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Rio Bingo

Another slot game based on the Rio Carnival, Rio Bingo was released in 2016. Since then the game has been popular among those who love this style of video slots.

Rio Bingo Slot 2

Rio Bingo slot Theme and Graphics

The theme was selected, according to the Pariplay website, “paying homage to the Olympic city of Rio de Janeiro’s annual carnival.” The background is the beautiful landscape of Brazil with the beautiful rivers and mountains, and also Christ the Redeemer.

Colours are beautiful and adds to the serenity and beauty of the city, and the graphics are commendable for the rendering quality although there’s nothing much as symbols. A beautiful toucan sits on the top left of the reels frame, and on the top right you can see the lotto balls rack.

Rio Bingo Slot 1

The frames and the buttons are well assigned and the limited number of symbols have been rendered well although not of the highest quality. The background and the toucan are the only features that come as artwork, and they are commendable.

On the background you can hear samba music that enlivens the gaming atmosphere. But do not dance yet. Let’s see what Rio Bingo brings for our UK ladies on RoseSlots.

Rio Bingo slot Features and Gameplay

As the word suggests, bingo is pure luck. You can play up to 12 cards in Rio Bingo in the arrangement of 4×3. Each of your cards will have 9×3 spaces and at the hit of the Play button, numbers will land in 5 spaces of each line. Thus you will get 15 numbers on each card which will be your numbers to play the game. You can select up to 12 cards thus getting more chances of a win. Simply put this is more like a lotto game where you buy the tickets and watch on TV if they win.

Having said that I must say that drawing your own lottery at your own time adds some fun, and that’s exactly what you get in the Pariplay Rio Bingo.

The RTP is 85% which is far below the average, but it could be the average for lotteries and similar games based on the flip of a coin.

Rio Bingo slot Special Features

As there are no bonus features in the Pariplay Rio Bingo we can take some time to discuss some special features or “how to” guidelines for those who are not familiar with this type of bingo game. As there is an auto play option in the Pariplay Rio Bingo, you can set maximum loss and win limits too to make sure you won’t part with your money unexpectedly.

There is also a “Stop on win” option, when activated, would end auto play at the first win whatever the size may be.

Developed by Pariplay

The company is known for their online gambling products including slot machines and lotteries. Their slot machines and lotteries come with a wide variety of themes that appeal to every

With their wide variety of themes, they offer everyone a game to fall in love with, and that’s true about their slot machines and lotteries alike. Rio Bingo is one such game which aims at those who love a quick win without spinning reels. RoseSlots, as always invites ladies to check out this game if you feel it’s for you after reading our review.