Avalon II- Quest for The Grail Slot Game

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Avalon II Quest of The Grail UK slot

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Avalon II The Quest For The Grail is a 5-reels, 243 paylines Online Slot Game by Microgaming. Avalon II The Quest For The Grail is created with the theme of King Arthur with an RTP of 95.92%.

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Avalon II The Quest For The Grail Online Slot UK

Here we present an exciting online slots game on Roseslots.com for our gorgeous ladies to enjoy their time and try their luck. Avalon II The Quest For The Grail Slot is an amazing online slot game with the real prizes and interesting bonus features. Why not have a go right now?

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Avalon II The Quest For The Grail Developer - Microgaming

The producer of this slot game is microgaming.com. They have also created many other exciting casino games for online slot games lovers, such as: Burning Desire UK Slot; Thunderstruck; Immortal Romance Online Slot; The dark knight rises; Bust the Bank; Mystic Dreams. You can check RoseSlots.com and play more exciting, amazing and stunning slot games.

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In this game, five main features are involved: Lake of legend. Reforge Excalibur. Misty Vale. Choose your extra wild. Dusky moors. Match the helms. Hall of shadows. Black knight battle. Isle of Avalon. Wheel of fortune. This slot game has five reels and 243 ways to win. You can choose to bet with 1 to 5 coins for each reel. You can bid high or low at your own choice to try your luck. Autoplay is available if you want to give your hand a rest. Start the game with the beautiful and mysterious riverside scenery background, the thrilling soundtrack will take you into a mysterious wonderland. The colours on the reels are very attractive and delicate. It will lift up your mood and boost your energy level. This game boasts an RTP between 95.92%. With its packed bonus features and rewards, players can experience real excitement one could possibly get from online slot games. 

Avalon II The Quest For The Grail Bonus Round 2

Avalon II The Quest For The Grail Slot Features

Marlin bonus will appear on the screen at any time and convert your earned coins or bid amount multiple. Grille bonus round starts after getting 3 or 5 grill symbols.

Bonus Rounds

You can win more than 120,000.00 in the Grille bonus after selecting a path to whisperings wood or forest tale to continue your further game levels. Other bonus details are: Merlin can appear anytime in front of the reel and turn your winning amount multiple. The Isle of Avalon spin will award you 4 wheels to create a bonus multiplier amount. The lady of the Lake will appear in the third reel and give you chance to gain multiple wins. Misty Vale will give you 15 free spins, with a choice of WILD of multiplier wins. Whispering Woods will give you the option to choose a shield to reveal a multiplier value of 5 reels. Forest Falls will give you 20 free spins, with the Avalon II symbol. Dusky Moors will give you a choice to find matching helms cards to win a bonus amount. Morgan’s Keep will give you 20 free spins and a chance of multiplier the winning amount. The hall of Shadows will give you the chance to select Black Knight fight sequences to win different multiplier standards.

Free Spins

The highest value symbol is Avalon ll the logo called wild symbol. 5= 80; Second heights value is King Arthur symbol 5= 40; The third highest symbol is Merlin symbol 5= 32; Fourth highest value symbol is Guinevere symbol 5=24; Fifth highest value symbol is Morgan symbol 5= 16; Sixth highest value symbol is the Dark Knight symbol 5= 8.

A 5=4:00; K 5=4:00; Q 5=3:20; J 5=3:20; 10 5=2:40; 9 5=2:40

Avalon II The Quest For The Grail Bonus Feature

Avalon II: The Quest For The Grail 2021

When Microgaming released "Avalon II: The Quest for the Grail," it was a sequel to one of the most popular titles from the early days of online slots. That was back in March 2014. Now another seven years have passed, and even the sequel is getting a little long in the tooth. It's aging gracefully, though, holding onto a position within the top twenty percent of the most played slots at RoseSlots.com. That suggests it's a timeless classic of a slot - one that every other provider ought to look at and learn from.

We'll hold our hands up here and admit the slot might not be quite so popular at Rose Slots if it was widely available elsewhere. While pretty much every online slots website worth its salt offers the first "Avalon" slot to players, "Avalon II" is a much rarer find. That's part of what marks the RoseSlots.com collection out as unique. As well as endeavoring to package the greatest possible collection of offers, promotions, incentives, and rewards together for you, we also take great pride in the range and variety of our online slots. You'll find things here that you simply won't find anywhere else. Every slot has its own dedicated fans, and it might be the case that fans of "Avalon II" head to RoseSlots because it's a struggle to find it in other places. That would artificially inflate its popularity compared to some of the other (more widely available) slots in our collection, but we don't think that's the only thing going for it in 2021.

"Avalon II: The Quest for the Grail" might buck the trend in terms of how sequels work. What happens typically with online slots is that when a sequel to an older slot is released, the old slot gets a brief surge in popularity as players go looking for it after playing and enjoying that sequel. The difference here is that nobody stopped playing the first "Avalon" slot. It was released in 2006 - an eternity ago as far as the development of online slots is concerned - and has outlasted all but a precious few online slots from its era. It still attracts plenty of players today, and some of those players might be persuaded to give the sequel a look. If they do, they'll find that it's a better-looking, more substantial version of the slot they already know and love (as we've detailed above).

While there hasn't (yet) been an "Avalon III" slot, Microgaming hasn't entirely abandoned the idea of doing more with the "Avalon" property in the years since 2014. There are no fewer people interested in the legend of King Arthur today than there were back then, and so there's still money to be made by using the theme. They demonstrated this as recently as last year when they released "Avalon Scratch" - an instant win game based on the first slot. That suggests that at least someone somewhere within Microgaming is still thinking of the "Avalon" series and might yet do more with it. If an "Avalon III" ever materializes, we'll probably add it to the Rose Slots library for you - and "Avalon II: The Quest for the Grail" will probably get yet another shot in the arm in the process.