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Do you fancy taking your chances with a cross between lottery and bingo? The lucky Keno game is the ideal casino game for you. This pink casino game is as simple as picking some few numbers while you wait and hope for the draw.

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Lucky Keno Online Slot UK

With Lucky Keno, you are faced with so many numbers on the 10X8 board that can be your next pick and potential winner. All you have to do is pick what you feel will win you real money, but before then, set your bet level. The minimum is 0.01 while the maximum is 10 coins. Unlike some other online slots casino games, this Rose Slots game is a bit more generous the more you wager. So you may want to take advantage of this and try the high limit approach. If you are not feeling too lucky, you can still approach it calculatedly.

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Lucky Keno Developer - Bimza Games

Lucky keno was developed by Bimza Games. They have so many other similar games like eXtra Keno which is a free game for iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. If you like Lucky Keno, you may also like Keno Neo Online Casino, Keno Tap, Keno Gold, Keno Fairy, World Cup Keno Online Casino and Keno Trek. All these online casino UK games are definitely worth giving a try.

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You may have a pattern that works for you, but it may not really impact on your chances of winning. Go for it, nevertheless, and hope that it really works. If you are not the type that believe in lucky patterns, then you can always hit the random button and a pattern will be selected for you. This saves you sometime and stress. You can also go for the autobet option that offers you the opportunity to set 50 rounds at a time.

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However, there are peeps who believe there are other things you can do to increase your chances of winning. If you are really in for it, the desktop version will play better on certain browsers like chrome, and if you prefer mobile games, Lucky Keno can also play well on your Android and iOS devices. Below are some of the things you may not know about this Rose Slots mobile game.

Lucky Keno Slot Features

Contrary to what many will like to tell about some free game, there are really no skills and strategies required to win in Lucky Keno. In the draw, 20 random numbers between 1 and 80 will be chosen and the result displayed. If these numbers match the one you picked in your ticket, then you are winner. It is more about crossing your fingers during the draws and hoping that the gods of lotto will smile. In all sincerity, the game is a good one by all standards. It is well designed with great graphics to make for a good gaming experience. If you have a knack for ladies games or you are just a female looking to get busy with some demo games UK, the Lucky Keno game is definitely the real deal.

Lucky Keno Bonus Feature

Lucky Keno is a Lucky themed new slot developed by Pariplay. Lucky Keno is ranked at 816 at Rose Slots. Related Lucky new slots include Lucky 3, Luxury Rome HD, Lucky Irish, Lucky Bakery, Lucky Links, Lucky Riches Hyperspins, Lucky Wizard. View all Lucky themed slots. Additional Pariplay mobile slots include Sweetie land, The Magical Forest, Barn Ville, Star Raiders, Arctic Madness, Las Cucas Locas. View all Pariplay slots.

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