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Las Cucas Locas Slot Game

Play Las Cucas Locas with 1000% Bonus up to £1,000

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If you would rather be on vacation down in Mexico you have definitely got to check out this slot machine game right now at online slots.

In Las Cucas Locas the overall goal of the slot is to have some spicy gameplay where you can match together a number of symbols from the desert like tequila, cacti and sombreros for some insane chances to win.


See what it’s like to celebrate on vacation with a unique theme and a fun slot machine that’s filled with vibrant Mariachi music. In again you’ll be matching together a number of cheerful cartoon characters as well as some beautiful symbols from the desert here.
The music is definitely something that can keep you in the action and you will feel as though you have been out on vacation in Mexico from the second you fire this came up. Be careful of the spin button in this title too as it happens to be a rattlesnake!


Las Cucas Locas Slot Developer

The developer for this title is Pariplay and they are particularly known for some of the diverse options that they have available through their gaming business. The company has created a number of different digital games through the Igaming banner and they are known particularly well for their optimization. Many of the games that they have developed their compatible on mobile devices and this offers a huge relief for a number of casino developers. You can easily see some of their games on social channels like Facebook and on a number of mobile devices. Las Cucas Locas is just one example of the great content that they are producing regularly.

Las Cucas Locas Slot Features

Most of the symbols and features in this game involve the idea of matching together beautiful symbols from Mexico. The woman in the game is the ultimate symbol that you’ll need to be looking for. The senorita that is holding the fan represents one of the top prizes in the game and it can return up to 10,000 times your bet.


The game has a base number of 25 pay lines over five reels and you can play at up to 10 credits on every spin. There are a number of incredible payouts that you can see with the highest being from the woman herself. The bonuses and the extremely upbeat music will definitely keep you playing this game for an extended amount of time.

Las Cucas Locas Slot Bonus Rounds

The big bonus rounds in this game tend to happen through the scatter symbol. Scatter symbols will actually pay out up to 100 times and appear on the third fourth and fifth reel. The wild symbol will also substitute for everything else on the board except for the scatter in the extra bonus symbols. The wild symbols can deliver a 10 times bonus.
The hidden slot game symbol it is also another feature of this slot machine. These are hidden all over the board and it’s a bonus game that guarantees you the chance to win. It will help you modify the overall stake of your prize especially if you hit all three of them on the same spin.

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If you want to take a quick vacation to Mexico without leaving your home, Las Cucas Locas is a great way to do so!

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