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Royal Charm

Royal charm online is one of the few card games that let you place a charm on the card before you click on the play button. To place a charm card, you simply have to drag one of your luck charm then place it on one of 9 blocks of cards you have on the game board.

royal charm 1

Royal Charm Features

Since luck is say to come in 3 courses, if you are lucky enough to find 3 identical cards the moment you flip your cards on the game board, you are entitled to win the price in accordance with what is available on the pay table. If you are lucky enough to have placed your charm on a winning card, you will unlock a bonus feature known as the bonus charm round. In this bonus charm round, there are 3 treasure chests available to you. Again, if you are lucky enough to choose the treasure containing all the luck you can ever think of, then your winnings will be amplified by the multiplier contained in the chest. This bonus charm round is a reason why the power of luck is so much believed in by online casino games players.

royal charm 2

Royal Charm Symbols

Unlike many other online casino, royal charm does not have a special or specific theme attached to it symbols. Nonetheless, all its symbols are either classic symbols of fortune or luck. The golden squares are covered by items such as; 2 dice, 2 cherries, a lucky 7, a golden ace symbol, a big gold bar, a green hamsa, a shiny horse shoe, a Feng shut coin and a blue diamond.

Royal Charm Gameplay

In the game, you have your royal charm the right. All you have to do as mentioned before, is to place it on any of the 9 blocks of cards available on the game board. And if the square you selected is part of a winning combination, then you will have 3 chests presented to you, with each of them having a price multiplier ranging from 1.2x to 2x. select one of the chests to enjoy your additional prize. This particular feature of the game adds and great experience to the game, making it more exciting.

In case you want to play the game to see if any of the available lucky symbols will give you some luck and are sure that the lucky symbols may carry more fortune, you can bet up to 10 pounds then decide to scratch each of the squares off or simply click on the reveal all button to let the game do that for you automatically.

Why Play Royal Charm

The royal charm online is although very simple, it offers a very unique and nice features. With the game, you can feel very refreshed because it offers a relaxing game feel. All you have to do is place your charm then watch as the squares uncovers. Even though the aesthetics are very simple, hey still fit the game feel perfectly. Royal charm is quite different from the most games available, but it offers an amazing gameplay experience! Check more games at