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Leprechaun song online slot

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Leprechaun Song is a 96.46% song game created by Pragmatic Play. It has 5 reels and 3 rows with Leprechaun Song and Coin Collector bonus features.

Leprechaun Song Screenshot 2021

Leprechaun Song Online Slot UK

This online slots is all about the luck of the Irish. It’s a Pragmatic Play slot, with a five reel three-row layout and an RTP of 96.46%. Irish folklore is the genre of this game, and it contains its own Leprechaun Song bonus feature, as well as other bonus features which trigger randomly. The field of Irish legend is a popular one for the developers of online slots, and it’s no big surprise. We’d all love to go to the end of the rainbow and find a pot of gold. In fact, that might even be why we’re attracted to online slots; we’re all searching for that lucky charm that’s going to make us rich!

Pragmatic Play has a well-earned reputation for quality when it comes to their design. They’ve gone all-out with the theme in Leprechaun Song. Visually, it may look a little familiar if you’ve ever played the legendary ‘Rainbow Riches’, but this is a very good game in its own right. It’s packed with bright colours and friendly cartoon characters, with a vivid rainbow painted across the backdrop and plenty of Irish flavour on the reels. If you’re looking for a fun slot game, you just found it. When you first see the play area, you’ll be welcomed into the rolling green land of Ireland. The theme is consistent across all the visuals, with wooden reels and a strong, all-natural feel. The name of the game suggests a connection with music, and so there’s a soundtrack worthy of the title. If you’ve ever heard and enjoyed a good Irish jig, you’ll feel right at home here!

Leprechaun Song Bonus Round 1

The symbols on the reels are what will bring you your winnings. Looking at them, the lower values are the tried-and-trusted playing cards 10, J, K, Q and A. Above them we have a good old pint of Irish stout, a hat and a pipe which probably belong to the leprechaun, and the game’s mascot - which is, of course, a friendly leprechaun! As well as appearing as a symbol, he’ll also sit at the top of the reels, looking down at your game and making approving noises when you’re doing well. The symbol of the rainbow is the game’s wild, and it substitutes for any other symbol in order to create winning combinations. The only exception to that rule is the scatter, which is a pot of gold. You’ll want to chase after that because it has implications for some of the bonus features. The top jackpot available through the base game is 40x your bet.

Leprechaun Song Bonuses

We’ve come to expect good bonus offerings from Pragmatic Play. You’ll be pleased to know they haven’t let us down with Leprechaun Song. What at first seems like one bonus feature is, in fact, three; the developer has done a good job of offering plenty of variety whilst keeping the game simple to play. On top of that, three separate and completely random bonuses might trigger on any spin, regardless of what is or isn’t on the reels. Even if you don’t spin yourself a lucky line, the game may reward you anyway! The game’s central bonus is named after the game itself; Leprechaun Song. Three pots of gold will trigger the round, so long as you land them in the right place. That’s on reels two, three and five. The game doesn’t allow you to choose which of the bonus features activates; it will just pick one of them for you. Here’s what you might get!

Leprechaun Song Bonus Round 2

First up is a free spins feature that also doubles up as a prize-picker. Start off by making your choice from a field of mushrooms, and as you pick them, you’ll collect either a multiplier or a number of free spins. One of the mushrooms is hiding ‘collect’, which finishes the round. When you hit ‘collect’, the free spins will begin, with as many spins and multipliers as you gathered during your mushroom picking. As an added extra, an additional symbol will turn wild at random, boosting your chances of winnings. If you don’t get free spins, you might get the Coin Collector feature instead. This round starts with a 2x multiplier and fifteen free spins, but with an extra symbol on the reels, namely - you guessed it - a gold coin. Every time you find five gold coins, you receive five more free spins and an increase of 1x on your multiplier. Obviously, the more coins you find, the better this round gets!

Third among the bonus features that can be triggered by the pots of gold is Giant Symbols mode. This consists of three free spins, but with a giant three-reel, three-row symbol added to the game, which makes those winning combinations easier to land. We said the main game throws up randomly generated bonuses too, and it does. Here’s one more into the mix; land a pot of gold on reels one and three, the game might give you the chance to nudge another one down and start the bonus round. At any time, it might start Raining Wilds! If it does, several more wild symbols appear on your reels, and your prospects of finding a win go up.

Leprechaun Song Bonus Feature

Every now and then the game might ask you to Pick A Fiddle. If it does, be cautious. This is a prize-picker round, but you only get to pick one fiddle from the five on offer. There’s no trickery here though; there’s a cash prize behind every fiddle. Some are large, and some are small. Cross your fingers and make your selection! Pragmatic Play must have enjoyed making the Giant Symbol bonus because they give you the chance to play it even if you never trigger it. One huge symbol might manifest on the reels at any time in 3x3 size, just as it does in the Leprechaun Song bonus. You only get one spin with it when it happens randomly though. Still, given that you don’t have to do anything to get it, it’s a nice plus.

Leprechaun Song Developer - Pragmatic Play

Pragmatic Play are the experts behind Leprechaun Song. Talking about Leprechaun Song on their own website, the developers say:- “Find the pot of gold in Leprechaun Song™, the 3×5, 20 lines video slot. When the leprechaun sings, hit one of the random treasures at any spin – raining wilds, pick a prize and giant symbols. Hit the bonus rounds in multiple ways, as the leprechaun awards second chances. The bonus game awards one random feature – giant roaming symbols, free spins with symbols transformed to wild and coin collector progressive free spins”.

You rarely see Pragmatic Play go into too much detail when writing about their own games. They have enough faith in the quality of their output to know that the games speak for themselves and that players find out about the best by playing them. We completely understand why they’d feel that way about Leprechaun Song. We truly love the game, which is full of charm and character, backed up by well-thought-out bonuses. When you play this game, you very quickly come to understand why it’s an online slot that players come back to again and again.

Pragmatic Play Games Like Leprechaun Song

The idea of using Irish legend and folklore as the inspiration for a slot game isn’t new. We have a number of games available at RoseSlots.com using these themes. Players love them, and so developers keep making them! Some developers will even release several different takes on the same genre, whilst others will create sequels or tie-ins to their most popular slots. So have Pragmatic Play done exactly that? The short answer is ‘yes’. It isn’t their preferred theme; they have a lot of historical or Western-themed games in their catalogue, but they do have a couple more Irish titles. In fact, one of them is directly linked to Leprechaun Song.

Leprechaun Carol: Think about everything we’ve said about Leprechaun Song’s them so far, and then move the whole thing to a Christmas setting! That’s exactly what the developer did when making Leprechaun Carol. This is, to all intents and purposes, a Christmas version of the same game, in much the same way that there are Christmas specials of your favourite TV show. Adding the Christmas element does make it adorable to look at though; especially the leprechaun doing his best impression of Santa! Ireland’s hills become snowy and white, and the fiddle in the background of the original game gives way to well known Christmas songs. Admittedly, you might only want to play it at Christmas, but it does offer you a little Christmas bonus; the RTP creeps up a little to 96.53%, and the top level jackpot is 50x your bet rather than the original’s 40x.

Irish Charms: If Leprechaun Song is an attempt to make a brave, new and modern Irish themed game, then Irish Charms is the exact opposite. This is one for the traditionalists, with a design that deliberately resembles an old-style physical slot machine from years ago. Everything gets scaled back, with fewer symbols, fewer winning lines and no major bonus features, but if you like traditional-style games, that isn’t what you play for anyway. The RTP of this classic-themed title is generous at 96.96%.

Other Games Like Leprechaun Song

As we said, the Irish folklore genre is a crowded field (and a very green one!). Down the years, and even right now, developers turn to Ireland for inspiration again and again, knowing that they’ll usually be guaranteed an audience by doing so. There are quite literally hundreds of Irish games out there, so here’s a quick look at some of the best-known ones. You’ll find all of them available to play at roseslots.com.

Rainbow Riches: This is one of the most well-known slot games in existence; not just in terms of the Irish theme, but all themes. Designed by Barcrest, this game is strikingly similar to Leprechaun Song in its aesthetics, both in terms of the layout and the colourful characters. This is an utterly charming, hugely popular game with a massive and devoted fan base of players. Part of the reason for that is, much like Leprechaun Song, there are plenty of bonus features, and they’re a lot of fun to play. Nobody should be forced to choose between Rainbow Riches and Leprechaun Song, and so we won’t. Play them both and see if you can pick a favourite!

Irish Luck: Confusingly, a lot of games out there in the land of online slots have the same title. Irish Luck is one of them, so to avoid confusion, the one we’re talking about right now was made by Eyecon. Again, the visual theme is very close to Leprechaun Song, but not quite as pretty or modern in execution. Looks aren’t everything though, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the way the game plays. As an extra cute feature, a magical fairy may sometimes float across the reels and bless the symbols, turning them in your favour.

Irish Eyes 2: We actually have both of NextGen’s Irish Eyes games available for you at Rose Slots, but as this is the follow-up and therefore the more recent, we’ll offer this version for comparison to Leprechaun Song. This game focuses not only on the beauty of Ireland, but the beauty of its women, who make several appearances on the reels! Some things are the same as Leprechaun Song though; especially the value of pots of gold on the reels, which serve the exact same function. Irish Eyes 2 offers both free spins and a ‘double or nothing’ gamble feature, along with a solid 95.04% RTP.

Leprechaun Song Mobile Slot

When we talked about Pragmatic Play as a developer, we mentioned that they design their games with the mobile player in mind. The games are built on mobiles first, and then they work backwards to make them playable on computers. Therefore, if anything, the games should work even better on your smartphone than they do on your desktop or laptop. So does Leprechaun Song live up to that promise? Of course it does, especially if you hold your phone tilted to the side. Everything looks exactly the same as it does when you’re playing it on a computer screen; just a little smaller! The graphics stay sharp, the sounds stay nice and clear, and the buttons are easy to locate and to press. The transition from one device to the other is flawless.

Some games suffer a little when you hold your phone the right way up instead of tilted over, but Leprechaun Song doesn’t. The buttons will move to a different area of the screen, staying out of the way of the reels, and everything still works absolutely fine. Playing this way up, more of the game’s beautiful background is revealed, and the leprechaun shifts from his seat on the top of the reels, taking up position on the top of the rainbow instead. We said we expected the mobile slot version of Leprechaun Song to be better than the computer version, and we think it is. It’s easy to load, easy to play, and should be used as an example of how to turn great online slots into great mobile slots.

Leprechaun Song In The News

This game is a fairly recent release, having launched in 2018. From the point of view of the gaming industry, it’s still new enough to be newsworthy, which makes it more likely that people will be writing about it. That still doesn’t make it a guaranteed deal though; there are many new slot games released every month, and some of them fall by the wayside in terms of reporting. Pragmatic Play rarely has to worry about that, though. They’re known for their quality and originality, and so there’s usually someone out there eagerly awaiting their newest release, ready to write about it. Here are a couple of examples.

Calvin Ayre is a well-known entrepreneur in the world of slot games and online casinos. He operates a large and well-read blog and website, and when he writes about something, people tend to read it. He recently observed that Pragmatic Play are now permitted to operate in Spain, having been granted a license. That’s a huge positive for them, opening up a new market and increasing their money-making potential. In his summary, Ayre referenced Leprechaun Song as a good example of Pragmatic Play’s best work, and likely one of the factors that persuaded the regulators to approve the license. Another well-read online resource for the casino and slot game industry is CasinoBeats. They not only reviewed the game when it came out (an honour that comparatively few games get), they also carried quotes from Pragmatic Play’s chief of marketing Melissa Summerfield. The tone of the article makes it very clear that the release of Leprechaun Song was seen as a major event at the time.

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