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The Gem Machine is a 5 reels, zero paylines online slot game by Bally. The Gem Machine has Free Spins and Progressive Jackpot features, and an RTP of 95%-97%. If you want to play The Gem Machine, the best place to do it is with us at Rose Slots.

The Gem Machine slot UK

The Gem Machine Online Slot UK

As we head towards the 2020s, the developers of online slot games are pushing to find the next great innovation in online slots. Big Time Gaming made a big splash with their Megaways system, and now everyone wonders what’s next. At first, online slots were just a digital version of the slot machines that were common of bingo halls and casinos. Over time, developers realized that with all the extra freedom that the virtual format allows, they could include bonus features and themes of the kind a physical machine could never accommodate. Now we have Bally publishing The Gem Machine at the beginning of 2019; a online slots that features no paylines at all.

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You’re not reading that incorrectly; The Gem Machine doesn’t have any paylines. That doesn’t mean it can’t pay out, though - you’ll get a payment for every single symbol that appears on the reels. It’s just that you’ll often spin the reels and find that no symbols appear at all. It’s a new and unusual take on the definition of an online slot, and we have to applaud Bally for pushing the boundaries.

Technically speaking, the Gem Machine is a slot played on five reels and three rows. It takes its graphical cues from the world of steampunk, with a reel set that looks like it’s part of the TARDIS console on Doctor Who. Below each reel is a tube of liquid, which the gem machine of the slot’s title is capable of turning into solid gemstones. You can choose to play with only one reel or all five. Having just one reel open gives you an RTP of 95%, with an additional 0.5% for each additional reel you open up. The flipside to that is, of course, that playing with more reels costs more money for each spin.  

Often, the liquid will fail to produce any gems at all. The machine isn’t perfect. It must be a prototype! When it does though, the resulting gem will be either blue, green or yellow, and will award you a cash payout equivalent to whatever is printed on the gem. If you can make more than one gem of the same color appear on the same spin, your winnings are multiplied significantly.

Sometimes, the machine will malfunction and cough up something which isn’t a gemstone at all. It might be the Free Spins symbol, for example, which does exactly what you would expect it to do. Alternatively, it might be one of the slot’s five jackpot symbols, which will pay you the corresponding jackpot. All of the jackpot values are displayed above the reels, but they’ll be based on a multiple of your stake. Let’s talk about them in more detail in the bonus features section.

The Gem Machine Developer - Bally

We all love slot games, but how many people can say for sure where they began? We can answer that puzzle for you; it was with Bally Technologies. They opened in Chicago in 1932 as a toy company, taking their name from the first toy they ever produced; a wooden pinball machine that went by the name of Ballyhoo. Their interests soon expanded into the emerging world of casinos, and in 1936 they created the Bally Baby; a distant ancestor of the kind of online slots we see today. Such was their total domination of the industry in America that by the late 1960s, over 90% of all slot machines in Las Vegas were Bally products.

Bally went through a period of buying out smaller companies and assimilating them into their own operations during the early 21st century, but a few years later found itself on the receiving end of a takeover bid. It took over six billion dollars to get the deal done, but Bally is now the property of Scientific Gaming, which is now one of the largest casino companies in the world.

Scientific recognized the value of the Bally name, and so continue to publish slots using it. Sumo Kitty and 88 Fortunes are good examples of their more recent work.

The Gem Machine Slot Bonus Features

There are a pair of bonus features in The Gem Machine which we’ve already hinted at; a Free Spins feature and a Progressive Jackpot feature.

Taking the free spins first, the round will trigger when you generate at least one free spins symbol on the reels. The number of free spins you’ll receive will be printed on the symbol, but will be between one and five. If you have more than one symbol, the combined total of spins will be granted to you. More spins will be awarded if further free spins symbols are generated during the feature.

The progressive jackpot feature is equally easy to understand; there are five of them, and each of them is clearly indicated by the label on the symbol. The first reel is only capable of generating the lowest value jackpot symbol, whereas the most valuable can only appear on the fifth symbol. That means you’ll have to increase your stake if you want to go after the top reward.

If you land the Mini Jackpot, your winnings will be 20x your bet. The Minor Jackpot is worth double that amount. Find the Major Jackpot symbol on the third reel, and you'll receive 200x your bet, so things are ramping up! That doubles again with the Mega Jackpot on the fourth reel, and if you find the Grand Jackpot on the fifth reel, you'll get the slot's top prize, which is 1000x your initial bet.

We understand that The Gem Machine isn’t for everybody. To some people, a slot that doesn’t have any paylines, wild or scatter symbols isn’t really a slot game at all. If you don’t like the sound of it that’s fine; that’s why the Rose Slots library has over 500 other online slots for you to choose from! If you’re open to the idea of trying something new, though, dive right in and see if you like it. Being rewarded with a payout for every symbol you receive makes a nice change from the norm!

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