Fiddle Dee Dough Slot Game

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Fiddle Dee Dough is a 3 reels, 3 rows online slots game by Eyecon. Fiddle Dee Dough has Bonus symbols, Free Spins, Scatter symbols features and an RTP of 95.1%.

Fiddle Dee Dough slot UK

Fiddle Dee Dough Online Slot UK

An Irish game we can truly get behind! One that is still sunshine and rainbows. With a name like Fiddle Dee Dough you would expect something a little off-kilter, and you’d be right in thinking that as this Irish themed game tends to lean a little heavily on the wacky side, but don’t let that distract you too much as this is quite the fun game if you’re interested (obviously you are you’re reading this review). We personally played this game over at Rose Slots and can safely say that our experience was ten times as better than any other site. Maybe we’re biased but we highly recommend you do the same also.

Fiddle Dee Dough Developer -  Eyecon

What is there to say about developer Eyecon that you should know already. Well for starters we could tell you about the critical success of all of their online games come release. We could also tell you tales of how they’ve gone many years as a successful business, bringing in hundreds upon thousands of new players on a daily basis. There aren’t many developers out there that can boast the same accolades of someone the likes of Eyecon. You might wonder what makes them tick as a company, well we could tell you the secret, but we find that it’s best told through the playing of many of their online games! Other top Eyecon slot games include 99 Time Online Slot and Kiss Me Clover UK Slot.

Play Fiddle Dee Dough Mobile Slot

For those that want to know a little more about Fiddle Dee Dough then we can tell you that this is a 3 reel by 9 pay-line game that is relatively easy to grasp. Symbols are matched from left to right of the screen, with each winning combination giving you a much bigger cash pay-out at the end of it all. The more of these symbols you match the higher your overall pay-out will be. Now seeing as this is an Irish game yes you can expect endless amounts of green across the reels, as well as pots of gold and rainbows spraying out from one side of the said pot. Not enough information on you? Be sure to check out the rest of our review below.

Fiddle Dee Dough Slot Features

In Fiddle Dee Dough the path to victory is found via many different avenues, although the most fortuitous of which being the various scatter symbols that can be found across the reels. Scatters will throw around certain symbols on the reels depending on what kind of board sits in front of you. The best way for one to come out on top here is to match as many wild symbols as possible, this will increase your chances of scatters appearing here. From this point moving forwards you will have countless opportunities to match various scatters available at your disposal. It goes without saying but the more scatters you match the more free games won. So matching 3 wilds will give you 8 free games overall.

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