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Wild Burning Wins is a 3 reels, 5 paylines online slots game by Playson. Wild Burning Wins has Wild, Respins, Bonus Wheel, and Multiplier features, and an RTP of 96.3%. Wild Burning Wins is just one of over six hundred online slots we offer you here at Rose Slots.

Wild Burning Wins: 5 Lines slot UK

Wild Burning Wins: 5 Lines Online Slot UK

When it comes to releasing online slots which are built with traditional players in mind, Playson is considered to be master of the art. Whereas many other companies busy themselves making ultra-modern video slots which dozens of features and quirks, Playson focus on emulating the look and feel of the slot games of the past - the type you'd encounter in the real world during the 1980s, and push coins into to play. We know that there's no shortage of classic slot enthusiasts among our players here at Rose Slots, and we know that they're always interested whenever Playson has a new Burning Wins slot to offer to them.

As you might have gathered by the end of our previous sentence, this isn't the first release from Playson to carry the 'Burning Wins' name. The Burning Wins franchise is becoming a focal point of Playson's entire range. It all started with the first-ever Burning Wins, which was as basic and traditional as an online slots game could be. Since then we've had Super Burning Wins, and Mega Burning Wins. Each time a new game has been released in the series, a few more modern bells and whistles have been added. It's almost like Playson is leaving a trail of crumbs, trying to entice traditionalists into the modern era!

Wild Burning Wins: 5 Lines Developer - Playson

Earlier on, we spoke about the perception of Playson being the unquestioned masters of the traditional online slots format. That’s a remarkable achievement for a company which only set up shop at home in Malta back in 2012. They haven’t yet been involved in the creation of online slots for a full decade, and yet they’ve already carved out a niche and made it their own. There’s a lot to be said for specializing in something and becoming excellent at it! Their strategy has paid dividends; by the start of 2019, Playson had offices in almost every major gaming country in the world, and directly employed nearly eight hundred people. They’re expanding rapidly, and showing no signs of slowing down.

While the Burning Wins series is a significant reason for their success, it's not the only Playson creation which has spawned sequels and a loyal fan base. Fruits and Jokers manages to use many of the same themes as Burning Wins Online Slot, but presents them in a different way and therefore offers players something which is familiar enough to feel welcoming, but different enough to merit a play in its own right. If anything, Fruits and Jokers UK Slot is even more classic than Burning Wins. If you've been put off by the fact that we have respins and a bonus wheel in this slot, Fruits and Jokers might be more to your tastes. Don't worry though; we have that on offer at Rose Slots, too!

While Playson knows what they do best - and know what their target audience wants from them - they do occasionally branch out to see what they can do with other genres. We're pleased that they do, because if they didn't, we'd never have had the chance to play the delightfully complicated Egyptian-themed slots game Legend of Cleopatra!

Play Wild Burning Wins: 5 Lines Mobile Slot

The Burning Wins online slots look broadly the same as each other. There's a neutral red background, a gold frame, and a 3x3 reel-and-row layout featuring nice, big, HD-sharp traditional symbols. If you know and love these games, you'll know we're referring to the berry, the lemon, the orange, and the plum at the bottom end of the scale.

Sitting above them are the familiar shapes of the bell, grapes, watermelons, and lucky red sevens. You need to combine them in the right order to find one of the slot's five fixed paylines. Not every Burning Wins slot has a wild symbol, but as the Wild Burning Wins name implies, there’s one to be found here. It can turn up in any location, and it will replace any of the other base game symbols when it does so.

Wild Burning Wins: 5 Lines Slot Features

Each new slot in the Burning Wins series has added a different type of bonus feature to the foundations of the slot. You might expect, given that this slot is called Wild Burning Wins, that the bonus feature here involves that golden wild symbol. Somewhat surprisingly, it doesn’t. Instead, we have a potentially very generous ReSpins feature.

Because there are so few symbols involved in the base game of Wild Burning Wins, it's comparatively easy to create a stack of one particular symbol and fill a whole reel with it. Should you manage to stack two reels with the same symbol and yet still somehow come away without a win, the one non-matching reel will then spin again to see if it can match you up with a winning combination at the second attempt.

This is where the wild symbols come in particularly useful. Even if they’re not contributing to a win elsewhere, the wold symbols will still be counted as a matching symbol if they can trigger the respins feature by doing so. If for example you had a wild symbol and two bells on your first reel, and three bells on your second reel, the slot would count them as if they were six bell symbols and therefore trigger a respin.

The fun doesn't stop there, either. If you're able to fill every position on the reels with a matching symbol (or a combination of matching symbols and wild symbols), you're on for a terrific win - and one which is about to get bigger. With a full set of matching symbols, you'll be taken through to a new game screen, where you have the chance to spin a Bonus Wheel. The spin of this new wheel will determine the multiplier which is applied to your winnings. At the worst, you'll come away with double the value of your win.

The luckiest of players will pick up a 10x multiplier, and might consider that a good time to cash out! Wild Burning Wins is a more-than-worthy addition to a franchise of online slots which has performed very well for Playson, and is sure to be a hit with anyone who has classical tastes when it comes to gaming.