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Reel Rush is a 5 reel blockbuster online slot game by NetEnt. This game is famous for its winning respin feature which awards 8 free spins after the 5th winning respin. Reel Rush RTP is 97%.

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Reel Rush Online Slot UK

Reel Rush slot features 5 reels, 5 rows and a jaw-dropping 3,125 ways to win. The main USP of this online slots game is the winning respins. Every win triggers a re-spin and after the 5th re-spin the bonus round is triggered which gives players 8 free spins. Its theme is candy crush styled fruity and lively sounds. Reel Rush has an RTP of 97.00% and comes with Free Spins Features

Reel Rush Bonus Round 1

Developer - NetEnt

Reel Rush is a colourful slot game produced by Net Entertainment Software (NetEnt). Netent is known for producing some of the very best slot games including Starburst Online Slot and Gonzo's Quest and you can play this game online now at one of the very best Reel Rush casino sites - Rose Slots.

Mobile Gameplay

Reel Rush on mobile comes with autoplay so you can set the reels rolling with an interruption for a chosen number of times using the "Autoplay" feature. This game comes with free spins, wild symbols re-spins and many more that makes it an enticing slot game. The icons of this game are represented by fruit symbols of different colours including green, purple, red and orange. Reel Rush has a minimum and maximum bet per spin at 0.50 and 50 respectively. Before you start to turn the reels, the bet level has to be adjusted with the “COIN VALUE” selector. There is the “MAX BET” which the player can use to select the maximum bet per spin. You can use the + and – arrows to increase and decrease the bet values. The wild symbols of this game can appear on reels 2 and 5 to substitute other symbols and form a winning combination and it substitutes all symbols.

Reel Rush Bonus Round 2

Free Spins Feature

Each win triggers a free re-spin and 8 free spins are won if the fifth re-spin triggers a winning combination. Each stage of re-spin offers a number of ways to win. Starting from the first re-spin which offers 45 ways to win, one will reach 3125 ways to win at the free spin features. 

Reel Rush Bonus Feature

Reel Rush 2021

It might be hard to believe this when you consider the quality of the graphics, but “Reel Rush” will be eight years old this year. That’s almost ancient history by the standards of online slots. Other than the most bonafide classics, most slots have been forgotten about by the time they reach four or five. Other, newer slots have caught on, and players have shifted their attention elsewhere. That’s never happened to “Reel Rush.” It holds a secure place in the top ten percent most-played slots at, and it doesn’t look like budging. While we don't mean to boast, please take a moment to think about what that means. The Rose Slots collection is enormous, running to over 800 slots and counting. Most of those slots are far newer than "Reel Rush." Despite that, it holds off all of that competition and continues to excel itself. Last year, it was the 29th most played slot in the whole of the United Kingdom. To put that in context, it was only one place behind "Wolf Gold" - a slot that won multiple "game of the year" awards when it was released in 2017.

In trying to understand the enduring popularity of "Reel Rush," we're drawn to two factors. The first is the fact that it looks and plays a little bit like "Candy Crush Saga." We're not accusing NetEnt of copying anything from "Candy Crush Saga" - we actually happen to think that "Reel Rush" is a highly original creation - but "Candy Crush Saga" is just as popular as it's always been, even if it doesn't make headlines in the press anymore. The public obviously has an enormous appetite for this style of presentation, and that might explain at least some of the lure of "Reel Rush." The second (and perhaps more decisive) thing keeping it relevant in 2021 is that it was light years ahead of its time when it came out in 2013. Those were the comparatively early days of online slots, and yet here was “Reel Rush” with its 1-3-5-3-1 layout of reels and rows, packing in 3125 ways to win. Those kinds of numbers and experimental arrangements still cause raised eyebrows now in modern online slots, so for NetEnt to be doing it in 2013 is spectacular. Awarding a free re-spin after every winning spin also caught the attention of a lot of players when “Reel Rush” was brand new, and many of those players have never left it.

While NetEnt isn't known for going back to existing creations to make sequels, they made an exception for "Reel Rush" at the very end of 2019. The newer version of the slot somehow manages to be even better looking than the first but trades off the inclusion of a few new bonus features with the introduction of a more conventional layout. It might be the case that the arrival of "Reel Rush 2" prompted a new wave of interest in the first "Reel Rush" as people either compared the two or remembered how much they loved the first after playing the second. We think that both incarnations of “Reel Rush” have their own merits, and we’ve found space for both of them in the library, so we invite you to check them out yourself and choose your own favorite!