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Star Raiders is a online slots built for the 8-bit Atari generation of computers. In 1979, Atari released the game in cartridge form, one of their employees, Doug Neubauer, was the programmer of the game. Later on, it was made available on other platforms. This game is a powerful simulation of 3D space combat of the player’s ship and the fleet of alien Zylon vessels. Star Raiders will allow you engage in classic fights and aerial battles against the evil Zylons. The game lets you explore tactics and your inclination to the use of map directions in order to fight your way to victory.

Star Raiders Slot 1

Why Play Star Raiders

This game provides you with somewhat realistic battles, where you have to defend humanity from the Zylons. By piloting your ship in the midst of other very huge ships, you will take part in treacherous battles. Also as a player, you can transform your ship into different special configurations that fit the fight tactics that you currently require in the battle. Each of these configurations has unique characteristics particular to them, and so can perform many useful techniques.In the Star Raiders, you always have the support of a co-pilot. Your co-pilot is a robot that is extremely useful in helping you achieve success in the game. This Robotic co-pilot is known as KO-Pi and can provide the player with information on tactics in real time, monitor the ship as well as provide repair functions. The warps and sectorial maps allow you to choose your own paths and the kinds of missions you want to embark on. Rose slots will make you feel the adventure of the star raiders online slots.

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Star Raiders Bonus Features

While playing the game you might trigger the Lockes wild. This occurs when one or
More wild symbol pops up on your reels. Each of the wild will have a number ranging from 2 to 5 that indicates how many spins it stays locked for, on the reels. You can hit a locked card either during the base game or one of the free rounds. There’s also the Red alert, where a player gets free spins landing 3 or more free spins scatter buttons. You will be able to make 18 free spins on the reels, meaning you have 243 ways to win as oppose to just 20 paylines.

Star Raiders Slot 3

Return to Player
This game has been transformed to an online game with RTP of 94.50% and some really amazing features.

Star Raiders Frequently Asked questions

Are there bonuses?
Sure. There is the Locks wild and Red Alert that can help you double Your winnings.
What are my winning odds?
Star raiders gives you a very high possibility of winning with RTP of about 94.50% and due to its other bonus features which can increase your winnings by 1000 times

Where can I play the game?
The game is compatible with all mobile devices and it is also still available in the cartridge form. you can also play it on the platform.

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