remember from real-life funfairs. All the animals float across the screen on a water slide (probably getting very wet in the process!). Your aim is initially to collect bouncy castle symbols. The number you’re able to locate will determine how many times you can ‘hook’ one of our cuddly friends out of the water to win a prize. All of them come with a multiplier, which could be as high as 100x your stake, and pays out immediately.

Fluffy Favourites Fairground Bonus Feature

About The Developer - Eyecon

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Founded in 1997 as a computer game company, Eyecon has been creating online slot and online scratch card games for well over a decade. After releasing their very first slot game: Temple of Isis online slots in 2003, the company has gone on to create some of the most memorable online gaming experiences across the globe with no sign of slowing down. If you’ve played any online slot then you will know of the significance of this developer, and the overall impact they’ve had on the industry as a whole. Unless you’re very new to the world of slot games, you’ll have heard of Eyecon Games before. It’s hard to say who the single largest online slot developer in the world is, but Eyecon definitely deserve to be in that conversation, and they’re known throughout the industry for creating quality games. There’s a good reason for that; once upon a time, they actually made video games rather than slot games.

The Eyecon story starts over 20 years ago in 1997. They were an independent game developer, and caught the world’s eye quickly with ‘Gore’, a horror-themed game which was downloaded millions of times. After experimenting with several different genres, they decided in 1999 that online slots would be their future; the internet was developing rapidly, and Eyecon realised faster than most that the future of gambling was probably online. It took a while for Eyecon to get to grips with this new and emerging format; they had to form partnerships with gaming companies and explain exactly what it was they were trying to do. In the days when the internet was a new idea, that wasn’t always easy! Their efforts paid off in 2003 whey they released ‘Temple of Isis’, their first ever slot game, and one that’s still around today (renamed ‘Temple of Iris’). Key to Eyecon’s success has creating games with charm; Eyecon’s most successful releases aren’t games that people play for a few months and then walk away from. They create timeless classics that are still played over a decade after their initial launch.

Fluffy Favourites might just be the best example of that longevity. The legendary slot game was first released to players in 2006. Even after so many years, with a number of sequels released, it’s still the best known Eyecon game, and probably always will be; especially now that there’s a family of associated games built around it. The number of Eyecon slot games currently on the market is in excess of sixty, and that number seems set to rise in years to come as the developer appears to have accelerated production recently. They have offices on both sides of the world; Guernsey and Australia, which literally makes them a worldwide brand. Slot games are the main thrust of what they do as a business, but they’ve also ventured into bingo and roulette. Last year, the reels on Eyecon games on the internet were spun more than six billion times. Applying a little maths to that, it works out at just below 11,500 every minute. That’s incredible!

Discussing Fluffy Fairground on their website, Eyecon says:-

“After changing the history of soft slots forever with Fluffy Favourites, and then cementing the characters into the hearts of the playing public with Fluffy Too we are delighted that the third instalment in the Fluffy Family has arrived.

Fluffy Favourites Fairground is a wonderfully rendered game, offering the chance to win up to 25 free spins and an amazing “Hook a Fluffy” feature game offering players the chance to win up to 100x their bet. This is a timeless 5 reel, 25 line slot game that shows why Fluffy is everyone’s Favourite!”

Eyecon isn’t doing themselves justice with that description. We don’t think they changed the history of soft slots. We think they created it. 

Similar Eyecon Slot Games

We’ve made a few references to the Fluffy Fairground family of games now, so we think it’s probably time we introduced you to them. Fluffy Fairground isn’t even the first time a sequel to the original game was made. That honour goes to Fluffy Too. Here’s a quick guide to the whole Fluffy Favourites universe!

FLUFFY FAVOURITES: The very first Fluffy Favourites UK Slot, and one of the best-loved online slots of all time. If you look at it with fresh eyes, you might see that it looks a little old compared to the design and feel of more modern offerings, but to those of us who’ve been playing it since the start it will always be perfect. This eternally charming game has an RTP of 95.3%, and a bonus feature that was years ahead of its time; it’s a prize-picker based around the concept of trying to retrieve a soft toy from a glass cabinet using a claw. If you ever played on a seaside pier when you were a child, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about! Every slot player should probably play Fluffy Favourites at least once in their life.

FLUFFY TOO: The clue that this is the second game in the series is in the title; “too” is a play on words, meaning “two”. Whilst Fluffy Fairground is a deliberate attempt to modernise the franchise, the second game is more gentle in its treatment of the original. Much of the feel and style is the same; they’ve just relocated the stuffed toys to a beach environment, like they’ve gone on holiday! The full cast of toys from the original are present and correct, along with a couple of new friends. In truth, Fluffy Too Online Slot isn’t vastly different from the original; the main change is that the prize picker round has been scrapped and replaced by a new bonus round, all based around the kind of ‘penny pusher’ games that were popular in amusement arcades decades ago.

Jackpot versions of Fluffy Favourites, Fluffy Too and Fluffy Fairground also exist. They’re almost identical to the original versions of the game, but are linked to a progressive jackpot, which can potentially be worth several thousand pounds.

FLUFFY FAVOURITES INSTANT: Whether or not this game will appeal to you depends on whether you’re a fan of scratchcards. This is simply a digital scratchcard using the characters and world of Fluffy Favourites to appeal to buyers. It’s technically not an Eyecon game; it’s made by Instant Win Gaming using a license from Eyecon. There are three different types of scratchcard game on offer here; one requiring you to find three symbols, another which needs you to find two in a row, and a third which is all about finding just one highly valuable symbol. If you’re into scratchcards, you may enjoy this. If you prefer slot games, you won’t. That’s fine; there’s plenty of slot games to go around!  

FLUFFY FAVOURITES BONUS: As with Fluffy Favourites Instant, this is a game that’s been created by Instant Win Gaming, using a license from Eyecon. This is somewhere between a normal slot game, and a game of Tetris. There’s a huge 9x6 playing area, and the cuddly cast of the game will float down and fill the spaces. When you find five or more matching animals, you’re awarded a prize, the animals disappear, and new cuddly companions will replace them. In short, the concept works exactly like making lines on Tetris does. Play continues until you can’t match any more animals and the grid is full. Top prize comes with matching up fifteen of the purple hippos, which pays out 10,000x your bet. A couple of more conventional bonus features, for example a prize picker round, are here too. This isn’t strictly a slot game, and therefore may not appeal to all slot game players, but it’s unique and fun.