Fluffy Favourites Jackpot

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Fluffy Favourites Jackpot

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Fluffy Favourites Jackpot is a UK Online Slot Game by Eyecon. It has a progressive Jackpot currently standing at £25,175.51.

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Fluffy Favourites Jackpot Online Slot UK

A twist on the original Fluffy Favourites online slots game that you’re going to love. Ladies and gentlemen Fluffy Favourites is back, this time in jackpot form. This Eyecon developed slot has again captivated audiences in a way that only encourages repeated play on the reels. For those that don’t know, Fluffy Favourites is a slot that takes place at a circus of some kind, where the symbols you are matching happen to take the shape of a variety of cuddly toys, all possessing a different value depending on how many of them you can implement within a winning pay-line. This is a very bright and colourful slot that has done everything but shy away from its child-like sense of nostalgia. Fluffy Favourites Jackpot again is still a 5 reel over 25 pay-line slot. Symbols include: turtles, gorillas and rhinos to name but a few. All of these symbols each possess a different numerical value and also offer additional features in some cases.

Fluffy Favourites Jackpot Gameplay

The difference with this version of Fluffy Favourites is the jackpot element. The jackpot in this slot is progressive, which essentially means that the jackpot will never stop building until you win it. This allows scores to build over multiple spins until you manage to win it all! We would also like to advise that you play this slot over here at online slots UK site Rose Slots. The reason for this suggestion you might ask, well it’s a site with a very extensive catalogue of slots that all represent a different theme; you name it, these guys have it! Be sure to check out the rest of our review below!

Fluffy Favourites Jackpot Bonus Round 1

Developer - Eyecon

Founded in 1997 as a computer game company, Eyecon has been creating online slot and online scratch card games for well over a decade. After releasing their very first slot game: Temple of Iris in 2003, the company has gone on to create some of the most memorable online gaming experiences across the globe with no sign of slowing down. If you’ve played any online slot then you will know of the significance of this developer, and the overall impact they’ve had on the industry as a whole.

Bonus Features

Pink elephants is again Fluffy Favourites Jackpot’s chosen wild symbol. The great thing about this slot is how each animal is clearly represented by a different colour or pose, making them incredibly simple to spot and then ultimately match on the reels. Pink Elephants will substitute symbols on the reels for additional multipliers on the reels. Not only that but these elephants are one of the highest paying symbols on the reels, making them a must for any avid players out there wanting to earn the biggest bang for their buck. Matching more elephants in the winning pay-line will also earn one additional free spins that offer even more multipliers for you to use in increasing your base score. Lining up 3 claw symbols will unlock something known as the toy box feature. Now in this feature you are given the opportunity to match symbols in a variety of different means. It’s in this feature that you are not restricted by symbols matching on the reels as you can simply choose a symbol and watch as it matches with the additional of a x100 multiplier!

Fluffy Favourites Jackpot Bonus Feature

Fluffy Favourites Jackpot Review

Eyecon present another entry in their most famous family of games; a super-cute online slot played on a 5x3 layout of reels and rows, with 25 fixed paylines, three attractive bonus features including an innovative ‘Toy Box’ game, and RTP at 89.9%. Adorable stuffed animals are the stars of this traditional-style five reel, three-row slot game, with 25 paylines and an RTP of 89.9%. We’d love you to play it here at Rose Slots, where we also host more than 600 other online slots. Very few slot games in history have achieved the legendary status that's been bestowed upon the Fluffy Favourites series. The world of online slot players fell in love with the first Fluffy Favourites game when it was launched back in 2006, and they've been coming back to play every new game released under the umbrella ever since. While we think most of you will have come across a Fluffy Favourites game before, we know that it'll still be a new concept to at least some of you, so allow us to set the scene.

When you were a small child, you probably had at least one favourite stuffed animal toy, and for a while, it was your best friend in the world. You talked to it, played with it and took it everywhere you went. Then, one day, you grew up, and you didn't need it anymore. Fluffy Favourites looks to put you back in touch with that part of you that loved, and will always love cute and fluffy toys. The game features an adorable cast of them, and it would take someone with a heart of stone not to see them and fall in love! In terms of the game’s scenery, a little has been borrowed from an old British TV show called ‘Rainbow’, in which several large fluffy toys came to life, spoke, and hung around in the kitchen. If you’re too young to remember it, we promise it wasn’t as creepy as we just made it sound. The game even has a rainbow as part of the scenery, high in the sky above the reels. Some distance away from the rainbow, on the other side of the reels, is what looks like a circus tent. That’s probably where are fluffy friends live!

The themes of nostalgia, fun, and youthful innocence run right through this game like a stick of rock. That extends to the symbols, where the animals make regular appearances. Prepare to meet and lose your heart to adorably cute lions and ducks, as well as pandas, monkeys, goldfish, dragons, hippos and many more. This game's wild is represented by a particularly conspicuous looking pink elephant, which replaces everything apart from the scatter to form winning combinations. The scatter symbol is a claw. If you visited seaside towns or amusement arcades as a child, you might remember that there used to be glass cases full of stuffed toys, and for a fee, you could attempt to pick one out for yourself using a claw that came down from the roof of the cabinet. That's the type of claw that's on the reels, and it has special relevance to the game's bonus offerings, which we'll look at now.  

Fluffy Favourites Jackpot Bonuses

The first bonus offering in the game is a Free Spins feature. Three or more pink elephants on your reels will trigger the round, but you'll get additional rewards if you're able to find more. The game is generous with free spins; you get fifteen even just for the three elephants. Four elephants are worth twenty, and if five pink elephants bless you at once, you'll get 25. As if that weren't enough, any winning line found during the free spins round is worth three times what it would be during the base game, and the round can be triggered again if you find more pink elephants! The genuinely unique bonus offering in Fluffy Favourites Jackpot is Toy Box mode. This is where the claw symbol comes in to play; find at least three of them on the reels, and the feature is triggered. Every claw symbol is worth one choice when you get to the toy box, so obviously getting more than three of the claws is preferable. Each selection you make reveals a multiplier, and when the round is over the multipliers are factored against your bet and given back to you as winnings. You can go as high as 100x your stake if you're lucky in this bonus.

Fluffy Favourites Jackpot Bonus Round 2

Eyecon often features a double or nothing Gamble bonus in their games, and it's here again in Fluffy Favourites Jackpot. This is easy to explain and understand; when you find a winning line, you can bet your winnings in a straight game of 50/50 choice. In Fluffy Favourites, you're offered a choice of two cards. Pick the right one, and your last win is doubled, pick the wrong one, and your last win is lost. If you think the wind is at your back and the fates are with you, you can repeat the 50/50 gamble up to five consecutive times, meaning you can really push your winnings up, so long as you keep picking the right card. What makes Fluffy Favourites Jackpot different to the original Fluffy Favourites game is the fact that it’s connected to a Progressive Jackpot. Games that are linked to progressive jackpots drop their standard RTP down and offer a much higher maximum prize that comes from a shared pot. In the case of Fluffy Favourites Jackpot, there are three different levels of jackpot to chase; a small one, a medium one and a large one. The smallest one is fixed at £50, which is nice, but not amazing. The top one, however, can be several thousand pounds, and that's what attracts players to the game. The progressive jackpot can trigger at any time during the base game, so players have to be patient and hope their luck is in.

About The Developer - Eyecon

Those of you who have been playing online slots for a while probably won’t even need to read this section to understand why Eyecon are; they’re one of the most celebrate and widely renowned slot development companies in the world. We don’t want to get into the debate about who the largest slot game manufacturer on the planet is, but it would be impossible to have that conversation without Eyecon’s name being mentioned. Even if you do know them very well for their online slots, one thing you may not know about them is that they didn't start out doing so. Back in 1997, when the Spice Girls were at the peak of their powers, Eyecon Gaming was making video games instead. It was their Doom-style game ‘Gore' that put them on the map; the survival-horror shoot-em-up was downloaded millions of times by enthusiastic players and opened Eyecon's eyes to the role that the internet might play in the future of online gaming. That persuaded them to adapt their talents and enter into conversations with gaming companies.

By 2003, the internet was available in most homes, and the time was right for Eyecon to release their first online slot. That was ‘Temple of Isis', which is still online today. In fact, we offer it to players here at Rose Slots under its new name ‘Temple of Iris'! The company has never lost their eye for what makes something attractive to players; many of their slot games have a ‘cute' visual theme or make good use of characters. Because of that, online slots by Eyecon tend to stay active for years. Temple of Iris might be their longest-running slot, which is a testament to that fact, but it's not their best known.It's the Fluffy Favourites series that's made legends out of Eyecon. After all, it's one of those games you're reading about right now! The first Fluffy Favourites hit the market in 2006, and since then Eyecon has never looked back. What started as a hugely popular online slot has become a mini-industry of its own, with new Fluffy Favourites slots released almost every year. We just can't get enough of those adorable characters, and Eyecon will keep on giving us new slots featuring them until we do.

As of right now, Eyecon has just north of sixty online slots available. They haven't been the most prolific producer of slots, but in the past one or two years, we've seen that start to change, with a sharp upturn in output. With both an office in Guernsey and an office in Australia, Eyecon is the company that never really sleeps; because of the time difference, there's always an Eyecon office open somewhere. That's just as well; their players keep them busy. Every year, more than six billion reels will be spun on an Eyecon slot game. If you break that down by the minute, it comes to 11,500. Hundreds will have been spun while you've been reading this sentence. Fluffy Favourites isn't listed as a separate game on Eyecon’s own website, presumably because they don't consider it to be all that different to the original, but they do have an extended section on the first Fluffy Favourites game. In it, they say:-

"Fluffy Favourites is the most popular online slot game around! Play now to find out why. The reels are filled with the cutest stuffed animals, and the bonuses and prizes available are simply irresistible! Fluffy Favourites is nostalgic in its design, which will keep you coming back for more. Furthermore, it's colourful and bright, fun and rewarding – what more could you want? Join your fellow Fluffy lovers and spin Fluffy Favourites today because the fun waits for no one!"

Eyecon Games Similar To Fluffy Fairground Jackpot

It goes without saying that Eyecon has similar games to Fluffy Favourites on their roster; in fact, they have a whole series of games that belong to the same family; so we think it's about time we helped you get to know them all!

Fluffy Favourites: Much like the first Godfather, Terminator or Die Hard movie, the first ever Fluffy Favourites is a bonafide classic. No franchise can be built without solid foundations, and the 2006 incarnation of Fluffy Favourites provides precisely that. If you compare this slot to the very latest slot games, then it may suffer a little regarding its graphical style and presentation, but that's merely a product of the passing years, and changing approaches to design. Underneath it all, it's still a fantastic online slot. The prize picker bonus feature, where you try to pluck a cuddly toy from a glass case using a mechanical claw, is an inspired round; one that was years ahead of everything else when it first came out. This version of Fluffy Favourites Online Slot has 95.3% RTP, and should be played at least once by every online slot player out there!

Fluffy Too: This is the first sequel to the original online slot (hence the ‘too’ in the title; a play on words from a very playful slot). There isn’t a dramatic shift in style or quality from the original slot to this sequel; the background location of the cast of fluffy toys changes to the beach, as if you’d returned to the scene of one of your childhood holidays, and taken your cuddly friends with you. Sadly the ‘claw’ bonus feature from the first slot game has been removed, but in its place is a new amusement-arcade-themed side game, where you push a coin into the top of a machine in the hope that it will push more coins out of the bottom for you. Fluffy Too UK Slot is really a case of ‘more of the same’, but when ‘the same’ is a slot as great as Fluffy Favourites, that isn’t a problem.

Fluffy Favourites Fairground: The ‘Fairground' version of Fluffy Favourites is the third in the series, and represents a big leap forward in terms of the way the slot series is presented. The first two slots depicted the cuddly characters in only two dimensions; in this sequel, they enter the glorious world of 3D but lose none of their charm in the process. As the name suggests, a fairground provides the background to the reels here, and so the bonus features are changed again to suit the location. This time, the primary bonus involves playing ‘Hook a Fluffy', where you're asked to pluck the soft toys from a water slide and find out what useful multipliers they're holding for you. If you've ever played ‘hook a duck' you'll already know how this works.

Fluffy Favourites Instant: This is a digital scratchcard version of Fluffy Favourites. It isn't an online slot and doesn't contain any features or bonuses, so we appreciate it might not be up everybody's street. Eyecon didn't make this themselves; they agreed a deal with a company called Instant Win Gaming to make it, and licensed both the franchise name and the characters. It speaks volumes for the popularity of the original slot that someone would even want to do that. Fluffy Favourites Instant has three different modes of play; you can either look for three matching symbols anywhere on the card, any two in a row, or just one especially valuable symbol. 

Fluffy Favourites Bonus: Eyecon and Instant Win Gaming must have got on very well because they got back together to make another game, and this one bears a much closer resemblance to an online slot. A massive playing area with a 9x6 layout is where all the action takes place, but instead of spinning reels to find your fluffy friends, they'll helpfully just drop out of the sky for you. When you find matching characters, they'll create a winning combination for you and then disappear. If you're struggling to picture that, imagine a game of Tetris; it works in the same way. This process will go on until it's no longer possible to make any new winning combinations. The purple hippo, which you may recall is a valuable symbol in all the other Fluffy Favourites games, serves the same purpose here; a combination of fifteen of them pays out the game's big 10,000x jackpot. While this still isn't strictly a slot game, it does have a prize picker bonus feature, which makes it feel a lot closer than the scratchcard version. This is an unusual game, but has delights and charms of its own.

Online Slots Similar To Fluffy Favourites Jackpot

Eyecon essentially created a genre when they released the first Fluffy Favourites game; nobody had considered how much an online slot based around soft toys might appeal to adults before. When other developers saw the incredible level of success the slot achieved, they were keen to provide their own take on it. Nobody has so far released anything that looks identical, but there are several slots available which have at least a little in common. These are some of the highlights.

Big Top: If the Fluffy Favourites gang decided to stay in the fairground from the third slot game, and got jobs working in the circus, then it might all look a bit like Microgaming's Big Top. This feels like an online slot that exists within the Fluffy Favourites universe. It's cute, it's colourful, the characters have been designed to appeal to our softer side, and the slot has been developed in the spirit of simplicity and fun. The circus scenario allows the developer to add to the motif though, which results in the inclusion of clowns and circus animals on the reels. Microgaming has been around for a while now, and this is one of their older slots. That shows a little in elements of the animation and visuals, and the almost complete lack of bonus features can make this slot feel a little empty by comparison. It's still cute to look at and play though.

Teddy Bear’s Picnic: You can almost see the thought process that NextGen went through when making this online slot; how do they go about making a slot game containing stuffed toys without looking like they've completely picked Eyecon's pocket? The answer they found was to go for the one kind of stuffed toy that doesn't appear in Fluffy Favourites; the humble teddy bear! Teddy Bear's Picnic is every bit as cuddly and adorable as any of the Fluffy Favourites titles, and even tells a little story as play progresses; one which revolves around helping the teddy bears find their friends, and the bits and pieces they need to have their picnic. We guess teddy bears either lose things often, or they're a bit forgetful! Sadly there aren't any prominent bonuses to be had, which makes it feel a little shallow in the same way Big Top does, but if you're looking for cuteness, you'll find it here.

Furballs: We’ve never asked the question “What would Space Invaders look like if the alien ships were cute, furry little blobs”, but now we know the answer anyway; it would look like Furballs online slot, by Core Gaming. Curious-looking fluffies of various colours adorn the reels in this slot game, but we don’t recommend you develop too much of an emotional bond with them; one of the three bonus features asks you to kill them with a lightning ball to win money! The characters aren’t as well defined as those in Fluffy Favourites, and as we have to kill them at some stage it doesn’t really nail the ‘cute’ factor either, but that doesn’t take away from the originality that Core displayed when developing the slot. It lacks depth, but it’s definitely unlike most online slots you’ll have played recently.  

Fluffy Favourites Jackpot On Mobile

Eyecon has made a habit out of being ahead of technology for their whole existence. They changed their business model when they realised that the gaming industry would one day go online, and the slots they develop have displayed bonus features that were way ahead of their era when they launched. We have great respect for the company, but with that respect comes an expectation that they'll always move with the times. Therefore we expect the mobile version of Fluffy Favourites Jackpot to be as delightful to play on a smartphone as it is on a laptop or desktop. They meet our expectations in every way. There is zero loss of any colour, animation, sound or function of the slot from one version to the other. The slot game loads inside Eyecon's distinctive mobile software wrapper, and when it's loaded, it's a perfect copy of the computer-based version. Because of intelligent programming, the slot adapts itself depending on the orientation of your device; tip it to the side and watch as the reels and buttons shift to compensate, making the best use of the available space. Tip it back up again, and they return to where they started. If you’re a fan of Fluffy Favourites Jackpot as an online slot, you’ll also be a fan of it as a mobile slot. Eyecon have a great track record of making their slot games work flawlessly on mobile devices, and this is another one to add to their list of successes.

Fluffy Favourites Jackpot In The News

The jackpot version of Fluffy Favourites doesn't get much in the way of press attention, and to be honest we shouldn't expect it to. It's a different take on the original game, rather than a sequel or anything truly knew, and so the industry press doesn't see it as anything worth writing about. We understand why; it's identical to the original Fluffy Favourites in every way other than the fact it's connected to a progressive jackpot. The series itself, though, is never away from the attention of both the gaming and mainstream media, and here are just a couple of places we found it mentioned recently. The biggest news concerning both Eyecon and the Fluffy Favourites series in recent times is the fact that they’ve become the property of Playtech, who parted with £50m in cold, hard cash to make the deal. Playtech has been involved in the slot game world for a little while now, but bringing such a desirable property under their umbrella signifies that they're ready to start making bigger strides forward. Gaming Intelligence was one of the first news outlets to run with the story. Having a theme that harks back to childhood memories, and stars soft toys, hasn't met with everybody's approval, unfortunately. The Guardian newspaper in the UK produced an opinion piece which accused Eyecon (along with some other prominent slot developers and slot games) of marketing directly to children. Eyecon naturally reject the accusation, and the article doesn’t provide any evidence that children are playing the game, but it’s a mark of the game’s high profile that it receives press attention from such a mainstream source.

Fluffy Favourites Jackpot

Fluffy Favourites Jackpot is still enticing plenty of new slot spinners onto online slot casinos such as Rose Slots. The classic game, which is capable of paying astonishing wins thanks to Eyecon’s jackpot network discernibly followed the right formula upon its original release when it appeared almost a decade ago. While plenty of other Jackpot versions of online slot games quickly lose their appeal, Fluffy Favourites Jackpot retained the intrigue by keeping the gameplay exactly the same as the original release. You don’t need to make any additional bets or raise the stakes in exchange for colossal prizes. 

The seeded values of the jackpots are as follows: 

The mini jackpot seeds at £25. 

The maxi jackpot seeds at £50.

The mega jackpot seeds at £5,000.

Each jackpot has the potential to be much, much higher, there’s no telling how big they’ll get, and the values will only reset when the jackpots are paid out to a lucky player – there’s no reason why it couldn’t be you! If you are curious about where the progressive jackpots are at, you will be able to keep an eye on them with every spin as the values can be found at the top of the reel set. Remember, you don’t need to find any bonus symbols on the reels or create a winning combination to cash in on 1 of the 3 jackpots, it will be awarded completely at random. 

Fluffy Favourites Franchise Updates

While nothing has changed with Fluffy Favourites Jackpot, plenty has been happening with the Fluffy Favourites franchise. The most recent development in the Fluffy Favourites world is the release of Slingo Fluffy Favourites which was created by Slingo Originals and released on October 28th, 2020. Slingo Originals licenced the franchise from Eyecon gaming to create their unique style of casino game which merges the gameplay of online slots with online bingo. Slingo Fluffy Favourites may not have become as popular as Slingo Rainbow Riches, but it has still attracted plenty of fans of the original Fluffy Favourites games. 

Slingo Fluffy Favourites may have followed a completely different format, but Eyecon and Slingo Originals still found a way to incorporate some classic Fluffy Favourites features into the title which offers a max win of 2,500x your stake a 95.3% return to player rate and a medium to high variance. If the fairground and arcade-style bonus games are your favourite aspect of the Fluffy Favourites online slots, prepare to fall in love with Slingo Fluffy Favourites which features the Toybox pick bonus feature from the original game, the coin pusher feature from Fluffy Too and the Hook a Fluffy feature which featured in Fluffy Favourites Fairground. Each of the 3 features can award 100x multipliers. Just like with any other bingo game, the objective is to create a full house on the 5 x 5 bingo card by matching numbers on the bingo card with numbers which appear on the 1 x 5 reel and change with every spin.