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WIld Robo Factory is a 5 reels, 25 paylines online slots game by Yggdrasil. Wild Robo Factory has WIld, Scatter Symbols, Free Spins, Respins, and Symbol Swap features, and an RTP of 96.4%. If you want to play Wild Robo Factory then you can do it with us at Rose Slots, and also enjoy over 600 other great online slots.

Wild Robo Factory slot UK

Wild Robo Factory Online Slot UK

We’ve seen the Terminator franchise of movies, and so we’ve grown up believing that a world ruled by robots and machines wouldn’t be a good thing for humanity. We may now have to rethink that opinion because we’ve played Wild Robo Factory by Yggdrasil. Robots are the masters of all that can be seen here, and yet everything seems to be working fine. If anything, they’re generous and helpful, and they can bring some good wins to online slots players!

Given the robotic theme, it's probably safe to say that Wild Robo Factory is set in the future. It's a little dark and dirty in its color scheme, which gives it steampunk vibes. The midnight blue background, along with the towering machines and their red lights, also made us think of the Matrix. No matter what the real inspiration for Yggdrasil's futuristic design was, they've given us a chunky 5x4 set of reels and rows, and 25 paylines to look for when we're spinning the reels. The backdrop is alive with animations, with various robotic machines apparently hard at work building other robotic devices, like a vast self-perpetuating factory.

Wild Robo Factory Developer - Yggdrasil

Sweden's Yggdrasil has taken their name from the mythology and legends of their homeland - according to Norse myth, the Yggdrasil is the sacred tree of life. That isn't the only aspect of their native land the company has turned to for inspiration - some of their most popular creations have been their range of Viking-themed online slots, which includes Vikings Go Wild Online Slot. Basing a slot game around the use of wild symbols is something that Yggdrasil seem to enjoy.

At the head of the company, you'll find Fredrik Elmqvist, who founded Yggdrasil in 2013. Prior to that, he'd been hard at work for NetEnt, who are based elsewhere in Stockholm. There's a strong visual similarity between NetEnt slots and Yggdrasil slots, which makes us wonder whether some of the design team might have made the move across to Yggdrasil with Elmqvist. Both companies make excellent slots, and that's ultimately the most important thing from our point of view! If you like the off-kilter approach that Yggdrasil has taken to making Wild Robo Factory, you may also enjoy Niagara Falls UK Slot, which is the Yggdrasil take on the classic and traditional format. We're not the only people who've noticed they're a little bit quirky; they picked up the 'Innovator Of The Year' award at 2018’s International Gaming Awards.

Play Wild Robo Factory Mobile Slot

Despite the fact we've arrived in the future, some of the elements of online slot gaming's past have come along with us - by which we mean the playing card symbols. They're almost always the least valuable symbols in any online slots game, and it's the same again here. In different colors to help them stand out, we have diamonds, clubs, hearts, and spades. Above them, we have four different types of robotic machinery - one of them is very clearly a metal hand, but we wouldn't even like to speculate what the other thee are supposed to represent!

From there, things become a little more complicated. The name of the slot implies that wild symbols will have an important role to play in terms of how this online slots game works, and they do. The wild symbols are all different robots, who can connect to each other to make something bigger and better. We’ll go into detail about that in a moment when we talk about the Wild Robo Factory bonus symbols. There’s also a Free Spins robot, who’s a scatter symbol and does precisely the job he was named for and programmed to do.

Wild Robo Factory Slot Features

The bonus features in Wild Robo Factory range from the very simple to the quite complicated, so we’ll start with the simple one first and then work our way forward.

Symbol Swap

The easiest bonus feature to follow is simply called Symbol Swap, and doesn't require much more explanation than its own name. Sometimes, when it would be possible to win money if a low-value symbol was swapped for a high-value symbol, the slot will simply make the transaction for you and award you a win. It doesn't happen every time, but as a randomly-activated reel modifier, it's a nice little perk.


We then move onto the Respins feature, which is known as Robo Respins, and this is when things get harder to describe. We promise it's easier to follow on-screen than to read about in text. Each wild symbol in Wild Robo Factory is part of a robot. The robot parts start their lives on a conveyor belt, which runs right-to-left below the reels. Whenever a wild appears, you get a free respin. Respins continue for the whole time the robots are in view. Some of the robots are very tall, and can fill an entire reel for you. They might also bring a multiplier along with them, which will be counted toward any win they become part of.

Free Spins

As well as the respins, there’s also a Free Spins feature which is triggered by the free spins robot landing in bunches on your reels. Three of the appropriately-named robots will get you five wild robot symbols, with an extra five robots awarded for each additional symbol up to a maximum of five symbols and fifteen robots. You'll note that we said 'robots' and not' spins.' That's because, as per what we just said about the respins round, all your spins are free when there are robots on the reels. When the last of the robots have moved off the reels (they move right to left one spin at a time), the feature is over. 

Sometimes, right in the middle of your free spins, there will be a 'system overload.' When that happens, the robots will change direction and begin moving left to right instead. This is especially useful when your wild robots are about to exit the left-hand side of the reels; as they make their way back, you effectively double the length of your free spins round! We can say two things with certainty about the bonus features; they’re extremely original, and they’re difficult to describe. They are, however, quite easy to follow once they’re up and running. If you like the sound of the theme of this slot, our advice would just be to try it for yourself and see if it works for you. It’s definitely a change from the norm.

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