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Fur Balls Slot Game

Fur Ball 1

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If you are into cute games or you think little furry animals are cute well this is the game for you. Pairplay has come out with another fun game Fur Ball online slot and yes we’ve made it available at online slots by Rose Slots

This game takes you into a world of adorable tiny furry creatures. The graphics on the game is great, Pairplay created a virtual universe with a blue sky and green meadows with adorable furry creatures which just makes you want to play the game.

Why Play Fur Ball Slot?

Fur ball follows the same rules as most slot games like it. It has command buttons under the reels which shows you what to do next. The game has 25 paylines and 5 reels. To start, choose a bet with the arrows and then spin the reels.

Fur Ball 2

The more money you put the better your chances of winning, you can also play the same bet on several turns by simply activating the auto play mode. To score a point you have to get 3,4,or 5 identical symbols on one payline, the 10, jack, queen and ace are the most common symbols.

Fur Ball Slot Wild Card

The wildcard like in most other slot games is a symbol that can substitute for any other symbol on the reel to increase your chances of winning the game. The game also has wild combined actions which when activated can give 250 credits.

Fur Ball 3

Furball Slot Bonus feature

The combination of bonus symbols gives you access to the mini-game, in the minigame you stand the chance of increasing your points and getting the win faster.

The scatter symbol is another important piece of fur ball because it gives a total of 25 free spins when 3 to 5 of them are found on the reel.

Every furball has its own bonus rounds with its own unique game which makes this game special. The highest paying symbol is the free fall symbol which when activated you get free spins and your payouts are multiplied by a number between 2 times and 6 times. The highest paying symbol is the free falls symbol while the lowest is the green furball.

Return To Player

The Fur Ball slot is an amazing game with an RTP of 97.71% due to its many bonus rounds. It is very easy to learn due to its simplicity in nature. With so many features and bonus mini-games, Furball makes for an interesting game to play.

Furball Slot Frequently Asked Questions

Is There A Wild Card Feature?

Yes, there is a Wild Card feature which when activated, increases your winnings. The game also has several interesting bonus features and mini-games, giving you the opportunity to win as much as is possible.

What Is The Return To Player?

Return To Player rate is a staggering 97.71%, players can really try their luck in this game.

Mobile Compatibility?

Like with most slots available on, this game can be played on your mobile or tablet and supports iOS and Windows.