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Fluffy Too is a 5 reels, 25 paylines Online Slot Game by Eyecon. Fluffy Too has Free Spins, Scatter symbols, Wild features and a RTP of 95.3%. Fluffy Too Slots’ Gamble Bonus can be retriggered up to 5 times.

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Fluffy Too Online Slot UK

Anyone who’s familiar with the original Eyecon title Fluffy Favourites slot game will be pleasantly surprised to learn that there’s an addition to the family. Fluffy Too takes place this time at the circus, potentially the same circus from the base game but in a different area! Players who experienced the first title should expect much of the same, with the watered down bright colours and wholesome vibe! Be sure to check out this online slots at Rose Slots, Rose Slots is a site home to a variety of online slots, including the original Fluffy Favourites, so keep them in mind when playing any of the games in the series!

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Fluffy Too Online Slot Developer

Eyecon has gone on to create some of the most successful online gaming experiences, Fluffy Too was released in 2006 – it is our most successful game to date and continues to be one of the best slot games available! If you’ve played any online slot then you will know of the significance of this developer, and the overall impact they’ve had on the industry as a whole. Other top Eyecon slot games include Heartburst Online Slot and Caravan To Cairo UK Slot.

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Like the original, Fluffy Too is a 5 reel by 25 pay-line game that features a variety of furry animal toys on the reels that all offer something different in terms of numerical value when implemented within a winning pay-line. One should expect a few changes to the roster of symbols, as well as a change in the background as we’ve mentioned. Still questioning if this is the slot for you? Check out the rest of our review below just to be sure.

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Fluffy Too Slot Game Features

Like most of the games in the fluffy franchise, Fluffy Too features wilds and scatter symbols amongst others, all of which alter gameplay in a way that sees only to benefit the players. In Fluffy Too wilds are again represented by the pink elephant toy and will substitute for other multipliers on the reels. Scatters are back again, offering something a little different compared to that of the original. Matching 3 scatters on the reels will unlock the coin push feature, a feature that allows one to temporarily break the laws of slot physics. You simply pick 3 symbols that will each hold a multiplier on them, you need to match that symbol in order to take that particular multiplier off, simple. Unlike Fluffy Favourites, Fluffy Too slot has a gamble feature that allows one to place all bets down for one last try on the reels. This is a risky choice as one could lose everything if they aren’t careful. But hey, when we're online slots ever this easy?

Fluffy Too Bonus Feature

Fluffy Too Review 2021

Eyecon presents this 5x3 online slot, with an RTP of 95.3% and 25 paylines. It’s a sequel to the legendary Fluffy Favourites, drawing inspiration from the realm of soft and cuddly toys, and belonging to the ‘cute’ genre. Free Spins and Coin Pusher bonus rounds are on offer to lucky players, who are welcome to play the game right here at Rose Slots. They say that in the world of music, the second album is always the most difficult. When Eyecon sat down to make a sequel to the legendary first Fluffy Favourites game, they must have known exactly why people say that. How much are you supposed to tinker with the formula that achieved so much success for you? Change it too much, and people will say it’s too far from the original. Change too little, and people will say it’s just a copy of the first game. We think that in Fluffy Too, Eyecon got it absolutely right.

Most people reading this review will be familiar with Fluffy Favourites, but we appreciate that some of you will be new to it, so let's explain exactly what we're talking about. Fluffy Too is the first sequel to the iconic 2006 game Fluffy Favourites (hence the ‘Too' in the game's name; it's a play on ‘Two'). Both this game and the original are adorably cute games, set in a world where soft toys have come to life. The focus of the game is most definitely playful fun, and so it doesn't have complicated bonuses or too many distractions from the primary game. Fluffy Too, departing from the locale of the original, sees our favourite fluffy friends take a trip to the beach. Beyond the reels, we can see golden sand, a rainbow beams across the sky, and a structure that looks a lot like Blackpool Tower (but, for copyright reasons, we'll say isn't) dominates the skyline. We suspect the thinking behind selecting this location was that it would remind us of childhood holidays, where we'd quite likely drag our parents into a seaside arcade and try to win some real-life fluffy toys of our own!  

Eyecon never let anything that shouldn’t be there creep into their games when they’ve decided to go with a theme, so there are no basic or unrelated symbols on the reels. The lowest value symbols here are the duck and the goldfish (100 coins), the giraffe and the rhino (200 coins), the tortoise and the lion (who paired them up?! 300 coins), and the gorilla and panda (500 coins). Above them, all alone, is a pin dragon, worth a whopping 1000 coins, but even the dragon can’t claim supremacy in this land. That honour goes to the big purple hippo. The more of him you see, the more you’ll win, but if he lands five times he’s worth 5,000 coins! The wild in this game is a pink elephant, which for the uninitiated is a Fluffy Favourites tradition. It substitutes for every symbol apart from the scatter to create new winning lines and doubles the value of the win in the process. The game's scatter symbol is a coin, which has particular relevance to one of the game's bonus features. As we're now talking about the bonus features, let's take a closer look at them!

Fluffy Too Bonuses

Fluffy Too exists to be a good time. It's fun, it's friendly, and it's supposed to be accessible to all. That means Eyecon haven't gone overboard with bonuses; throwing in too many would take away from the simplicity of the game, which is part of its appeal. There are therefore only two bonus features in Fluffy Too. The first of them is Free Spins, and they're brought to you by the pink elephant. Three or more of the elusive creatures will trigger the round; you get fifteen free spins for three of the symbols, twenty for four and twenty-five for five. Any winning line that turns up during a free spins round is worth treble what it would bring you in open play, which is exceptionally generous. Not only that, the round can re-trigger if you find more elephants. A good free spins round can lead to big money!

The bonus feature that’s unique to Fluffy Too is Coin Pusher, and appropriately enough, this is where those coin scatter symbols come in. Land three or more of them, and you'll be off to a new screen containing a traditional, end-of-the-pier arcade-style coin pushing machine. They're hard to describe if you've never seen one, but the idea is you push a coin into the top of the machine, and it can dislodge other coins on its way down, thus winning you a prize. This is also the concept behind the ITV show ‘Tipping Point'! In practice, it works a lot like a prize picker round, with you making selections from what's on offer to unveil a prize. The top prize this bonus feature offers is 100x your stake, and whatever happens, you'll come away with a multiplier. So as you can see, there may only be two bonuses, but they can both have a hugely positive impact on your game.

About Eyecon

Eyecon is likely to be a name you've heard before in relation to developing slot games. They're one of the best-known development teams in the world and have a reputation for creating engaging, character-driven games. Their bonus features in particular often have video-game-like quality, and the reason for that is simple; once upon a time, they made video games. You can trace the company history of Eyecon back to the mid-1990s, when they were what we'd now consider to be an indie games publisher. Their horror game Gore won a vast audience in the early days of the internet and also taught Eyecon a lot about the potential of gaming online. With that in mind, they made the move into developing online slots.

Success didn't come for the company immediately; not everybody understood what they were even trying to do, and finding partners to work with proved difficult. All of that changed with the release of their first game, Temple of Isis', in 2003. It was immediately clear that Eyecon knew what they were doing, and knew how to put an enjoyable game together. Temple of Isis, now renamed as Temple of Iris, is even still online and playable today. Eyecon often demonstrates that they know how to keep players coming back; their best games stick around for years. The game Eyecon is best known for is Fluffy Favourites. The adorable franchise, featuring a cast of stuffed toys, made its first appearance in 2006 and enchanted a global audience. New releases in the Fluffy Favourites line come out regularly, and every time they do it's big news. Today, there's a whole family of sequels and linked games all connected to the original.

Eyecon's current online slots catalogue stands at sixty, although they've shown signs of increasing their output in recent years. With offices in Australia and Guernsey, they're a company that can point to a genuine international presence and thousands of happy players as evidence that they're one of the industry's major players. Over the course of 2018, the virtual reels of Eyecon online slots were spun more than six billion times by players. If you break that down, that means every minute 11,500 click ‘spin' on an Eyecon game, which is a number that almost seems beyond belief.

Eyecon is always happy to discuss their most famous family of games, and in talking about Fluffy Too on their own website, they say:-

“As you may know, Fluffy Favourites Slots is one of the most popular online slot games around. And now you can enjoy the sequel just as much!  Fluffy Too Slots is full of the cutest and most cuddly animals just like the original, and it has a nostalgic and fun fairground background theme. There are FREE spins and multipliers, as well as an incredible jackpot to be won! Fluffy Too Slots is simply irresistible, so start spinning today. Don’t miss another minute! Good luck!”

The fact they don't have much to say about the game tells you how they confident they are about it; they're of the opinion that most people already know about the original game, and they'll be eager to dive right into this one, too (if you'll excuse the pun).

Eyecon Games Similar To Fluffy Too

We’ve talked about the Fluffy Favourites family of games quite a lot, and so we think it’s probably time we introduced you to them. When it comes to games that are similar to the one we’re reviewing, we can’t get any closer to the sequels, prequels and tie-ins. There are almost as many Fluffy Favourites games as there are Star Wars movies!

Fluffy Favourites: The original Fluffy Favourites Online Slot can be considered the head of the family. Released in 2006, it was a huge hit the moment it reached the market, and it's never gone out of style. The style of animation and graphics are starting to look a little dated by modern standards, but the cuteness and the charm are what have always persuaded players to come back time and time again. One of the bonus features, which is a prize-picker round requiring players to try to free the stuffed toys from a glass cabinet with the aid of a claw, was way ahead of the curve for the time of release. RTP is 95.3% in the original game, and if you've never played it, you're missing out!

Fluffy Favourites Fairground: This game came directly after Fluffy Too, and so is the bigger sibling of the game we've been talking about thus far. It represents a step forward in presentation and technology with the games; the adorable two-dimensional characters of Fluffy Favourites and Fluffy Too are drawn again for the digital age, now in three glorious dimensions. In Fluffy Fairground UK Slot all the action takes place in a fairground instead of a beach, and the game offers a prize-picker bonus feature, along with ‘Hook A Fluffy', which is Eyecon's take on the old ‘hook a duck' games you might have played at a fairground when you were younger.

Fluffy Favourites Instant: This isn't a slot game, so if your interests are confined to slot games only, ignore this paragraph. Fluffy Favourites Instant is actually a digital scratchcard. It uses the visual style and the cute appeal of the Fluffy Favourites universe but applies them to a scratchcard format where all you're required to do is match symbols to win a prize. The game isn't technically Eyecon's at all; they allowed another developer called Instant Win Gaming to use the Fluffy Favourites name, but that's the full extent of their involvement. If you like scratchcard games, this is the cuddliest one you'll ever play.

Fluffy Favourites Bonus: Eyecon's second link-up with Instant Win Gaming produced a different type of game entirely. Gone is the scratchcard format, and in its place is a unique gaming experience that resembles a slot game on the one hand, but also definitely owes a lot of inspiration to the classic video game ‘Tetris'. Gameplay happens over a mammoth 9x6, set of rows and reels, but the reels don't truly spin. Instead, the stuffed toys will drift down from the sky and occupy the spaces. Find matching animals to win prizes. When you do, the animals which match disappear, and fresh ones appear to take their place. The game ends when there are no more matching animals to find, and the grid is completely full. The jackpot in Fluffy Favourites Bonus will be paid out if you can manage to find fifteen matching purple hippos, and comes in at 10,000 your initial stake. Slightly more familiar than the base game are the bonus features, which include a prize picker bonus. This isn't truly an online slot game, but it's close enough to count, and it's fun to play.

Online Slots Similar To Fluffy Too

Cuddly toys hadn’t really occurred to anybody as a genre for slot games before Eyecon did it, and the game probably wasn’t expected to be a hit. When it was, the other slot developers noticed, in a big way! Because Fluffy Favourites is so identifiable as an Eyecon product and so unique in its appearance, it's doubtful that anybody would ever go so far as to copy it, but plenty of other developers now have games on their roster which at least have something in common with the cute franchise. Here are some of the better-known ones.

Big Top: Of all the UK online slots we'll look at here, this online slot from Microgaming may just be the closest to Fluffy Too. The first thing you'll notice is the bright and bold colour scheme and the fact that all the game's characters are cute furry animals. Whereas one of the Fluffy Favourites sequels (specifically Fluffy Fairground) is set inside a fairground, Big Top UK Slot stops just short, placing all the action into a circus. That means there are clowns and other circus tropes within the game, instead of focusing purely on the animals. Although Big Top was definitely geared towards the same kind of player who would love Fluffy Favourites, it's not quite as charming. It's old now, and Microgaming's style has evolved in the years since its release. It's also somewhat lacking in terms of bonus features or variation.

Teddy Bear’s Picnic: NextGen has definitely got the ‘cute' factor nailed with their Teddy Bear's Picnic Online Slot game. By using teddy bears, they've managed to incorporate stuffed toys in their own way, without directly stealing from Eyecon. Theming throughout this slot game is tight, with a story mode based around finding all the items that the bears need in order to enjoy their picnic. As well as losing all their food, the bears are missing one or two of their friends, and there are jackpot payouts to be had if you can help to find them, too. Teddy Bear's Picnic doesn't have much in the way of modern bonus features, and so it can feel a little shallow when compared to any of the Fluffy Favourites games, but that doesn't mean you can't have a good time paying it.

Furballs: If you lose your heart to furry creations every time you see them, this slot from Core Gaming might be up your street; although equally, it might upset you! Every symbol in Furballs is a strange, but undeniably cute, furry blob creature. They look like nothing we've ever seen on Earth, so they could even be alien. Lining them up in order will find you winning lines, but try not to develop feelings for them; one of the bonuses in Furballs Online Slot requires you to destroy them using a ‘Lightning Bolt' feature! The game takes a pinch of inspiration from the classic video game ‘Space Invaders'; especially in the bonus mentioned above, so it is a novel experience. At the same time, it's not as well animated or endearing as any of the Fluffy Favourites online slots.

Fluffy Too On Mobile

Nobody needed to tell Eyecon about the potential benefits of online gaming back in 1997 when they were founded; they'd already embraced the technology and were showing the rest of the world how to use it. Now that times are changing again, and more and more people are moving from online gaming to mobile gaming, have they stayed ahead of the curve? If they have, then we'd expect Fluffy Too to be as much fun to play on a mobile device as it is on a laptop or desktop.

Our faith in Eyecon is well placed; the mobile version of Fluffy Too is perfect. The visuals are crisp and sharp, just as they are in the original, and the sound effects ring out just as clearly and solidly. No feature or function of the game has been left behind in the move from one way of playing to the other. Smart programming means that the display will optimise itself if you move your phone; hold it upright and the buttons appear in one place and then tilt it sideways to see what we mean. The game re-arranges the reels and buttons accordingly, and it does so without anything getting in the way.

A small plus of playing on a mobile instead of a computer is that you get to see more of the background, because of the way screen space is used. It doesn't actually add anything to the game from a technical point of view, but it's nice to look at, and it adds to the atmosphere. Eyecon is one of the companies that other developers should be looking to and learning from when it comes to creating mobile slots; they rarely put a foot wrong, and they haven't done with Fluffy Too.

Fluffy Too In The News

The Fluffy Favourites series of games is one of the best known, most loved, and most widely played of all the slot games in the world. That means it has a high profile, and people are often writing about it. That level of attention isn’t always welcome. As an example of what we mean, look at this article in the Daily Mail newspaper, which actually uses a picture from Fluffy Too to illustrate what it believes to be Eyecon, and companies like them, marketing their products directly to children. The article doesn't contain any actual evidence that children are playing Fluffy Too, and Eyecon, of course, deny any such suggestion. In happier news, the value of Fluffy Too (and whole Fluffy Favourites family) was recognised when Playtech recently paid £50m to acquire Eyecon, as recorded on the GamingIntelligence.com website. The article notes that the purchase is part of an aggressive expansion into the gaming sector by Playtech, and mentions Fluffy Favourites by name as one of the reasons Eyecon were such an attractive proposition to buy.

Why You Should Stay On Rose Slots To Play Fluffy Too

Fluffy Too is a UK online slot game that has all the simple charm and innocence of the original game, paired with some robust bonus features that could really land big wins for lucky players. If you want to find out what all the fuss is about (not only with Fluffy Too but the original and sequel, which we also offer!), it would make our day if you decided to play the game with us on roseslots.com. If you've never played with us before, we'd like to welcome you with some free spins just for signing up. Not only that, we'll give you even more free spins every time you deposit £20 or more in your account! Our members have access to a massive library of over 600 slot games, all of which have been selected for their variety and quality. We believe we have something here for every player. With weekly cashback prizes up for grabs, there’s always a little something extra to play for at Rose Slots, and whether you’re a returning player or you’re completely new to us, we’re committed to giving you a perfect playing environment every time. Come on in and join us!

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