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The Equalizer is a 5 reels, 60 paylines online slots game by Red Tiger Gaming. The Equalizer has Wild, Bonus symbols, Expanding Reels, Expanding Rows, and Free Spins features, and an RTP of 96.08%. We’re happy to offer The Equalizer to players here at Rose Slots, where it’s one of over 600 leading online slots games we offer.

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The Equalizer Online Slot UK

If you’re a fan of classic movies - or even 21st-century reboots of classic action movies - you might know 'The Equalizer' as the title of an action film which has starred both Denzel Washington and Edward Woodward. This online slots game from Red Tiger Gaming isn't based on any of the films. Normally we'd be a little sad about that, but having had chance to give this version of The Equalizer some thorough play-testing we can't find any reason to regret what Red Tiger Gaming have done here. Thematically, this is an online slots game which has come straight from the 1980s. The electronic soundtrack couldn't be more 1980s if it tried. The neon styling of the visuals is also from that decade. Given the cars which appear on the reels, we couldn't help but think of the stylish noir movie 'Drive' starring Ryan Gosling - which would also make a great candidate to be turned into an online slots game, if anyone who could make that happen is reading this.

The Equalizer Bonus Round 1

The Equalizer Developer - Red Tiger

This Isle Of Man-based company is still inside their first five years of operation. They launched in 2014, but that doesn't mean they're rookies. Their senior staff is made up of several experienced online slots experts drawn from other well-known providers, who have come together because they think they can do a better job than the companies they used to work for. So far, they've been doing very well at proving their point. The Equalizer is a great example of what they're good at, and we also have very good things to say about their ultra-creepy horror-themed slot Devil's Number. They seem to do their best work when they give themselves a theme to work with. They can do scary with Devil's Number UK Slot, sleek with The Equalizer, and cutesy and quaint with Cinderella's Ball. If you check out Vicky Ventura Online Slot - another Red Tiger online slots game - you'll find out that she isn't related to the famous 'pet detective' Ace Ventura, but has plenty of her own charm to offer to you. While we've seen Red Tiger pile their slots high with bonus features and quirks in the past, The Equalizer is a more laid-back affair. This is a provider who can do both style and substance - and they make it look easy in the process.

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The Equalizer Bonus Round 2

The first thing you'll notice about The Equalizer (other than its awesome soundtrack) is the size of the layout. We have five reels, and four rows. Within those reels and rows, we have thirty paylines to look for. Even at that size, this is an online slots game with hidden depths - when certain features are activated, it can expand to sixty paylines, with extra rows and reels providing the space for that to happen. Behind the neon reels is a dark, moody city skyline. If we focus on the reels for a moment, we’ll find that the least valuable symbols on them are the faces of the suits of a pack of playing cards; diamonds, hearts, clubs, and spades. There’s no reason to get excited about any of them, but we’re much more interested in the star symbol, the bar symbol, the big shiny diamond, and the speedy-looking yellow supercar. They’re all worth considerably more than the playing card symbols when it comes to racking up wins. The Equalizer as a bonus symbol which is clearly labeled 'Free Spins,' so you don't need us to tell you what happens with that. We'll explain how the free spins feature works in detail very shortly. The other symbol you'll be hoping to see on your reels is a big chrome 'W,' which is the wild. When a wild lands, it can expand the reels up to six rows high by stacking, as well as replacing everything apart from the free spins symbol to help you locate winning combinations

The Equalizer Slot Features

The Equalizer - which, by the way, gets its name from the old-school audio-equalizer graphic that sits below the reels and reacts to the soundtrack - has two bonuses to offer us. One of them can happen randomly at any time, and the other has to be earned. The random feature is the Expanding Reels. There’s no specific trigger to this, but whenever the slot feels like it, it might generate a sixth or even a seventh reel to open up the playing area for you. In doing so, it increases the number of paylines available. This interacts very nicely with the Expanding Rows which are caused by the stacking wilds, meaning a maximum layout of 7x6 is possible. You already know that the other bonus feature in this slot is Free Spins, and you can get them by landing a trio of the free spins bonus symbols on any one spin. Your reward for doing so is ten spins of the reels at zero cost to you. Every single wild symbol that lands during your ten free spins will stick in place, and will stay there until your spins are over. This is still true even if they've expanded to fill their reel, and so big wins become increasingly likely as the spins progress and the wilds accumulate.

The Equalizer Bonus Feature

During your free spins, you might see an 'extra spin' symbol appear, which does exactly what it sounds like. There's also a Sound Wave modifier - a sudden blast from the slot's pumping soundtrack will cause a vibration to come from the on-screen speakers, and shift the wild symbols to a new position. This isn't always helpful, but when it is, it can push wild symbols together to give you three or four in a row. The Equalizer might disappoint players who click on it because they think they're going to get an online slots game based on the movies, but if those players get over than disappointment and stick around, they'll be rewarded by a great game. The soundtrack is brilliant, the presentation is super-cool, and the expanding reels and rows make it feel like there's always something exciting happening while you're playing.

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