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Whether its Valentine month or not you can feel love everywhere if you try this online casino for free. Mega Love is not a regular online slots game where you need to spin a wheel every time to check out your luck. 

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Mega Love Online Scratch Card UK

Rather it is a scratch game where you need to buy ticket to win big. This is a 3 by 3 reel game that is full of love. It is developed by Pariplay and they have done this in a simple yet attractive way. In order to keep the name in proportion with the graphics, Pariplay have designed a cute backdrop. Love without Cupid is not possible and thus you can find her here too!

Mega Love Developer - Pariplay

Mega Love casino is designed by Pariplay who have already given the world a number of good casino to play and win. This one is simple for the beginners who may get confused with so many extensive features of other games. You can get a RTP of 94.16% which means there are fairly good chance to win. Above all you can try this free casino so that you can enjoy love that is going around in the air. Pariplay have introduced many other intensive games earlier and this one is surely one of the best from them, though is mainly for beginners. Try playing this ladies games on where you can enjoy all its features. If you are looking for something else of the same type of theme you may try playing Rio Bingo Online Casino, I Love Christmas and Feline Queen Online Casino. Starlight Kiss is another love based game that can be tried.

Play Mega Love Mobile Scratch Card

Mega love is a game that is simple and do not have complicated features to be loved. It has simple features that can turn exciting while you play the game. This scratch game seems to be created with tons of love and you too can feel that when you play that. The gameplay of Mega Love is very simple. All you need to do is click on the red heart and buy ticket. After the nine hearts reveals the symbol underneath you can find out whether you have win big or need to try again. 

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Mega Love Scratch Card Features

The different symbols used here are a bunch of roses, a ring, a cup cake, two glasses of wine, valentine card, a strawberry dipped in chocolate, chocolate heart, a slice of cake, and a bow tied gift, an arrow pierced heart. There are 11 symbols as already mentioned and each symbol has different valued. Based on the amount you have bet and matching of three same symbols you can win prize. The value of the symbols ranges from 0.50 to 5000 credits. There are no bonus rounds or jackpots. All you need to do is reveal the symbols and win prizes based on the cards you get. Undoubtedly, it is simple online that can be played on any kind of device be it your laptop or smartphone.

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