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Sharknado Slot Game

Based on that one movie you hate/love ( depending whatever your preference is of course)

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First off did we forget to mention that this online slots has sharks in it. Did we also forget to mention that it has tornados in it too? And to answer your question, yes this does play a part in the game itself. As you play sharks will circle around the game board as you play, they aren’t as distracting as you’d imagine and instead offer something to the game itself.


Based on the 2013 cult movie, this action packed thrilling adventure is available to play in a 25- pay-lines, 5-reel slot filled with danger and rewards. Take control of any of the four main characters of the movie as you attempt to test the waters in hope of maximising your profits. The rules of the game change depending on the many rules in place. Heighten your chainsaw/shark filled fantasies by playing Sharknado over at Rose Slots, a site home to all of your favourite themes just waiting to be played.


Sharknado Slot Developer

Pariplay joined the online gaming scene with one goal in mind: to create experiences like no other for over 50 games. Founded in 2011, this Isle of Man game company is a force to be reckoned with, offering gaming experiences like no other, including: Fire vs Ice slot game, Froots and the new kid on the block: the aforementioned Sharknado. The sky’s the limit slot game for Pariplay, as they continue to create highly enjoyable games for the masses.


Sharknado Slot Features

What is there to say about a slot that is based on a cult classic? We could tell you that there is a variety of different features that is sure to get those reels spinning for hours on end. Take for example the chainsaw symbols, these symbols serve as the games wild, which will allow for more scatter symbols to be brought onto the game board, matching these scatters will then open you up to the potential of free games where multipliers will push your scores into a vortex of big cash pay-outs.

The look of this slot is very similar to the wacky style of the movie, with 3D generated sharks appearing on the reels whenever you manage to match any of the shark symbols on the reels. This is a very fun looking 3D slot that doesn’t take itself too seriously (like the movie, hence its popularity). There is a jackpot for you to work towards. This jackpot sits pretty at 2000 coins; every spin will add more money into this pot that will then be won via the player whenever they match the jackpot symbols. Bets vary in size. You can bet from as little as 0.01 to 0.5 per spin! See below for our final thoughts on this whirlwind of a slot.